33Baltimore, United States
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My self-summary
8/28/16 -

Cautiously re-engaging optimism!

I have a pretty full plate of responsibilities, that I am managing to keep spinning (so far), and I am looking for a connection - Somebody whose crazy coordinates with mine, and ideally leads to mutual enjoyment of one another's company.

Conversations, Collaborations, and maybe even Snuggles are all options on the table at this point! ... with the understanding that said table may be rudely flipped by life down the line. So I suppose I am keeping an eye out for fellow table dancers who are able to improvise when the metaphor gets mixed :D

All these specialized dating apps, but where is my: "Tinder for Crazy Cat People?"
What I’m doing with my life
I live in Baltimore, where I help my sister take care of my disabled Mother. I work as a Professor of Art & Digital Media specializing in Game Design. Occasionally I work as a Production Consultant on various independent game or concept development projects. I am not much of a gamer, but I am a bit in love with the potential of the medium to deliver stories and experiences and maybe even save the world a little bit.

I also work as an instructor for Paint Nite (So if you ever need somebody to teach a room full of drunk people how to paint, I am your guy).
I’m really good at
Generally I think it is better to show, not tell. These profiles can get so damn long...

I hope I am good at my jobs? As an artist and teacher I get imposter syndrome sometimes. Working to keep making myself better as a teacher, an artist, and as a man is something I am serious about.

Also? Cats. I am very good at cats.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
All your faves are problematic, so are most of mine :P Which is why I teach tomorrow's storytellers to try always to do better.

Books - Mostly a split between Fiction (Favorite Authors: Gaiman, Pratchet, King, Rowling, Crichton, Doyle, Poe...) and Periodicals & Textbooks dealing with STEM, Design, Art, and weird History.

Movies - I might be a cinephile. I love sequential art and animated storytelling, but mostly just well done movies. Big fan of Miyazaki and Kurosawa, and most work from studios like Pixar or Dreamworks... I can talk entirely too much about movies.

*Update* 8/28/2016 -
Have you guys seen "Kubo & The Two Strings" yet? It is so good, you guys. Go see it! Seriously.

Shows - See the above addiction to storytelling. I love episodic format just as much as one shots or sagas.

Music - I grew up with damaged hearing, and a mother who is a fucking Doctor of music and vocal pedagogy. I like silence just as much as I like listening to music. Talk to me about what you like to listen to and I will give it a try!

Food - Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, French, Creole, Irish, Japanese, Ethiopian ... I LOVE food. I love eating. I love cooking. In particular I enjoy constructing elaborate Sandwiches, Grilling, Seafood, and lately making fancy Omelettes.

This section always strikes me as more of a preview of coming attractions. I usually prefer to talk about all this in person on a first date. So, feel free to ask me about anything not on this list I guess?
Six things I could never do without
I think this section is dumb, but I'ma give it a try -

- A means of creative expression.
- People to connect and collaborate with.
- People I can rely on.
- People who I can fight for.
- A future to hold out for.
- My Cat. All Cats.

*Not necessarily in the above order.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to put myself into these check-boxes without writing the longest wiki entry -_-

For instance: I am rethinking how I feel about staying open to "poly" connections. It seems like it scares off ladies who might be interested in me who are monogamous, and while non-monogamy is something I have experience with and am still open to, it is not something I need in my life to be happy.

Faith and spirituality is also tricky for me. I am functionally agnostic, and pretty heavily immersed in STEM, but I am also a practicing member of an animistic spiritual tradition of Shamanic mysticism. It is an important part of my experience and my identity, but there is no check-box for it.

I will admit that since the latest instance with Native American erasure becoming an issue within the Harry Potter universe, I am a bit more careful about how I talk about my spirituality. The form of Shamanism I practice descends from the Kalinago, and focuses on combating evil spirits. I am not precisely shy about it, but these days I do not want to contribute to the idea that Native American spiritual practice is fantasy, so if you do not mind I would like to hold off on getting too deep into that well until I get to know you. We can talk about ghosts tho :P
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It is in point of fact almost certain that if you have upon your profile a picture of yourself being stupid with a cat, that I shall give you stars on Quickmatch. I am a poster child for the proven correlation between cat proximity and inanity of statements.

I also sing: In the event of an emergency I am prepared to bust out some Gilbert & Sullivan, or Journey at a moment's notice, but it is a secret so please keep it to yourself.
You should message me if
-You like sharing experiences and wish to trade stories.
-You want to exchange hilarious and adorable pictures of cats.
-You desire a partner or consultant for your world domination plans.
-You like talking about art.
-You want someone to watch Pixar and Miyazaki movies, and/or rant about Video Games with.
-You require the services of a professional exorcist.
-You are coming to terms with your recently awakened mutant super-powers and are looking for guidance through this difficult time.
-You dig Science, or alternately: SCIENCE!!!
-You are looking for advice on how to make your world altering and brilliant idea for a video game, movie, novel, or epic poem into a reality, or are seeking cooking tips.
-You like my hat and want to know where you can get one just like it.

...oh, and I suppose if you found my profile interesting and wanted to get to know me better, that would be groovy too.

The two of us