39Green Bay, United States
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My self-summary
3 things 1st: some of my own opening thoughts/statements :-) an Indirectly Associated Reference(cause it's compelling, and just a unique as an intro):
"Infinite Love is the only real truth, and the God of & in each of us 'is love'.. There is no father to that, Just as thus there can be no other father to me or my style, personal evolution, and mental revolutions surrounding and encompassing this thus far!...remember and know that before I say anything about anything, or you try to understand me at all:-).. Update: I'm currently recruiting new friends in the Green Bay, Appleton Area, for myself, and even my lady to go to things together with, like attending live music/festivals, or possibly even your own suggestions?... are you that coolness, were looking for?.. are you smooth enough company to hang?.. It can't hurt apply, give it a try! :-D

I once was told on here, that; "I should try to be more inviting..with the comment "honey draws more flys"... Well, perhaps I don't wanna draw 'flies'?.. perhaps, I'm waiting it out for 'butterflies', and 'humming birds' to land on me!/:-D..Did you ever think of that!;-p..heh..with that aside; I am open to considering suggestions, of what you don't like on my profile?, or what isn't absolutely necessary to mention?, what women don't care about?!:-\ -Thanks

Hmm, now if you came here cause I visited your profile? might notice that I give you stars, but I don't send a message? I want you to know, It isn't that I am incapable of doing so, and with substance, it's the fact I never know how to initially engage a conversation..Plus, I'm never convinced woman want to be messaged on here, I'm down-right confused by what most women want on here actually..heh

Clarifications, Disclaimers, Annoyances, and Intolerant Issues:

I don't know my 'exact type of women' is, but I do know, who she is mostly not like; she most likely won't list in her 6 things she can't live WITHOUT as; Her iPhone, that should not be one of them(especially not the top number one thing), she also should never have justified owning or plans on purchasing ugg boots for any reason at all!(site this in my inbox for why if you have, if you would like apologize for it;-p.. but even still it is likely your tastes, and mine will clash, maybe you've been exploited by consumer marketing tactics?..maybe your a style collector?, or perhaps you don't have your own style yet?..idk)

'said' real lady candidate; also should NOT have repeated on her profile in various subjects 'that her children are her world!'.. Why? you may shockingly, or disgustedly ask!..well, because this reality is a give-in, and should go without mentioning more than once, and be expected of a real mother!, and also because I'm just tired of reading it repeated many times on many mom's profiles online...If you say things too many times it loses it's meaning or believability.

Let me be clear-There's definitely nothing wrong with being a good mom(correction:Great Mom!, and loving your kids, being devote to them, and you being a big part of their life/and also them making a big impact on who you are, or what you do, or why you're a better person!.. But, please also admit to yourself- that there is more to your world, and 'yourself' than your children, so be more original when talking about yourself(underlined for the word 'yourself').. for instance; what were you like personality-wise before you had your children, just a thought floating in the air, waiting to be thunk?!..Nope not for real!..So, get back to who you are, or what made you who you are from then til now today..Besides all that, this is a dating site right?.. *According to my distinguished female friend Kenzie* when I gave her this additive to my profile for review; She said I sound like a 'funny jerk', so I'm sorry to sound like a d*ck to innocent by-standing readers, but it just couldn't go without mention anymore;-)

Now, Let us finally begin..
I'm a enriching study that not many seems to have the time, active interest, or attention span to learn enough to care about, it would seem like to me anyway!.. As a person I love & accept myself as myself, and that is what I hold high, and also how I want to anticipate everyone new I meet, and also how I will deal with others in my life.

I've been accepted the reality of my gifts, flaws, or disabilities,etc, and roll with it!...Be advised; I generally don't give a damn what anybody thinks about me, or what I do, as long as what I do is upright, and true!..But I also don't get an attitude with it:-)

Loose unconnected personal insight:

I really don't get/relate to most people in our times now, and my reception of people that you just meet in short-term, that haven't been knowing you closely is this; " everybody wants to play you close like they know you good, and make you believe they' Jesus to you!, But where's your works at, your leavens?, and how can you be Jesus?, when to me.. you operate otherwise like you got a mind designed/dressed-up in a suit & tie with a application; to apply, and sign your soul away for a job for Satan!..want to come to me, come correct, and be on my level, and most importantly just damn be who you are!.. not the image of what you want to impress to me, or think I want to see" #Realtalk

