32Dallas, United States
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My self-summary
Hello All You Fabulous Fellas!

Updated 3/23/2017

I just recently moved to Dallas. I bought a small trailer as a cheap fixer-upper so have a quiet sanctuary and also spend way less money on bills and be able to afford to do more to enjoy life. I would love some friends, or dates, or maybe even a potential relationship if it goes that far, but let's just start off without expectations (outside of normal manners) and see where it goes.

I am blunt, brutally honest and straight-forward with just about everyone. I operate on a "my censor is mostly broken" policy, which means I will probably tell you things that you didn't want to hear but this does NOT mean I will curse in front of your child or be disrespectful to your family. I was raised better than that. I am normally the only girl hanging out with a group of guy friends, although I do have a few select female friends that I hang out with. I am just not really a fan of all the primping and drama and shopping... what can I say, once a tomboy, always a tomboy. I am a nice person, often times too nice for my own good. Wearing your heart on your sleeve sucks sometimes as people tend to try to take advantage of you.

Please be willing to put in time and effort towards whatever sort of friendship/relationship that you hope to accomplish. I know life is busy and things come up buy going MIA for extended periods of time is just a waste of time.

Looking forward to the new chapter in my life and looking forward to speaking with you here or on KIK where you can find me at MusicLoverMandie

See ya later!

What I’m doing with my life
I am living my life. I do what I want to make me happy. This often involves loud music, art supplies, Pandora (my puppy, and sometimes the App) and a wild dose of creativity.
I’m really good at
Being random. Listening to music and singing along to every single word... mostly horribly off key.,. Hey, it is my car and Cpl. Edwards doesn't mind my singing! :) On a side not I am a pretty good person to go to if you want to know the words to a song as for some strange reason my brain seems to stock pile them. I am good at creating things from little to nothing. Random artwork that I find lacking but others love. Children love me for some reason as well... I guess it's because I can act like one and yet give them a bunch of secrets and facts that only grown ups know.
The first things people usually notice about me
I dunno... I wish someone would tell me...
If I am in my car, probably the random mix of music coming out and that I sing along to all of it. If I have any sort or craft or art supply nearby, then probably whatever I am making... otherwise you tell me.

I started asking people this, which mind you was a bit weird in itself but the top 4 answers are as follows:
1: smile - hmm I wonder what random thought caused this?
2: eyes/glasses - Why do these frames scream student/teacher/librarian? If like a porno?
3: my height - I guess being 5 ft 10 and wearing 3-4 inch heels does make me a bit too tall at times.
4: laughter - apparently I spend a lot of time laughing or making people laugh?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Anything Stephen King, Anne Rice, James Patterson, John Grisham or anything that I pick up and sounds interesting. I average a book a week and the topics are pretty far spread.

Movies: Pretty much anything with a good plot or a horribly bad one that will have me laughing through it. Movies with Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Mark Wahlberg, Julia Roberts, Britney Murphy, Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, and Sandra Bullock get extra points though.

TV Shows: House, NCIS, Bones, White Collar, Burn Notice, Ghost Hunters, Restaurant Impossible, Covert Affairs, Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time

Music: too much to name - there are over 1300 songs on my mp3 player

Food: Fruit, salad, ice cream (Ben & Jerry's), my dad's french toast with REAL maple syrup... NO FISH :(
Six things I could never do without
Essentials: air, food, water, shelter
Rain storms
Puppy kisses
I spend a lot of time thinking about
You probably don't want to know... the randomness that fills my mind is hilarious and frightening at the same time.
On a typical Friday night I am
If I am scheduled then I am working. Something has to pay for random exploring right?
Is there a good band in town? If so, I am listening to them.
Is it a long weekend? If so, I am trying to find the best way to get to water for the weekend.
If none of the above apply, then you can help me make plans.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I will have to think of something really good..
You should message me if
You read down this far..
You found something funny, interesting, worth talking about on this...
You think I am cute/hot..
You just want to...
The two of us