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My self-summary
::::::::::::::::::::::::: EVERYBODY :::::::::::::::::::::::::

Hellerrrrr :) First and foremost, let me just say that if I don't respond to you right away, I am not ignoring you or rejecting you. I just simply haven't seen your email yet and I will respond to you as soon as I read it. I'm not always online, or on this website, and my life schedule is topsy turvy so it kinda bugs me when people take it personally that I haven't responded to them right away. You're cool, but my life doesn't revolve around my laptop or my cell phone, and I have *A LOT* going on this year.

I'm sorry.

But I will contact you as soon as I can, even if it's just to be polite, as I personally think it's rude to purposely ignore someone who's being nice to you. I mean, if you send me something vulgar or disrespectful, I'll ignore you and just block you. But if you send me something friendly, I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as I read your message :) You can friend me on Facebook at /MissChristiLuv or watch my comedy and music videos on YouTube at /christiluv2005 in the meantime... ;) You can also check out our romantic compatibility at :)

**********Please include either your email address or your cell # or both in your message to me if you wanna make sure that I get back to you, just in case I have a problem returning messages from this website, thanks!**********

::::::::::::::::::::::::: ME :::::::::::::::::::::::::

I'm a creative artist, passionate activist, happy travel-lover, intellectual philosopher, curious movie addict, obsessive foodie, deep spiritual truth seeker, old-fashioned romantic, fun comedy admirer, playful goofball, and I enjoy having friends over to play on the game tables in my game room (billiards, foosball, air hockey, card games, etc). I love dogs, laughter, creativity, adventure and extreme sports like parasailing, hang-gliding and fire-rocketing. I also like horseback-riding, archery, theme parks, concerts, karaoke, the beach, pool, bookstores and anything physically or mentally exciting and fun.

When it comes to common chill-out-sit-down-kick-back-and-just-watch entertainment fun, recorded on my DVR every week are eerie mystery dramas like Orphan Black, Bates Motel, Deception, Dexter, The Haves & The Have Nots, and Supernatural, funny action adventures like Doctor Who, Psych, Person of Interest, Justified, and Scandal, interesting documentaries like Meerkat Manor, How To Be More Creative and Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, quirky situation comedies like Malcolm In The Middle, House of Lies, Web Therapy, Weeds, Community, Nurse Jackie, and AbFab, crazy animated comedies like Adventure Time, The Cleveland Show, Archer, South Park, Gravity Falls, The Simpsons, and Rugrats, spoofy sketch comedies like Key & Peele, Kroll Show, Stevie TV, Chappelle's Show, Whitest Kids U'Know, and Loiter Squad, witty standup comedies like The Half Hour, Comedy Central Presents, LAFFMOBB Presents, Comicview: One Mic Stand, and Comedy.TV, as well as snappy talk comedies like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Soup, The Graham Norton Show, Chelsea Lately, Deon Cole's Black Box, Colbert Report, BrandX, Totally Biased, Daily Show, and Jim Rome on Showtime.

I also like to watch psychological crime dramas like Law & Order SVU, Criminal Minds, and Cold Case, and I love smart, lovable, old school sitcoms like Fresh Prince, King of Queens, Golden Girls, Frasier, Mad TV, etc. Movies I wanna see this year include Iron Man 3, Hangover 3, Man of Steel, and anything with Will Smith or Robert Downey Jr in it, and anything with superheroes, science fiction or a lot of laughs in it. Plus I always support Tyler Perry films too, even though they often have too much crying for my taste lol.

My radio station stays on either jazz like LOQ 103FM or classical like 90.7 or ORock HD or YRock or YHot Holy Hip Hop 95.9. I also like funk, 90's pop and anything from old school Michael Jackson lol ^_^

Ideally, I eventually plan to travel around the world at least once a year and go extreme flight sporting at least once a month (or week) like parasailing, hang-gliding, rocketing, hot air ballooning, sky-diving, bungee jumping, etc. Anything that feels like flying :D I need travel and adventure to feel alive and happy. Like a kid who needs candy and toys. Travel is my candy. Adventure is my toy. ;) I also like concerts, fine dining, movies, the beach and playing with animals ^_^ So after all my main career goals are met, I hope to make all that fun stuff regular elements of my weekly or monthly schedule.

::::::::::::::::::::::::: MEN :::::::::::::::::::::::::

My ideal mate is heroic, funny and passionately romantic. He cares about helping others and making the world a better place, he makes me laugh out loud- literally lol -and he's very attentive, sensual, sentimental, emotionally communicative and always there for me, to come rescue me, like my protector. He's a big cute cuddle puppy who treats me like his beloved cute cuddle puppy, and we love it that way. He is NOT a sick stray cat who treats me like a sick stray cat, and then calls *that* a "relationship". No. And he doesn't have a secret bitter hatred of women or hostile resentment of purity and good girls from good homes. No.

My ideal mate doesn't live in an irrational delusion or pop culture fantasy either, where he views or treats his woman like either his mother, his daughter or his mini me. No. He sees and treats his woman like his feminine counterpart. Like his softer, curvier equal haha. YES. He's connected, close, pure, warm and aggressive. He's not shy. He's also not an asshole lol. ^_^ He's just highly protective and deeply romantic, with a good sense of humor and a fun, kid-like sense of adventure. He is a leader, who takes charge and dominates me, but respectfully and with sensitivity and love. That is my ideal man.

I suppose an ideal date would be a trip around the world to a bunch of really cool places. Or a hot air balloon ride. Or just dinner and a movie. I also like *good* standup comedy lol ^_^ I dunno. Just no Orlando Night Clubs... *shivers* lol ^_^

Now, while I understand now, that the majority of our society, both men and women, are inundated every day with the obscene, and most of our generation was raised to be perverts by the internet, TV, radio, magazine (media) pop culture, and lack of parenting-- that's not me. Yes, I'm a compassionate, sensual artist and a fun, entertaining extrovert, but I'm also a strong, social conservative and morally intelligent altruist.

So if you're just looking for sex, you're reading the wrong profile. I'm still a virgin, waiting for marriage, and there's no chance of that changing. Not for you or anybody else. If that's too old school for you, take care. Let us not burden each other with our overwhelming differences. But this is me. Always has been, always will be. I change my moral compass for no man other than my Maker.