Test Results:
If you read this far then maybe your not a total wimp!, or offended/insulted easy?..excellent even better!.. Maybe this also means, you also have the mental fortitude to know how to survive with what's in your surroundings, live off the land, and cook and care for your family.. But then again, maybe you don't have all those skills, are you willing to learn?.. Do you have a teachable spirit?..That's it all takes for me. Because everyday for me is a learning experience!.. If you don't have any of what I just listed in the last paragraph, but you're somehow still reading right now..then you can easily admit, you are already committed to knowing the basics of me, so don't give now!..keep on keeping!:-)

General Personal Summary:
I'm definitely not your standardized regular cookie-cutter, macho-insecure, womanizing, lying or cheating type guy..I also don't look like a Ken doll, nor am I built like one, I'm a modest small structured man, that could hardly intimidate a teenager! ..So If you need a big burly, or husky man, or lumberjack built thud of a dude, I'm not your man!..Also, sorry to be the one to inform you; but there is no amount of food you could feed me to make me that!.. Still, heaven knows, that I would invite you to still attempt to in-vain(but then I love to freakin' eat!)

first things people notice when talking to me, is I'm an intellectual, so i take that approach to answering and critical thinking..if you're not an intellectual yourself that is fine!..but If you also don't have a solid strong sense of humor?, and a sense of fun to how you think, or live your day to day life, or how you get things done!.. Then we just may not be on the same wave-length in communicating points to each other, or share enough common ground to get down!. Also If you don't at least have an obsession for music as I do?, then you probably won't get along in extended company with me so well, or perhaps come so close to knowing me in personally in the deep ways that music, has shaped, improved and inspired me to remain living, and growing.

Interests and Background:
I'm good to know and have around, difficult for most to learn completely, but I like to think well worth it in the long-run! ;-)I like to write - as you could imagine from all I've included so far. I tend to elaborate to get to the point, but everything stays relative, I'm a 'very detailed everything person'!..I also communicate like a roller-coaster, with my thoughts, and how fast they move and how quickly I shift subjects. So hang on tight, If you are trying to follow along with my train of thought. I discovered I had a story-telling talent as a result to a class I had in 7th grade, where I had to write a story idea for a book, later in life I also discovered around 16 years old, that I had a stronger talent in writing poetry, and as a result of writing, what I was writing I made a personal discovery that my Poetry was more like music, so from there on in I have been writing rhymes, with the aspiration of also incorporating my talent for story-telling somewhere in the rhyme, somewhere down the line.

Personality, Characteristics, Disabilities, Flaws, and Deep Reflection:

I'm sort of crazy-cool personality-wise, I'm a refreshing personality that energizes all those receptive around me, all this is radiated out of the free-spirited person I was born as, I'm personally therapeutic(like a shrink), but since I'm aware of this, I try not to be an enabler of my friends character flaws.

As a friend I'm loyal and devoted, and fully committed to being a constant provider of happiness, and comic relief, to others around me?(like the general public), I'm probably otherwise appear to be an absurd and insane and ridiculous individual, for the everyday UN-inclusive by-standing, or also perhaps for those who don't take the time, or have the interest to know me personally:-\ Oh, well their loss right!.

I live in the reality of myself at every age of myself being ever present with me constantly(relatively), regardless of the age I'm chronologically at, so my age can variate case-by-case and as necessary/needed.. I can remember myself(in short) vividly being born, and as a baby, a small child, an adult, and even know my future self as a old man, so I live in the limitless/timelessness of that in my reality, and the acknowledgement of it, in reference to my existence, and how well I know myself, and/or affect myself to not repeat the same mistakes in life.

"Except no substitutions in regards to my illustrious, illegitimate, union of immaculate design!" heheh(just something funny I used to say back in the day to summarize myself, when I didn't know what to say to describe what I think of myself:-p)... Anything I don't state here that you
need to know about me, or are confused by with me?, then just ask and you shall received?!...

