57Greenwood, United States
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My self-summary
I don't have the type of ego that allows me to tell you why I'm such a good catch. In fact, I consider myself quite average. Not that I spend my time eating unflavored gelatin or spend my Saturdays re-organizing my sock drawer, but that I just don't give notice to self promotion well. I do believe I am above average in intelligence, which is a tool I use to accomplish things. I believe that I am not irritating to the eyes and even smell good most of the time. I tend to use sarcasm and humor as my weapons of choice. I was a family man for 15 yrs and I have 2 daughters, 14 & 12 as of this date, that I love very much.

So OKC wants me to expand my profile out to 1000 words. I have to believe I'm close, but I think they need to put a word counter up here too. My hovercraft is full of eels.

I am cognitive, warm, and have a pulse
What I’m doing with my life
After a 15 yrs marriage, my wife thought it best if we divorce. A favor in disguise as it turns out, otherwise I would still be trying to turn a "sows ears into a silk purse". She apparently has Asperger's Syndrome, an affliction that prevents affect, empathy and self expression. A condition I didn't recognize until recently, the problem with being blindly committed to a relationship.

So, I am out to make up for a bit of lost time in both my personal and professional life. I am a very passionate person and want to apply that value in very positive ways through empathy and reciprocity.

**The following has been added to fill out OKC request for 1000 words**. I'm not trying to bore you with the rest of this post. I thought I had said all I wanted to say before this edit. OKC wants me to expand out to one thousand words to be 95% complete. Good to know that all I have to do is put down some meaningless blather and I'll be a B+. The problem with this system is, once you achieve 100%, you need not work to improve. I would have no problem with modifying my profile as I grow, as I evolve, as I mature, but I don't think I should bore people with rants or BS to fill out some requirement arbitrarily. It's hard enough to keep someones attention to read your profile when they actually want to get to the pictures immediately anyway.I feel like such a word slut.
I’m really good at
I can't comment on this topic directly. I believe I can give you the "flavor" through philosophy though. I can do and have done many things well, not perfectly but well. I believe no task it too great if the task is broken down and analyzed correctly, allowing room for spontaneous discovery, the application of said discovery and just plain luck. Besides that, I use to be good at chasing and wrestling a greased pig. There had really ought to be a name for that. Please inform me if you know of it.

**UPDATE** I have received many email notifications the the name of this sport is "Pig Wrasslin'." I have, unfortunately just ruined one of the best icebreakers I have ever programmed in to a profile. No matter, you all just want to look at the pics anyway to see if there is any reason to go forward. That being said, I have recently changed my profile pic so you might recognize me if you are at a music venue (a cool music venue) and you see me doing some photos. If you do, please stop me and say hi. One can never have enough friends.
The first things people usually notice about me
My ability to converse and my humor. There! I said it. I just self promoted my 2 leading attributes. Subjectively evaluated as they might be, it would still be your responsibility to agree or disagree with that description. I would rather people notice me for these reasons than being just another middle aged hunk with manboobs that won't quit.

**added to expand profile**
Too many times have I experienced a comment about how I have worded something. Either it is criticized for being too "high brow" or torn down because the other believes they are a much better wordsmith. I surrender to both. I word things the way I do to bring about a concept of what I need to express in as few of words as possible. If the meaning escapes you, my apologies. It is just a dating site after all. If my grammar offends you, please go pound sand in your ass. Minimalistic writing should be expected on these sites. I certainly am ruining the impression that I am a very good listener by writing these addendum.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I've been known to make my own beer and take a bit of pride in my ability to cook. When my kids were little, I use to go to good restaurants by myself, come home and replicate the dish I just had. I'm not as well read as I would like to be and I'm not overly wrapped up in movies as some are. Not that I don't enjoy them, it's more of a matter of schedule and priorities.

**Geez this idiot is long winded**
I did leave out the element of music. I have no time for anyone who specifically has a focus on specific genre. I get my music fix by listing to original music. Diamond in the rough, many times, and a work in progress at the least. I do photography for the local original music scene. Contact me and I will give you addresses to see some of my photos. I'm not as interested in you seeing my photos for your approval as I am you seeing the passion the artists are putting in to their performance. That is why I do everything in ambient light with no flash!!! If you are an artist and you read this profile, no posing!!! I want candid shots of what you do. Likewise to the venue, if your lighting sucks, so will the pics. Things don't improve without reasons. I'm simply providing a reason.
Six things I could never do without
humor, conversation, discovery, music, intimacy and ham salad.

**Culinary Prowess**
I could go on for the balance of this 1000 word expansion about ham salad. It's the perfect food. It is already preserved through the process of making a ham and gives a lot of margin or creativity. I'm a fan of chicken salad too and a German buddy of mine made some fleisch salata, but ham salad is the most stable. Turkey salad is a possibility but requires smoking to be interesting enough to make a salad out of it. Beef has many incarnations but evolved into "shit on a shingle" which I kind of enjoy too. Shrimp salad is great but requires a knowledge of shrimp to make it right. Let's face it, I'm in Indiana where the shrimp are small and frozen. I've had a lobster salad before that I considered a waste of lobster, but some other fish might have serve the dish better. I love fried bologna. I think it might be a great salad maker too. Fried bologna stands on it's own as a great sandwich, if done correctly, and seems redundant to continue on with the process of making a meat salad out of it.

Braunschweiger (sp?) is a guilty pleasure of mine as well. I have met so many people who love it and have a special way to make their sandwich. Mine is with swiss cheese and a good mustard. Best if German mustard but Dijon will do. Coarse ground Dijon is better, but nothing like the mustard I make from scratch. Mine is more like Wasabi and, yes, I'm a Sushi hound too. I expect Shashimi grade and you should too. If you are still reading this stuff, congratulations! You are obviously either really interested or you do strange things to farm animals.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
what to write in these little boxes, evidently.

**Blah BLah Blah**
I spend more time thinking about why I'm thinking about things that I think about. I would love to give you the inner workings of ME, but I don't think you should have the unfair advantage since most of you will not have filled out your profile as in depth as I did before I had the goal of expansion to 1000 words. Suffice it to say, I constantly replay what I have said in my mind to figure out if what I had said could have been taken the wrong way. This is mostly done after the fact of being said, but I do it to see if I have anything to clarify later (I'm a creature of conscience).
On a typical Friday night I am
Either doing photography and recording for the local original music scene, or socializing with people who want to socialize.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
The trapeze in my bedroom needs to be lubricated.
You should message me if
you are human and find any of these things I have mentioned appealing.
The two of us