If you just want to be my friend, cool. I can be friends or acquaintances with anybody. But if you want more than friendship with me, please understand the expectations on my end. I come from a good, clean, intelligent, morally strong home-- In other words, I have a Pedigree, so to speak, with public roots in government history and media entertainment-- If you want to be my man, I expect you to come to me with the same attitude, character, intelligence, values and strength. Like Theo Hucstable from The Cosby Show or Cory Matthews from Boy Meets World. I don't want a bad boy-- I only want a good man. ;)

Yes, that means I'm not a "420" fan. Or even a tobacco fan, truthfully. I can deal with friends who do that stuff, but I don't seriously date guys who do that. I get that we all have addictions and escapes that we need, to take us away from the harsh pains of reality, and most of those highs are destructive or have a negative outcome, but I don't like smoking or snorting or injecting of any kind, for recreational use. Not in my man. I know we live in the dirty south, but I'm not dirty, so I want a man just as clean as I am. If not cleaner. I want a strong, protective, powerful, courageous, CLEAN man. No perverts need apply.

::::::::::::::::::::::::: WOMEN :::::::::::::::::::::::::

Female friends are welcome just as much as males, but I've found that most guys are more reliable than most females are, in regards to friendship with me, as a lot of women I meet in Florida are so desperate for sexual attention from a man that they stab a girl in the back as soon as they see a man give her any attention or if they perceive her as competition, especially with me, despite the fact that I have never and would never try to take somebody else's man, because I have better character, morals, values and a higher conscience than that.

In fact, I find it insulting when men have tried to start something with me on the side. I am the feature entre', not a side salad. But Florida women seem so desperate for a man like they have no other purpose in life other than to find a man and make babies, that it bleeds into their friendships with other women, women like me, who are nothing like that. So I'm leery of Florida women, as they seem more desperate, insecure and disloyal than women from other states and countries. I'm from Queens, New York, so I think differently from most of the women down here.

But I'm optimistic. If that doesn't sound like you, hit me up. But let me just be straight up with you, if you're currently a whore, we will NOT be good friends. The only whores I get along with are ex-whores. Reformed whores. Mothers who use to be whores until their whoring got them pregnant, and now they're "nice ladies" cause a baby calmed their asses down, and now they're back in church lol.

I mean, I'm not gonna make you feel bad about yourself, but I'm also not gonna hide my feelings if you bring that crap to my doorstep. And most whores do. Most whores (male and female) don't seem to know how to keep their sloppy nastiness to themselves. And that's the problem I have with whorish people. If you wanna be a whore, a pervert or otherwise trashy or dirty-- do what you want, just keep it to yourself and keep it away from me. That's all I'm sayin'.

Truthfully, perversion repulses me and sexual frivolity disgusts me. So, male or female, if you have no self-control or moral intelligence with drugs or sex, we're not in the same class of people, and I've already tried to make friendships and relationships work with people from that class, since they seem to all gravitate towards me like moths to a tall flame, or like hungry animals to a dinner-serving zookeeper. It never lasts. Unless we've known each other since childhood, and then we're like extended family or distant relatives.

But I've reached the stage in my life where I don't feel like expending energy in useless, pointless directions. I only want to invest my time and energy into things and people that will last. I'm not a manipulator. I don't see people as pawns who I just use to do my bidding, by being a chameleon who mirrors whoever I'm dealing with or acting like whatever turns them on, even if its against my beliefs. I'm honest. A rare treat.

I just need more people in my life who I can be honest with, feel validation from, and actually emotionally enjoy the company of, as opposed to just using the relationship for practical purposes. Being moral and clean in this place seems to make you an endangered species, like an advanced alien life form among blind, flesh eating zombies. I've dealt with enough zombies. I'm lookin' for fellow aliens. So if you're cool people-- hit me up! Let's hang out! We'll make magic happen, baby! ;)

::::::::::::::::::::::::: MY DATING HISTORY :::::::::::::::::::::::::

I started seriously dating in the summer of 2011. Until then, I had no boyfriends, just a lot of male friends or admirers who pretended to be my friends because they wanted more, and random short-term "get to know you" dates with a few unimpressive guys that I never really followed through on or tried to build a relationship from.

I'm not really much of a dater.

To me, dating people you don't already know is a lot like going on job interviews and interviewing prospects for hire for the 1st time. It's a lot of work and if you don't have anything in common or you're from 2 totally different types of upbringings (like if mine was good and his was shitty, for example lol) then you feel like you're just wasting your time and getting all dolled up for nothing.

But then I realized that I had no long-term relationship experience and I was already starting the 2nd quarter of my life, so I figured I should probably try to give somebody a chance in order to learn a few things now, so that when I eventually settle down with somebody later, I won't completely ruin my future marriage or engagement with them, purely out of immense relationship ignorance.

So an acquaintance set me up with her friend in 2011 and after mistakenly thinking I vetted him enough, I allowed him to become my 1st boyfriend. Little did I know just how secretly broken, rigidly ignorant, profoundly empty, painfully unmasculine and disgustingly ghetto he really was. I have dated 3 guys since him and I like ALL of them so much more, and wish that *ANY* of them would have been my first kiss instead of him.