"I'm a real-ass man, of God and Science', as I've also quoted before: Science via mind design, and hip-hop emcee at heart; Dj by technology. I have nothing to hide as a person, and If It can be anyway conceived by me for you, than It will be begot!... I'm a little smart IQ-wise, (or otherwise have tested out that way previously)..Household-wise; I'm very handy to have around in a multitude of areas, good with my hands, but even better than with my mind. I'm never a bore, with plenty to speak on, and references to back-up my claims in most cases:-)

I do have some learning disabilities, most people figure that out when they spend enough time around me; Mainly the ones that stand out most, are A.D.D, and dyslexia.. I've also tested as 67% aspie(high-functioning spectrum disorder).I have a big impassable mental block with understanding English grammar, or sentence structure, and how it works, or implementing it correctly, but I do my best..I also can't associate numbers with letters, or they can't be combined, I also have Zero retention for number combinations(it actually took me 8 years to memorize my social security number, had to eventually set it to a musical cadence to get it..heh) other than that I type just how I would speak it to you, or how I would say it in person:-)..I do have a decent vocabulary though in an attempt to make up for it, If someone can appreciate that?

Although I am not really simple as a person can be, this by no means denotes me as unapproachable, cold or emotion-less...I'm soft on the outside, and hard on the inside. I love meeting' new good people any-day?. One thing to keep in mind at all times in regards to me/whenever dealing with me is communication-wise: that I'm very obsessed with music, and I have a great appreciation of humor, so don't feel bad if you get a backseat to either of those! ..

Closing Statement:
I would rather be your friend first, then If we both feel it after some time/effort, that we work out as being best friends, and If we effortlessly made it as my best friends, and we also have a strong chemistry and natural deep connection, then hopefully we won't need to speculate on it, and we will probably forget we are best friends, and just always be for each other forever lovers!:-) (best case instance/scenario of course;-)

-Cheers!... for reading, come back again later, to read the rest!( I would never expect anybody to read more then the about me in one sitting)

Just deserts:-\ -
What I’m doing with my life
I'm finding how many directions I can spread myself, to effect and change what I come in contact with, or positively effect all the people that have to put up with me till I fulfill my purpose/destiny in their world, or I also provide guidance to those who have become a integral part of my life, and I of theirs, and they show me myself in a reflection of their works, and behavior in exchange.. I'm usually doing all this at the same time, while working a job. I make a conscious effort always to keeping myself from ever diluting to the world around me, I pay for things I owe, taking great care of what I do own.. yet nothing material ever owns me, all at the same time. Doing all I see as justice and a positive example; without spreading myself so thin from how many places I try to put myself, that I would look any skinnier?, cause that wouldn't be a good look for me!(I'm already slim enough as it is)..Not that anyone would care, or it matters to what I'm doing in life..But,I'm also hungry too, ALL THE TIME! Btw science can't figure it out!..where does my food go, after I swallow it?:-p.. so don't even bother to ask me, just remember I'm always hungry, and give me food!!.. I will even eat on the move, or working:-)..provided I have a free hand..I frequently forget to feed myself, I wish someone would make me eat, make me something to eat, or keep reminding me!..My close friends and family sometimes worry about me taking care of myself in all ways, but I guess I need to consciously make myself 'fit it in',and set it at a higher priority on a day-to-day basis:-\
I’m really good at
Being me, Being strong in specific areas for anyone else that lacks it and needs it, I'm good at being a backbone, for those that need a push in life, or to get something done they want done. I'm good at not being lazy, or wasting time. I've perfected the art of allowing others to completely be themselves, and not interfere in anyway with them, to encourage them to positive change, and I still figure out a way to integrate myself to being complimentary to what they come with and provide as people, and/or I fill in the "B-----" & empty spaces in their life they don't have the ability to fill themselves.

I'm good at adding quality to peoples everyday 'blah-blah routines', and mundane lifestyles.. I also have an insane mental capacity for visualizing things of an aesthetic nature, balancing and arranging objects into perfected symmetry, and spatial relations(tested highest in the national average) I'm also a natural with music creation, and writing, and design and invention..let's see, I'm a research expert.. or..very good at Just about everything I attempt!.. and maybe even more stuff I don't know of yet?, or I should have done, but have never thought to attempt, or doubted myself in *So there, hmmph!*:-| j/p(but maybe I'm not!? I?..I am:-)..See, but I'm only sarcastically arrogant and conceited, because I'm not at-all that way in real life, and it's also a ironic homage for comedy sake..Vanity is just not my bag, and a big turn-off to me, but I hardly ever resist the urge to joke about something that doesn't apply to me, or is ironic:-)

I have almost no sense of pride or ego, so my mind is never 'on the shelf', But it does tend to eat at people why I don't, and I've been grilled for it before:-\.. I do go-hard on almost everything!, for real!- it's like all or nothing, with me!.. I'm typically really good at knowing myself and being myself.. with myself and others, and being real, striving to always be true to myself as well. I was also told by one of my last Instructors in class, that I am 'the most literal person he has ever witnessed in all his 60-some years', & apparently it 'flipped his cabbage'?, the extents I go to, cause he stopped the class just to make mention of that to me, in front of everyone, don't worry I wasn't embarrassed:-D..

