50Danville, United States
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My self-summary
I WANT TO GET MARRIED !!!!!! I am here, seriously looking to find someone whom will be my best friend, lover, spouse, wife, confidant and companion all rolled into one. A woman to whom I would be devoted enternally, with my daily goal of making her the happiest woman on Earth!

I was a firefighter who volunteered his life and safety on a regular basis for people that I never met; I eagerly embrace the handicapped... As is sung in Moulin Rougue "We can be hereos, forever and ever... we can steal time if just for one day..."

I am the one who people call on to save the day in time of need. I ran into burning buildings when others were running out. I didn't think much of the self-sacrifice it took to serve the needs of my community in times of danger. As a firefighter I have been in fires which completely scared me to no end, yet I vanquished them. As Ghengis Khan once said "In the time of need, a handfull of men can shake the world."

I am a very easy going and relaxed individual until the time I feel called to stand up for those who can not or are afraid to stand up for themselves.

I am a connesseur of the arts, be they paintings, musicals, operas, symphonies, or whatever. I have dabbled in oil painting yet am too afraid to try my hand at watercolors.

I believe there is someone out there for me. Yet for whatever reason I am afraid to look for her more aggressively ~ perhaps it is a fear of rejection.

I have read some of the great works of the masters and have studied some of the famous art pieces. Does this make me a male version of a literary whore? I dabble with amateur archaeology and I have a fascination with trains and locomotives.

Speaking of amateur archaeology... my study of some 200 + year-old maps has led me to find some artifacts from the 1750s.

I am afraid of roller coasters yet I will ride The Phoenix, which is the top ranked wooden roller coaster in the nation. Go figure?

I enjoy hiking, Shakespeare, Mozart, and AC/DC. I can marvel at the poltical perusals of The Clash one moment and casually discuss modern marvels the next. And yes, Monet is a true master.

I have travelled throughout Europe and North America. My favorite places include Boston, Wildwood & Cape May, Vienna, Luczerne, and Gettysburg.

I researched my geneaology and learned that I am a descendant of 14 Scottish Kings. - Still, I have to buy my own coffee just like everyone else.

Lastly, I am fun loving person full of wit and energy yet I found it veryyyyyyyy difficult to write my self summary. It is as if I opened a window for others to look in at the inner me, the me I keep hidden from the world.

I am confidant, romantic, and couragous.
What I’m doing with my life
I am in search of Miss Right yet not looking at all. I know that she is here somewhere but it is as if I am afraid to find her for I know that I shall be completed and my life fulfilled and I will become a man rich in happiness ... and I am afraid to reach that level. I hope that I can better myself along the way so that I am truly her perfect match in every way. I want my next relationship to be the one that lasts forever.
I’m really good at
Confidence, making people laugh, firefighting, casual cooking, and annoying those who pick on others or whom are afraid to stand up for themselves. I am good in crisis situations and emergencies. I am confidant.

I can make model railroads look so real that you can take a picture of them and you would think the photo is of someplace real in the world. ~
The first things people usually notice about me
My looks. I am attractive. What can I say, I got lucky. A lot of women say I have an amazing ass. A lot of women call me wither a cutie or a hottie; problem is they are married or engaged so it doesn't get me dates.

Perhaps others notice that I am calm and collected in a situation where they are nervously shaking, all anxious, and sweating.

Unfortunately they also notice the dreaded nice guy syndrome that afflicts me so. As well as that I am not afraid to stand up for those who are afraid to or unable to stand up for themselves.

Yet, everyone says I am totally confidant.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite books would have to be: Hamlet, Moby Dick, the Bible...

My favorite movies include: The River, Pirates of the Carribbean, Mrs. Sofel, Moulin Rougue, and one not yet made.

My musical tastes vary considerably. I enjoy everything from classical strings through punk rock. Examples include: Mozart, The Clash, the Ramones, Brooks & Dunn, 2 Live Crew, The Police, .... is anyone even reading this?!?!?! Should I break out into a rendition of Ewan McGregor's version of Your Song from Moulin Rougue?

Regarding foods although I enjoy traditional carpathian mountain foods specifically those from the South of Poland, some Mexican, and a miscellaneous smorgasbord... I have to say that I can definately do without liver and asparagus.
Six things I could never do without
Rather than list the things I can not live with out, I will list the things that I can not live with.

Some of the things I can do without include radical fundamentalist Muslims who pervertedly twist Islam and violate keys sections of the Koran and shari'ia yet are convinced that they are the chosen ones and that their way is the true way. Keeping with this, I can do without fundamentalist Christians who delve into abortion clinic bombings. Add to this list the Northern Ireland Orangemen who are terrorists by night and who have committed unspeakable attrocities. Ah, because you see... they and their Muslim counterparts are no different. They all pervert religion. I can do without pollution, I can do without motorcycles that do not baffle their exhaust because the sound is kinda irritating. I can do without heroin and crack junkies and drug whores. I can also do without Ecoterrorists.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The quirks, desires, fantasies, wishes, wants, and basically everything about my Miss Right even though I have yet to find her. Yet I know inside that she is going to find me.
If I should build a Greek-Catholic church and devote it to the Virgin Mary. Even though I am not greek catholic?
On a typical Friday night I am
Dreaming of the future, helping my community in its time of need, things like that. Yet, wishing I was spending time with Miss Right.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am a sucker for a woman with long hair who is oh so cute. And... that I want to film a couple of documentaries. Yes, I said documentaries. I have a fascination with local history and with the supernatural. I believe in ghosts, spirits, preomonitions.... I have experienced a touch of them. And I am looking for a woman who secretly wants to be a Laura Croft of sorts. Are you there? Is anyone even [reading] this? Are you a mime? Is 40 +12 equal to 9 - 3 ? Are Gummy Bears really made of rubber? If golf and ice hockey were combined would you go watch as a spectateur?
You should message me if
Let me say this first instead: You shouldn't message me if you are a racist, a fascist, a clinical nut case, or are addicted to any type of drug. Yes this includes alcoholics. You should also not message me if you are verbally or physically abusive to others as I do not want anyone like my ex-wie in my life ever again! You should not message me if you are a typical liberal Democrat as from all of my experiences with them they are nothing but liars, fascists, racists, and bigots yet they claim that republicans, libertarians and independents are those things yet the facts are the Democrats are the fascists, racists and bigots.

You should message me if you enjoyed Hamlet, Moulin Rougue, or a variety of the works of Mozart or the sounds of The Clash. You may message me if you just want to talk and see where it might lead or not lead or anything in my profile either made you smile or your found appealing, or generated curiousity.

And lastly, firefighters still make house calls, unlike Doctors today. And..... "C is for cookie and that's good enough for me." ~ Cookie Monster
The two of us