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My self-summary
Update August 11, 2017

Proof of concept. With out talking about the details just before I left on my summer Road Trip I confronted a conundrum that appeared to have no solution. Whilst on my Road Trip my sub-conscious came up with an idea. Today I tested that idea and it works. One less hassle.

I just returned from my annual pilgrimage to the land of my birth, 6,314 miles in eighteen days about an average of 350 miles daily and that sounds about right. I try to avoid driving the ridiculous speed limits some states have I TRY to drive 60 MPH although sometimes I must drive faster.

Days before I left I filled up in Oceanside 16.511 gallons @ $2.759 gallon. I filled up twenty-five times Barstow CA first 11.155 gallons @ $3.699 gallon. My lowest fuel cost was Cheyenne WY 11.597 gallons @ $1.999 gallon. At a Sinclair gas station close to the Wyoming Sinclair refinery. My hometown was $2.199 gallon. Highest was Ventura CA 14.152 gallons @ $3.859 gallon. Last was Oceanside 7.438 gallons @ $2.729 gallon a three cents a gallon drop. 19.354 MPG average versus 18.80 2016. $2.618 average gallon cost versus $2.518 2016.

Being away eighteen days I take this annual opportunity to disconnect from the world. I watch no tv read nothing but restaurant menu's, rarely, but sometimes when traffic is backed up I listen to the radio. LOTS of Interstate Highway Road Construction going on in each of the 10 states I visited.

Having no devices my necessary 'turn-on' material is at home -- ie: off line computer pictures of naked women around my age, along with some of said women interacting with others. Today is my vacation day from my vacation. Last night I unloaded everything I needed today then left the rest until tomorrow. So I have been looking at 390 pictures I had downloaded before I left. Today I categorized these pictures and moved them to sub-folders.

Doing this makes it necessary for me to look at each of the pictures often more than once. Doing so eventually causes my reproductive system to begin making pre-cum, which oozes out. Now and then the oozer thickens and lengthens but then shrinks again. There is time, my life history has taught me that the longer the foreplay the better the final results. So today this evening sometime I will fulfill my desires.

My age is seventy-six and I will not apologize for being so robustly healthy and as raunchy and virile as when I was a teen; I guess it is in my genes? I stand five feet nine inches and weigh one hundred sixty pounds.

I was born with bum hips and now May 2017 I have begun using a cane. I cannot use my gym and I am slowed down everything takes 3 - 10 times longer to accomplish. I had told all of my neighbors when I was leaving. When I did not leave on that date individually they inquired. One asked IF I was going. I finally left nine days after I had planned. I love to dance but now I will have to just watch.

My shoulder length hair and beard are a mix of gray and white and (some) dark brown. I just love how good it feels when my long hair brushes my ears, my neck, my shoulders and upper back. I am one of those hairy all over North American fur bearing animals; sometimes I use an electric razor 'down-there'.

I am a kind loving gentle non-controlling non-judgmental lover. Preferably oral - I Love To Eat, I can last longer than you can and I love to entertain. I desire a fun horny wanton and willing woman whom really enjoys enjoying older or younger and the closer - distance wise - the better. I am not much of a drinker, I use MM 420, I eat mostly fresh vegetarian foods.

I have had one hell of a life that for the most part I enjoyed immensely. There sure do seem like a lot of judgmental people on OKCupid who consider my lifetime bawdy? Nah, just me being a normal healthy handsome horny man, that is all.

I ran across this online today (8-11-17): Psychotherapist & Author Dossie Easton defines Slut as:

A person of any gender who has the courage to lead life according to the radical proposition that sex is nice and pleasure is good for you.

By the way I have a more complete illustrated description of my life and my loves on another, Adult site. If depictions of nudity and explicit sex do not shock or upset you, please send me a message at kewloldedude at yahoo dot com for the URL and a preview image titled wives.

After high school I went to work in an industry that mothers warn their daughters about ie: merchant seamen. Yes I was a sailor with a girl in every port and I had one hell of a good time.

Half a century I was a bare naked beach aficionado and visited beaches all over the world. One evening on a tanker we docked at a lay pier out in the middle of a bay off Cadiz Spain. We were waiting for the tanker at 'our' pier to leave. It was just a big concrete and sand place accessible only by boat.

Next morning when I got up at 7AM and looked out the port hole above my toilet there already were a whole herd of naked people out there. People accessed this 'clothing optional island' via small, inexpensive, people only ferries. Well I had to work until noon, but then I joined the crowd for the afternoon -- I took along a gym bag and my blue long sleeve beach shirt and a visor and blur exercise tights etc. The sun does not shine much in ship's engine rooms and I dislike sunburn.

I have this weird quirk in my personality, had it all of my life since I was a tike. When I do something nice for someone else who appreciates what I am doing. I feel physically warm inside a nice calming gentle yet euphoric satisfied feeling. I love to try to help a woman to feel really, really good and when they do so do I.

If you have not figured it out already I have 'known' quite a few women in my life. Married and single women, amateur women and/or professional and amateur sex workers. Over the years quite a few really neat women have taught me lot about how to help a woman to feel really, really good.

How many women?

I don't know I never kept a diary. re: a girl in every port. I went to sea at the end of the period when going to sea was fun. Typically ships I sailed would be in ports weeks at a time. Today most ship port time is measured in hours and so many shore side officials show up no one gets ashore.

Most of us would select a local woman as our off work shore side companion and we would stick with one woman for the entire port stay. Often they provided a private bedroom and bath to play and sleep within their families' home.

Our second date August 1964 my first wife Horny Jan directed me to a wife swapping party. Horny Jan had tried to enter that party alone a few weeks before. But she was told it was a Couples Only Party and single women and men are not allowed to attend. Horny Jan and I together were welcomed with open arms.

Horny Jan and I were active Wife Swappers, later known as Swingers, for a year before our wedding. Nine F***ing fantastic years together + one not so nice year = divorce. The thing is though while we did not live together. We partnered going to swinger parties both during our divorce and for six months after our divorce was final. It was the one thing we could both agree on. Then I left to go to back to sea and never saw Jan again.

It was at that Swinger's Party, just prior to my leaving for sea, where I met my second horny wife Sue. I quit the sea and married Horny Sue when I returned from that voyage and I gained employment ashore with a hotel chain. Horny Sue and I did 32 years before our divorce. We were very active social nudists and swingers.

Thank you,
Vista (San Diego area) California
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