I'm quite good at knowing, and respecting my limits all the while at the same time never really setting limits on myself, or others around me, and what someone can achieve, or think of, or the perspective something can be anticipated and approached(If that makes any sense?)...oh, I'm also a very wise old soul in a young man's body, but am I good at it?..idk!, I just kinda am!, right when I am, and when the time is right!;-)
The first things people usually notice about me
If they don't see my eyes and like them, or feel my energy, and react..I would say generally they see; I'm physically obnoxious but in a casual and smooth way, so everything about me both somewhat attracts peoples eyes, and makes them not want to pay attention at me, but yet they can't 'NOt' look at me, cause I'm sort of out of the ordinary lookin' anyway..heh eh. It also seems, the general consensus or reception I get from people about me is; it's hard to determine my make-up/background, so people don't always know how to prejudge/categorize me(which i guess people need to do, before they can first talk to you?), and that bothers, and intimidates people sometimes to engage me on a face value evaluation/social level..But they should really just get over themselves, and their predispose notions, and obsessions to make distinctions of all things, right?, I rock so hard as a person,my tone, my appearance, or style, clothes or carriage is not even relevant to who I am as an individual!.. hope that makes sense to someone:-o
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Not too many, I read about a 3rd of a book called 'The Song of God' .. James and the Giant Peach in grade school, The Fellowship of the Rings, Shogun, Several kids books, and book with pictures;-\ ,and the bible a couple times.. Other than that not many that stick out, or I really remember reading.. But, just last year I recently nearly doubled my reading speed, so I'm looking forward to reading books, but just like movies I can rarely hold my attention long enough to read a book, or watch a whole movie, I have to usually take things in chunks, and even than I usually forget to comeback to them, and continue..;Unfortunately, things like that really exhaust me to undertake, due to my learning disabilities...I'm currently directing my 'Book interest focus' into the form of audio books, and listening for about an hour each time I do. I'm almost done with Ender's Game, and moving on to children of the mind after that.

Oh yup, food almost forgot!; I especially like spicy foods, so anything middle-eastern, or Mexican is Go!..But I also appreciate Italian from time to time..Chinese is a fav(when I'm not into something spicy) I love an American style meal though as well with like baked potatoes and a steak(*update:gradually phasing beef out of my life), and a salad, and some good garden fresh vegs, maybe some cinnamon applesauce, or the berry kind?..Not a pork eater though, I will eat bacon from time to time(as a garnish to something), but other than that, pork products never felt right in my stomach, or processing in my body... I also can't deal with much dairy, might be just the lactose, but it's probably more to it then that. So i drink Silk Almond Milk, or Rice Dream, or some other NON-GMO stamped milk substitute. I also only drink beverages with raw sugar, as my body can't process synthetics sugars anymore, as it makes me sick from my body rejecting them. This has just changed with my body over the last couple of years.. I try to eat healthy, and never eat at fast-food really, but eating healthy can feel like a luxury I can't yet afford, so I'm still shut-out from knowing what it's like to be able to eat healthy:-\