So here is my exclusive dating history:

2011 - SUMMER
The Cold, Detached, Airy, Broken Black Computer Nerd
(A Lost Boy / The Sick Baby Type / A Tragic Zombie)
He Played The Romantic Horror Story of My Life >=O

2012 - SUMMER / FALL
The Warm, Attached, Earthy, Predatory White Money Hunter
(My Bad Boy / The Predacious Parent Type / A Funny Supervillain)
He Played The Romantic Comedy Story of My Life ^_^

2013 - WINTER
The Cool, Relaxed, Watery, Hypnotic Hispanic Musical Artist
(My Lover Boy / The Seductive Adult Type / A Toxic Lover)
He Played The Romantic Mystery Story of My Life {:-/

2013 - SPRING
The Hot, Passionate, Fiery, Pure, Biracial/Hawaiian Surfer Jock
(My Good Boy / The Clean Kid / A Fun Action Hero)
He Played The Romantic Adventure Story of My Life =D


~~~~~ACT 1~~~~~
HOW WE MET: Through a mutual friend

~~~~~ACT 2~~~~~
HOW WE CONTINUED: Blindly / Clumsily
HOW IT RAN: Badly / Unromantic

~~~~~ACT 3~~~~~
HOW IT ENDED: Abruptly / Badly / Unromantic
HOW WE PARTED: We don't talk and I kinda hate him in a very unfunny, unsexy, unexciting way. We are not even distant acquaintances let alone friends because he ended things like an asshole, after being an emotionally lazy dumbass the whole relationship. Sufficed to say - I DON'T MISS HIM


~~~~~ACT 1~~~~~
HOW WE MET: At a Bookstore in The Mall
HOW IT STARTED: Awesome! Romantic! Fun!

~~~~~ACT 2~~~~~
HOW WE CONTINUED: Cautiously / Slowly
HOW IT RAN: Exciting! Romantic! Silly!

~~~~~ACT 3~~~~~
HOW IT ENDED: Slowly / Frighteningly / Unfortunately
HOW WE PARTED: We sometimes still wish each other things like Merry Christmas and Happy Birthdays, but we're not close friends, just respectful, courteous acquaintances. He still humorously flirts with me on occasion, making me laugh my @$$ off when I least expect it lol, but I try not to bite the bait, I just laugh and keep going. Its hard to turn down somebody who still knows how to make you laugh like crazy lol ^_^ but I manage. Though, now I keep all my dating activities off Facebook and off all my social networks because I know he's still watching me and keeping tabs on what I'm doing...


~~~~~ACT 1~~~~~
HOW WE MET: Online
HOW IT STARTED: Nice / Romantic

~~~~~ACT 2~~~~~
HOW WE CONTINUED: Coolly / Smoothly
HOW IT RAN: Nice / Romantic / Engaging

~~~~~ACT 3~~~~~
HOW IT ENDED: Nice / Romantic. As charming as he was, I still figured out that he was trying hard to get sex from me and he thought he was seducing me (haha). When he slyly gave me a very subtle ultimatum over a very romantic candlelight dinner after he serenaded me with a song he (supposedly) wrote for me, that basically amounted to, "Give IT up or give ME up and say goodbye", I quickly called his bluff so fast it made his head spin and I gave him up and said goodbye lol ^_^

NEVER give me a disrespectful ultimatum like that, I don't care how many sweet, cute, sexy, romantic words you flower it up with. I'll see through the BS and I'll call you on your sh**. I mean, you can try it, but you won't like what comes next.

Now, this guy didn't end up being the complete asshole he sounds like from this description, from the standpoint that he did actually apologize to me and he actually stuck around and tried to make things right, even though he had obviously offended me lol. So for that, he earned my respect and his ability to grow, mature, change, progress and (eventually) communicate openly and honestly with me impressed me, so I couldn't stay mad at him, cause he did apologize, change and communicate. He didn't just f* me over and disappear like a dumb, selfish, pathetic asshole or make a mess and then run away like a childish coward. He *did* stick around and try to make things right, like a man, so he turned out to be a stronger, smarter, better man than I thought he was.

Pleasant surprise.

I also think he was impressed that he couldn't manipulate me lol, like I was the first girl he'd met who either saw right through him or simply couldn't be broken, and he was very persuasive, charming, sophisticated and attractive. Great people skills. But I knew we really weren't right for each other, and he wasn't good for me, spiritually, as he was too interested in playing games with me and trying to make me fall from grace just because he wanted me. I constantly felt like a target of sexual conquest for him, as opposed to a team-mate of emotional connection with him.

HOW WE PARTED: I ended things on a positive note with lover boy, and we're still distant friends. Nothing special. He still flirts with me seductively and charms me romantically. Not like my 2012 guy. My 2012 bad boy flirts with me by making me laugh my @$$ off lol ^_^ My 2013 lover boy flirts with me by tugging at my heart strings in emotional, sentimental, romantic, serious ways. He's very smooth, I'll give him that. A talented romantic and a talented artist, but he's not the one for me and he knows now that I really am a good girl and I'm not going to follow him down the rabbit hole, so to speak. He's also become more honest with me since we broke up, like a real friend to me, now that we've established truth and understanding with each other. TBH I like him better as a trustworthy friend to talk to, more than as a tricky BF to date lol ^_^ So much less pressure and more relationship honesty haha ^_^


~~~~~ACT 1~~~~~
HOW WE MET: Online
HOW IT STARTED: Fun / Romantic / Sweet

~~~~~ACT 2~~~~~
HOW WE CONTINUED: Aggressively / Quickly
HOW IT RAN: Fun / Romantic / Sweet / Adventurous

~~~~~ACT 3~~~~~
HOW IT ENDED: Pleasantly / Nicely / Cool
HOW WE PARTED: Still As Good Friends. In fact, we like and respect each other a lot, and we're both good people with honest, direct communication skills, but truthfully, our lives just don't mesh well. First off, we barely see each other because we don't live close to each other, and 2nd, he's all about surfing and consumed by surf culture, and working at his dad's surf shop, which he'll probably eventually inherit and pass down to his future son, and that's sweet, I like that, but he's not really interested in changing the world or even traveling the world, other than to surf, but not make an impact in life and explore different cultures, all of which *I* am consumed by lol ^_^

He's just interested in having fun, friends and family, which is fine, in fact that's nice and cute, maybe even sweet and totally fun, and I do admire his child-like nature. In fact, I love how easy-going, laid-back and carefree he is, and it really relaxes me, but I just see so many things in life, in the world, that need to change, and so many lives that need help, and so many worlds to travel and experience, I just can't spend my life zoning out into 24/7 Escape Mode.

Sometimes I wish I could.

Often I wish I could be as carefree and unencumbered as my surfer jock friend is. But I don't know how to not care. I mean, once you see things, once you care... How do you just... *STOP* caring? I mean, how? Ya know? So while I truly do adore his un-capitalistic island-boy approach to life, just surfing all day or selling surf equipment to other surfers all day just isn't compelling to me. I do definitely like it better than obsession with wealth, technology and sex. And I love how clean, pure and drug-free he is. He's a good ole sweet boy, in church with his family on Sunday Mornings and everything. Gotta love that haha ^_^

If I was meant to be his, I'm sure I'd be content with all that, as he really is a good guy with a great attitude and a wonderful zest for life. But I have a creative spark of fire in my soul and a moral jolt of cosmic purpose in my spirit, with a burning need to see every great part of the world, that I can't just sit back and just zone out all day, every day, without eventually feeling empty, restless and frustrated inside.

I feel that same need for altruistic passion in my man, which is why he probably didn't understand why I wasn't as obsessed with him as most girls are. Because most girls are shallow. Just being cute, tall, big-schlonged and rich is usually more than enough for most chicks. But nooooo, I got to be all deep and serious and need a hero and passionate humanitarian leadership from my man, of course lol ^_^

So he and I are still tight friends, mostly on email and text, and we validate each other's purity and goodness which is beautiful. But I need a humanitarian minded man who loves to travel, and he needs a simple-minded girl who loves surf culture lol ^_^

So, in essence:

My 2013 Good Boy (a hard 10) treated me like his pursued playmate,
My 2013 Lover Boy (a hard 7) treated me like his pleasured passion,
My 2012 Bad Boy (a hard 8) treated me like his protected princess, and
My 2011 Lost Boy (a soft 5) treated me like a damn stray cat,

Which was just frigging pathetic.

Hence, out of the 4 gentlemen that I've become romantically acquainted with over the past few years, my favorite 2 experiences were with (1) My bad boy, the funny super villain, who, while predatory and obsessive, was still very protective over me, and a lot of fun and laughs to be with, and (2) My good boy, the fun action hero, who, while simple and inexperienced, was still very strong, fun, aggressive, nurturing, fearless, dominating, and a joy to be around.

I don't really care one way or the other about the 3rd guy. He was romantic, which I definitely liked, but he played too many head trip games with me and he was too calculated, vengeful and manipulative, like a woman. I don't like guys who act like women. Feminine, catty men really turn me off sexually. I'm really only turned on and attracted to very masculine men. I'm a confident alpha female, so naturally, I really *LOVE* confident alpha males! They seem to be the only men who know just how to handle me ;)

But this guy was so talented and sooo romantic and good at courting me with creative dates, love songs and back massages. I couldn't resist his romantic nature. He also had a lot of social intelligence, which I liked. But he was just too much of a meaningless maze to sort through. Dating him was like being trapped in a pointless suspense thriller murder mystery. Yes, it was engaging, interesting and curiosity provoking, even intoxicating and tempting at times, but... it was also so pointlessly exhausting, maddeningly unproductive and a negative waste of energy lol ^_^

Also not my style... So... yeah, he was interesting, but... not for me.

My 1st boyfriend was my least favorite of all. I hate saying this cause I think I sound heartless, but I really hate sick babies lol. I didn't know that or that he was one, until my 1st boyfriend experience ended, when I learned that I truly do hate sick babies. I hate zombies. I hate lost boys. Well not hate, so much as just hate being in any type of romance with. I hate being in a relationship or being mistreated in a relationship by these types. They just piss me off and I know I should just feel bad for him and as a Christian just be like "He's a sick baby, so forgive him, for he knows not what he does"...

But f*** it!

I'm human, I'm allowed to have feelings and passionate dislikes and express my own angst, especially if its my very 1st experience with relationships. And he ruined my 1st kiss! ABSOLUTELY *RUINED* IT!!! Not only was it everything I told him I *didn't* want, and *NOTHING* that I told him I *did* want, but it also sucked so bad. Seriously, he was the worst kisser on the planet! I couldnt f***ing believe it! He had all this "experience" over me, and yet *I* was the one having to teach him basic sh** like how to f***ing kiss! It was sooooo annoying! He was just too broken, empty, sick and dumb for me. I'm sorry lol.

Not my baggage, not my problem.

The interesting thing is that none of the guys I've exclusively dated so far are the type of guy I really see myself falling in love with, marrying and having kids with. I see myself falling in love with and marrying an altruistic humanitarian leader type of guy who spends a lot of his time helping others in some way. I don't care what race he is, though I'm a sucker for cute, beautiful, hot biracial / mixed guys lol ^_^


I could see myself with a youth minister, a social activist, a community mentor, a civil servant, a motivational speaker, a doctor, a healer, a philanthropist, a (sensitive, non-fanatical) missionary, a people-rescuer of some kind, I dunno, but that's the kind of guy I admire (real-life superheroes) and that's the kind of guy I see myself giving my virginity to and spending my life with and sharing and giving my all to, raising kids with and building a powerful legacy that will be remembered with.

I have yet to (knowingly) meet this kind of guy. It's the heroic humanitarian leadership character that I'm looking for. Not how much money he has or how good his sex is. I want to be with a hero. Period. We can work on the rest later. I can compromise on most things, but I can't compromise on strength, protectiveness and a heroic nature. I need those things in order to admire somebody, trust them, fall in love with them, submit to them and commit to them. I don't submit to guys who aren't strong, protective or heroic. I don't even know how. But I can easily submit to a strong, heroic protector. Easily.

Still searching for him tho lol... ;)

Ironically, neither one of my 2 favorite guys had the altruistic humanitarian leadership strength that I admire. The surfer jock good boy came close in terms of moral strength, especially since he's a clean, drug-free virgin like me, waiting for marriage too, so we admired each other's purity and goodness. And we have fun. Especially at the beach. He's a great surfer!

The money hunter bad boy had a lot of protective strength, especially since he would always school me on dangers around me and teach me how to read people the way he did, even though he was sort of a pathologically lying con artist who used his superpowers of perception to con powerful rich men out of their money and he even made me think he was born into his father's wealth when nothing he told me of his background (when we first met) turned out to be true, and weird crazy sh** became the norm in our relationship.