Music types I love: Reggae, Blues, Punk-Rock, Folk, Folk-Punk, Anti-Folk, Blue grass, old classic Country, some Indie stuff(but I'm picky), Fair amount of Metal(although I like lyrics you can understand, no crazy scream-o stuff, and mostly slower metal) Some R&B, Classic Motown, or Oldies, and Soul(all day!) Celtic, and any Roots music in general, Rebel Music!, Oldschool rap, and real Hip-hop in general(in any form of quality content, culture & substance, or struggle music from the oppressed, and mentally repressed!..heheh, IE; Modern Street life folk music!;-), most Classic Rock, some 80's music, Alternative-rock, or just Alternative music in general..A small amount of Jazz as time goes on,.. but lean towards more singer song writer types; Fiona Apple, Mazzy Star, Cat Power, Florance and the Machine, and the like?...(with the exception of that last one mentioned) Very rarely do my interests ever fully enter the 'Pop status' scene in anyway, unless they go in to cross-over status, and that's typically when they sort of lose my ear, or interest... I don't totally hate pop music, I loved Micheal Jackson's work, and he was the king of it..but pop music is just not my bag, and doesn't interest me.
Six things I could never do without
Music, comedy, and more music!..genuine real-ass people, and love.. and well; oxygen, food, water, clothing and shelter, but that goes without saying;-)..I'm a person who lives below their means, and supplements the lack in life with skills and wits, sense of humor, and when nothing else helps music washes the remaining blues away.. otherwise; functionally or domestically I'm never really needing much to survive/get by, I got a double-dose of that from both sides of my parents backgrounds...well I do need a maybe a couple cups of coffee each day, but that's normal right;-)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything practically no-one else typically has to trouble themselves with, or waste their time in/with; like design and invention, physics, quantum and otherwise, string theroy, pyhsical tolerances of matter, and how every molecule supports some element, or reality right down to the math needed and atoms, also contemplate what the world needs, and write music lyrics, writing movie plots(when inspired, but I'm always at least thinking about these things;-)..every so often;screen-plays ideas, comedy(or otherwise making things funny), book ideas, thinking about like outer limits/parallel universes, the zero-point field, multiple dimension type things..and you know, like the pres-sense of spiritual forces why they are needed, life beyond, meanings in life, basically anything deep and complicated just in general?! I'm with it, and at it at any given moment.. and what's worse is, I usually make it even more built to the heavens, and too complicated to converse to someone about it!..well at least to myself anyway for as long as I can concentrate anyway:-)
On a typical Friday night I am
Trying to do something light/relaxing and fun I don't get to do during the week, but also I usually want it to be constructive, active, and time appropriate...Everything prioritized in order of importance, in a sort of chaotic, timelessness A.D.D style and approach, and state!:-).. Saturday night is my Friday, and Sunday is my 'reflect, reload, and compose..appreciate all!' type-day. I respect it like it's a Mantra when I'm conscious to it, or feel moved to be/do so:-)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I need 'some' reinforcement from people, and appreciation.. from time to time, no matter when it can be offered and for what, or how much I can not say I do, or that I won't let on that I need it, even to people I'm close to personally.. I can tend to be an introvert, so I won't always demand things of people for myself..But, I still am functionally un-effectual, and non-productive when left to just myself, by myself for too long
You should message me if
Message me If I gave you 4 or 5 stars!.. message me If I messaged you(please:-\), message me If I saved you to my favorites...Message me If; You think you're someone who could even slightly vibe/ understand, dig, and/or respect my super cerebral nature of visualizing and approaching things, message me; If you have yourself spiritual awareness/deepness, and even just want to chat..Message me:If you are a fun, and funny person, or even if you're yourself feel like an outcast of this society, or also If you are; 'your own, individual self-preserving original-self! (even still in this insane world we are surrounded with)..message me; If you believe you are just as interesting as myself, but perhaps in a whole another complementary dynamic in contrast to how I am, then Yes you as well!:-) message me, if I seem like someone you would just like to converse, and get to know more about me, then please message me!

-Btw, Thanks so much for your time-commitment, If you've really actually read this far down one sitting, without just skimming, then you go ahead and message me!:-o.. that's Impressive, if you've done that, or red all this in less then 15-20 minutes..Message me!; cause you have a impressive reading speed!

but DO NOT contact me IF; You are racist, superficial, overly-materialistic, judgmental, pretentious & demeaning, or someone you has an obsession with making distinctions of everything!, or If you live according to the stereotypes you make about things, and people..or stereotypes taught to you as a child.

I'm also not interested in talking with closed minded people; or otherwise people that reject other cultures, ways of life, or other belief systems, simply because of their own individual one doesn't match up/align(IE; religious snobs)..The United States is the home for Christian and/or religious snobs:-\..with maybe 600+ different religions, and most that also reject all other world religions, so yeah I'm sorry but not interested:-|.. message me If you really want the main written reason listing of why(can't believe anyone would what anything at this point but to be done reading anything else I have to say for at least a week)
The two of us