So I had to let him go, despite how intelligently and aggressively protective he was over me. His obsessive nature and flamboyant lying began to scare me, and I'm one of those rare gifted youthful princesses, in that, despite all the youthfully gifted powers I possess, and despite all the wealthy options or opportunities I have, or can have, or will eventually have, at my disposal, I will still stick around for a while, and stand by your side, with great Capricornian-like endurance, like a loyal little cuddle puppy, or a "ride or die chick" haha, through thick and thin, no matter how bad things get--

But as soon as you either:

(1) Give me a profoundly offensive ultimatum,
(2) Try to sabotage, betray, rob, or lie on me or
(3) Scare the living sh** out of me--

I'm out that door so fast, you can't even see me, baby I'm just gone, as in "Gone With The Wind Fabulous" GONE lol ^_^ If you make me choose between you and God, or my values, I'm gone. If you steal from me, try to ruin me, cheat on me, slander me, abuse me, or in any other way spectacularly disrespect me, I'm gone. If you freak me the hell out, I'm SUPER gone haha ^_^ And my 2012 guy freaked me the f*** out. I seriously started to question just how sane he was. And just how safe I was. And when my safety appears to be in jeopardy, or my values are clearly put on the chopping block, or my trust has been violated, I'm out the door. No questions asked. It's just over.

And that's what happened.

Do I miss him? Yes. I do. But do I miss his insanity or dishonesty? NO. Absolutely not. I mean, I'm not gonna lie. I like a lot of passionate Edward/Jacob obsession in my man. I can match it. We'll be mutually, passionately obsessed with each other. It'll be a crazy, hot love affair-- but with actual substance and powerful purpose. However... when it gets to the point of scary, and the scary party holds all the chips in their hand, that's when it's time to bounce.

So I bounced.

I still chill with my Good Boy Ex, on occasion. As friends. He's the only one I feel I had a truly healthy relationship with, all along. Since the guy before him treated me like a conquest, and the guy before that treated me like an obsession, and the guy before that treated me like a damn stray cat, like we weren't even *in* a relationship.

More like a stray-cat-tionship.

Put food out to feed me, pat me on the head, send me on my way, call that a relationship and slam the door in my face as soon as I *don't* pretend that's cool. Get mad at me just for wanting his time. Yeah, that kind of profound disconnectedness frightens me more than any obsession in the world. Such a cold, callous, detached lack of emotional intimacy-- That's like not having a relationship at all.

Just calling a stray cat arrangement "a relationship" does not a relationship make.

Any who, as I was saying, I feel the healthiest vibes and greatest inner strength from my Good Boy Ex. It takes strength to be good and clean in a world so bad and dirty. And it takes inner emotional health to have a healthy relationship with someone. I'm actually relieved to have found my Surfer Jock buddy. He shows me that healthy men and healthy relationships do exist.

Good girls like me don't have to settle for ill-willed, sexy devils, like The Toxic Lover I dated this past Winter, or fraudulent, funny psychos, like The Hilarious Supervillain I dated in 2012, or dead, empty idiots, like The Tragic Zombie I dated in 2011. Healthy, happy, honorable, good, strong men, like The Fun Action Hero, do exist!

Now I just have to find one who wants to travel and save the world lol ^_^

:::::::::::::::::::: MY FRIENDSHIP HISTORY ::::::::::::::::::::

OK, let me be frank. I pick up friends like stray cats lol ^_^ I didn't go to regular school, I don't come from a big family, I never even had a tribe to align myself with, and the church I grew up in was made up of mostly old people. So since almost all of my acquaintances are all from my adulthood, and my life changes like the wind, from one job to another, from one church to another, from one event to another, with no stable network to plug myself into, I just pick up all my friends like stray cats. From everywhere and anywhere, both online and offline haha ^_^ Yes, that means I've met a lot of crazy people (though almost none of the crazy people I've met were from online, ironically lol).

I do have 2 childhood bffs that I barely ever see. One (from my neighborhood childhood) is Asian and looks sort of like a Hawaiian princess, but she has a mental illness, so she lives in Alabama with her ex now, and she kind of sleeps with whoever tells her they love her, because she's kind of desperate for the love that her dad never gave her, and her mom was the same way, because she too has paranoid schizophrenia, and promiscuity is a symptom of the illness. So she's kind of in a tragic situation right now, that I can't do anything about, and it breaks my heart just thinking about it.

My other bff (from my private school childhood) is White and looks sort of like a red-headed viking, but she works 24/7 far away, is getting married soon and is kind of antisocial because she was molested by her dad when she was a kid while her mother had undiagnosed schizophrenia and now I can't bring any of my male friends or boyfriends around her without her wanting to do something sexual with them, even while she's in a relationship with somebody else, creating infidelity with her mate.

I'm not sure if it's just a coincidence that both my childhood bffs have unloving fathers and mothers with schizophrenia, as my dad loved me and my mom has no mental illness, and neither do I. So I'm not sure what's in my energy that attracts this pattern in women friends, but I'm loyal to them, and I'm always there when they call me for the hard times.

When it comes to male friends, the ones who usually cling to me the most are the ones with strong mother figures and no father figures, or gay guys, and guys with femininity issues lol. However, the guys who usually pursue me romantically who I'm actually attracted most to and turned on most by are guys with good, strong, positive father figures. Guys who grew up with no stable parental figures seem to gravitate towards me also, but I don't usually end up liking them very much, in the end...

So I guess, with males, I get a long best with guys who had fantastic father figures, then 2nd best with guys who had strong mother figures, then 3rd best with guys who had no real parental figures.

With females, I seem to attract women who had flaky or unreliable mothers in their childhood, or who had dads who didn't show them the love and safety they needed to feel coming up. But I can get along with any woman who doesn't stab me in the back... Which I guess defeats the overwhelming nature of most women, sadly lol ^_^

Lucky for me, I make new friends every day, but the only ones I include in my profile are the ones that have been around for decades, and who have proven themselves trustworthy in some fundamental capacity, because they're family to me, and I only take family seriously. Anyone will call themselves your friend. Doesn't mean they are though. Time will tell how much of a reliable, trustworthy friend they really are to you. So in terms of family friends, only 2 of my thousands of acquaintances are actually what I would truly, confidently call my "friend".

Everyone else is just transient.

In another 5-10 years, maybe I'll be able to give you a new, updated list of family friends, starring more peeps who proved themselves reliable and trustworthy through-out the years lol ^_^
What I’m doing with my life
::::::::::::::::::::::::: MY CAREER TALENT :::::::::::::::::::::::::

I'm a published writer, singer, director, editor, producer, promoter and philanthropist, steadily working towards major film studio and TV station ownership. Subscribe to my YouTube channel here:

My purpose is to produce and promote popular, commercial, mainstream films, music, books, plays, TV shows, video games and other forms of mainstream media, with positive, inspirational messages, that promote better, truer images of women, youth, minorities and believers of diverse faiths. Like my personal page here:


3 Monthly Christi Luv Vodcast Comedy Video Web Shows
:::::::::::::::::::::::: (Launches Summer 2013) ::::::::::::::::::::::::

2 Weekly Christi Luv Podcast SciFi-Fantasy Audio Web Novels
::::::::::::::::::::::::: (Launches Fall 2013) :::::::::::::::::::::::::

1 Annual Christi Luv Live Entertainment Community Event ::::::::::::::::::::::::: (Launches Winter 2013) :::::::::::::::::::::::::

+ Occasional Christi Luv Vodcast Music Video Web Songs
::::::::::::::::::::::::: (Launches Spring 2014) :::::::::::::::::::::::::

& Seasonal Christi Luv Photcast Fashion Web Slide Shows
::::::::::::::::::::::::: (Ongoing Every Season) :::::::::::::::::::::::::


I founded The iWakeUp! Campaign in August of 2012, for the purpose of promoting media awareness, protesting abusive media, and producing better media, in order to "REDUCE THE ABUSE" of POWER in our society's mainstream media, and stop the media's habit of encouraging people to have negative images of themselves, and of other, entire, vulnerable demographics of people, because "perception is reality", and we are all here to make our reality better. Like The iWakeUp! Campaign page here:

My budding, new company, Epic Media Productions, is the umbrella company for various positive entertainment and multi-media-related organizations and projects, specializing in anything related to film, music, books, theater and the world wide web. EMP has teamed up with, and, and other organizations, to lead The "iWakeUp!" Campaign toward the goal of recruiting 1,000,000 campaigners for the cause. Like the Epic Media Productions page here:

"Party-4-A-Cause" is EMP's Non-Profit Organization, specializing in throwing media, arts, and entertainment-related fundraiser events for various charities. Check out our website @

"The Upscale Social Club" is EMP's Personal and Professional Networking Group, focused on connecting media, arts, entertainment and business professionals and philanthropists together via positive media and entertainment-related charitable events and activities. Check out our website @

"TP and Christi Luv" is EMP's Senior Creation and Development Team dedicated to producing fun, commercial, mainstream, original, inspirational and uniquely diverse film, music, book, theater and web projects. "BridgeGap Images" is EMP's film studio and production company. "Legacy Records" is EMP's music label and production company. TV, book, game, web and other media, arts and entertainment related companies will be listed later, along with EMP's official umbrella website. Sites are under construction.

RCC is my Community Networking Club that I founded in November 2008. It's purpose is to give our community diverse networking opportunities that will lead them to social, spiritual, political, philanthropic and career advancement. Like the Rich Connections Club page here:

Daily Businesses USA is my family-founded community odd jobs service that we are working towards turning into a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving special help to military families, veterans, and financially struggling members of our community:

And while I'm not a social liberal, I still support my president! Like The Obama Page I created here: and join The Obama Groups I created here: and here: and for all my church folk, you can also join us in The Church Blogs group that I created here:

::::::::::::::::::::::::: MY DOMESTIC SKILLS :::::::::::::::::::::::::

I've recently learned how to cook extremely well lol. I use to only know how to cook good breakfasts and lunch, but this year I taught myself how to cook dinner (from scratch) and everyone I feed to test out my skills is pretty head-over-heels in love with my food lol ^_^ I guess it's cause I use so much of everything, and I always pick the right seasonings to use to flavor it up. I guess that's where being an artist helps me for a practical purpose other than just self-expression and humanitarian leadership haha ^_^

::::::::::::::::::::::::: MY RACIAL HERITAGE :::::::::::::::::::::::::

My race is made up of Black, White and Indian. I always say, "My dad was dark, my mom is light, and together they made me" and it's true lol. ^_^ I have Seminole, Cherokee and other Indian in my heritage. One of my Great Grandmothers, on my mom's side, was raped by a German man. That's where I get the White heritage from. No idea what tribe(s) from Africa my Black heritage comes from. I'll have to call up Oprah to help me find that out lol. [=P

Racially, my whole life, I've felt like the funny, cute mixed race South African comedian Trevor Noah: - Because, in Florida, you either fit in with the pale Whites, the dark Blacks, or the mixed Hispanics. You can't be anything else. Not even Asian or Indian. So of course, whenever anybody sees me, they think I'm Hispanic, because, like Hispanics, I'm made up of Black, White and Indian heritage. Therefore I look more mixed than most Florida natives.

Hence, Hispanics will immediately come up to me, speaking to me in Spanish and get mad at me "for not speaking my native language" lol. Which is funny, since my "native language" is American English haha ^_^ Anything more native than that goes all the way back to Africa and I have no idea where that is lol.

But unlike most people, I've never had a tribe, or known my tribe in Florida. I've always been a racial odd duck, because in private school, Whites treated me like "the dark one". In church, Blacks treated me like "the light one". In the neighborhood, Hispanics iced me as soon as they figured out that I wasn't Hispanic, which they probably would never have known had I spoken the language lol ^_^ But I'm use to being tribeless.

Even my class is hard to find in Florida cause so many people just have no class, either because their families never taught them any or because they just caved to the peer pressure of the ignorant perverts in their social lives, and traded their precious crowns for the hollow acceptance of shallow losers. But yeah, in Florida, my racial identity is like that of an alien amidst natives. I identify best with biracial people and mixed kids more than anyone, even though I'm very proud to be of great African American descent.

::::::::::::::::::::::::: MY FAMILY LEGACY :::::::::::::::::::::::::

My Great Grandpa, William Warley, was a civil rights lawyer and newspaper owner, who fought for African Americans' right to vote and wrote about African Americans' contributions to history. He was editor of the Louisville News, which he founded in 1913, using the paper to speak out against segregated street cars and school inequality, and was also president of the NAACP Louisville, KY, Chapter in 1917 when he and Charles H. Buchanan challenged the legitimacy of the Louisville ordinance that mandated segregated housing. He won the U.S. Supreme Court decision giving African Americans the right to acquire, own, and live on property without race discrimination.

So my family won the Buchanan vs Warley U.S. Supreme Court case victory for the 14th Amendment in America back in 1917: - Buchanan v. Warley, 245 U.S. 60 (1917), was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court addressed civil government instituted racial segregation in residential areas. The Court held that a Louisville, Kentucky, city ordinance prohibiting the sale of real property to African Americans violated the Fourteenth Amendment, which protected freedom of contract, reversing the ruling of the Kentucky Court of Appeals. Unlike prior state court rulings that had overturned racial zoning ordinances on takings clause grounds due to those ordinances' failures to grandfather land owned prior to enactment, the Court in Buchanan ruled that the motive for the Louisville ordinance, race, was an insufficient purpose to make the prohibition constitutional.

Google my Great Grandpappy:,or.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=82fdc25a886fd9a7&biw=1077&bih=476

My grandpa was an honorable military veteran who lost his left hand to a bomb on the battlefield in World War 2.

My grandma is 95 years old, and she use to be an English teacher. William Warley was her father.

My dad was a ridiculously talented guitarist and leader of a popular New York City band, but he died when I was 10, of an illness.

My mom, Trudy Perkins (grand-daughter of William Warley), also led her own band, and had her own album released in Europe, lived in Spain, toured and signed autographs in all 5 continents, and danced, acted and sang 'White Boys' with Nel Carter and Charlane Woodard in the cult classic Broadway musical movie 'HAIR', birthplace of the song 'Aquarius'. She's the tall light one with the fluffy fro lol XD or just google it n watch her in action on youtube haha :P --> <-- She also wrote, directed and produced the PBS aired Black History documentary, "Did You Know? Well You Should!", highlighting some of the most important and unpublicized contributions of Black inventors, Black doctors, Black scientists, Black philosophers and even Black cowboys, to both America and the world, vital education that is routinely left out of the public (and most private) school history curriculum.

:::::::::::::::::::: MY CHILDHOOD UPBRINGING ::::::::::::::::::::

I'm an only child from a small family. No siblings. My extended relatives are scattered all over the country, in New York, California, Virginia, Georgia and beyond. None in Florida. I grew up with my mom and grandparents in a spiritually strong, financially secure, morally intelligent, artistically creative, well educated house of love, hugs, laughter, dogs, stuffed toys, birthday party pony rides, swimming, gymnastics and ballet lessons, charm school classes, vacation travel to other states and islands, church choir practice, church camp talent shows, private school musicals, neighborhood waterfights, NSync, The Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, window sills lined with award trophies in my bedroom, and the list goes on.

I come from a good home.

My dad's death was tragic and all the men in our family have died earlier than they should have, most all due to health. And whenever I miss my dad or need my dad, I watch my favorite movie, Frequency, and I feel like he's there. But other than the sadness of lost loved ones and good men dying before their time, leaving behind grieving widows and fatherless daughters, my childhood was great. It was not traumatic or dysfunctional, other than my dad's death at age 10 and my grandpa's death at age 15, from smoking. I grew up wholesome and pure, confident, smart, happy and strong, with goals of saving the world through all my various media and creative entertainment talents lol.

That was my upbringing.

I want a man with this type of upbringing. My 1st boyfriend came from a messed up childhood, back in 2011, and he was an emotionally detached headcase who had no idea how to love or even communicate, let alone connect or give from his heart (he only gave from his wallet and body-- but that's not an emotional connection or a meaningful relationship-- that's just superficial indulgence). Then he trashed me like a schizo.

Never doing THAT again!

Ever since that traumatic experience, I only date guys from good homes. They're the only ones I like, trust, admire and get along GREAT with. They're also the only kind of men who really treat me right (cause they were raised-- SOMEbody taught them how to be men) and they don't put me through a lot of trippy drama lol. Which I *LOVE* haha ^_^ Drama stresses me out. Romantically, I like emotionally healthy men because they have the least drama.

So if you had a bad or dysfunctional childhood, we can be friends, sure, but at this point in my life, I'm only *romantically* interested in dating guys from healthy homes and happy childhoods, like mine, because I already caught all the sh** I could take from my schizo ex's psychological damage and childhood baggage-- and I learn from my mistakes.

By not making them again. :)
I’m really good at
Writing, singing, selling, leading and creating new ideas...
The first things people usually notice about me
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
:::::::::::::::::::: BOOKS ::::::::::::::::::::
Science Fiction, Spooky, Supernatural, Spiritual, Psychological, Astrology, Philosophical, Creative Writing, Business, Film

:::::::::::::::::::: MOVIES ::::::::::::::::::::
Frequency, The Princess Bride, Harry Potter, and anything Sci-Fi, Action Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Supernatural or Spooky

:::::::::::::::::::: TV ::::::::::::::::::::
Anything funny, eerie, fun or excitingly enlightening.

:::::::::::::::::::: MUSIC ::::::::::::::::::::
Michael Jackson, Toby Mac, OLD SCHOOL Linken Park, Earth Wind and Fire, Group 1 Crew, Unlocking The Truth, Whitney Houston, Lecrae, I still like *NSync lol, and anything Cinematic, World, Dance, Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Holy Hip-Hop, Classical, Contemporary Christian Music, 90's Pop ;)

:::::::::::::::::::: FOOD ::::::::::::::::::::
Italian, Asian and American
The six things I could never do without
:::::::::::::::::::: 6. Tangible Resources ::::::::::::::::::::
:::::::::::::::::::: 5. Intelligence ::::::::::::::::::::
:::::::::::::::::::: 4. Health ::::::::::::::::::::
:::::::::::::::::::: 3. Freedom ::::::::::::::::::::
:::::::::::::::::::: 2. Loved Ones ::::::::::::::::::::
:::::::::::::::::::: 1. God = Love = Life ::::::::::::::::::::
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The future and the universe. I explore philosophies, imagine new ideas, contemplate the universe, connect patterns I see in the world, study society and social sciences, analyze intelligence and the various elements and modes of being.

I was always good at school, on the honor roll, 4.0 GPA, junior class president, high IQ, awards and yata yata yata... but I never really had a passion for school. Even when I was homeschooled. I never liked the structure and limitations of school. School, especially school institutions, never allow youth the basic tools of freedom they need to truly expand their horizons and think bigger. Most schools do the exact opposite and train kids to think smaller, conform, fit into a small box, answer to "the man", which is usually a faceless, cold corporation just getting rich off the talent, creativity, hard work or suffrage of others with less power or less status, and change or improve nothing in this world.

Just "get by".

Like that's a purpose in life or a progress of life. I don't agree with that at all and I fight it with a passion. Society will die if we don't grow, culturally unite and think outside the box. Cause the greedy narcissists running everything won't change, so it's up to the enlightened few to stand up and make a difference. It only takes a few to start a title wave of revolution...

In terms of how I learn new things, I expand my horizons through new book reading, NPR radio listening, docu TV watching, research net surfing and purposeful life living. I also explore my own instincts and connect dots that teach me something new.

Like when it comes to intelligence. I hear people make a big deal of Mental IQs (Abstract Intelligence, like Logical Power and Analytical Strength) is the best or only form of Intelligence and like that's the only goal or concern of need to focus on with regard to improving society and progressing humanity, when that's not true at all.

Hitler was a very logically-- and socially-- smart man. But he had no moral intelligence (evolved consciousness) or natural intelligence (creative soul). So how smart was he, really? Not very. Serial killers often have very high mental IQs, but socially or emotionally, spiritually, and morally, they're dumb as f*** lol ^_^ They can analyze dots very well, but when it comes to connecting them = FAIL. Uniting them = FAIL. Creating them = FAIL. Protecting them = FAIL.

So they analyze the dots well, which is one form of intelligence... but when they fail to (1) Create the dots, (2) Protect the dots, (3) Connect the dots and (4) Unite the dots for a positive / evolved purpose, they are proving just how utterly stupid, weak and underdeveloped they are in the world of intelligence. They basically fail on every level of intelligence except for the most obvious one, which is purely analytical.

But that's just one of at least 5 types of intelligence. And it's not the most important one either. The most important one is (IMO) moral intelligence (purpose of soul). OR (IMO) natural intelligence (creation of soul). Cause you got to have a soul to do anything with at all.

Those who create life (the conception of the soul) and those who lead life in a positive humanitarian direction (the fulfillment of the soul) are the most intelligent members of our society, IMO. I admire them the most. Second or third to them, are those of survival intelligence (protection of soul). Those who protect life have a very basic, primal, fundamental intelligence that you can't live or survive without. I mean, being able to count is very important, but being able to *breathe* is undoubtedly *more* important lol ^_^

EXAMPLE: My ex was great at sharing technological knowledge and abstract theory with me, which I appreciated, but he was so painfully awful at defending me, protecting me, looking out for me and just holding on to me that I was completely miserable. And there was *NO* romance at *ALL*. He was also a rigid conformist with no imagination or original thought. He had the creative intelligence of a rotting corpse.

OMG and he had *no* moral intelligence whatsoever. Every fiber of basic moral IQ that I ever exemplified to him, he acted like it was a completely foreign concept. So he was super smart mentally, but a complete dumbass in literally every other way, especially where our relationship was concerned. I mean, he was a survivalist for himself. He had great practical intelligence as an individual, protecting *himself*, but in the context of a relationship with someone else? = FAIL.

And I sum all that up as *STUPID*.

So when people act like analytical intelligence is the only or best or most important form of intelligence, I kind of put them in a pile. The common pile of typical people who don't really have a full understanding of intelligence. Cause personally, I have found that analytical intelligence is maybe the 3rd or 4th most important form of intelligence in life, at best. Creative intelligence and protective intelligence come first. Social intelligence and moral intelligence come last. Logical intelligence is sandwiched in the middle lol.

I will say I was delighted by an entertaining question OKC asked me about who I thought was smarter out of these 4 choices:


I answered with this:

This is obviously just a moderately disguised values question lol-- NOT an intelligence question. Cause these are all completely different types of very high intelligence. Which one you choose simply depends on your taste or your leaning or your curiosity or what you admire most, but they are all pretty equal in importance.

You have the massive external/analytical abstract progressive logical intelligence of the High Mental IQ in Einstein.

You have the massive internal/instinctive artistic creative natural intelligence of the High Spiritual IQ in Mozart (Shakespeare is debatable-- didn't he steal his ideas from one of his servants or something?)

And you have the massive external-internal/analytical-instinctive altruistic humanitarian moral intelligence of the High Universal IQ in Jesus. So high that he even had the most powerful connection with The Divine (so I believe).

I mean... Dang... That's a lot of powerful smartness right therrrr lol ^_^ Though I find it interesting that all three of those forms of intelligence are all masculine choices.

The Mental IQ of the mind is the forward-looking masculine energy of air (networks) and the future of life. The Spiritual IQ of the soul is the upward-looking (and most) masculine energy of fire (ideas) and the heights of life.

The Universal IQ of the world is the everywhere-looking masculine element of space (everything) and the totality of life, which can be easily debated as half masculine and half feminine energy, as it is the extremes of all and nothing.

But there is no mention of the massive adaptive protective survival intelligence of the High Physical IQ of the body, which is the backward-looking feminine energy of earth (things) and the past of life, or the massive psychological perceptive social intelligence of the High Emotional IQ of the heart, which is the downward-looking (and most) feminine energy of water (people) and the depths of life...

But that's OK. Most people only recognize the masculine forms of intelligence because they themselves lack feminine intelligence or the totality of true intelligence understanding.

So I forgive you lol :P

Thus, based on the options you've given me, OKC, I determine my view of greatest smarts this way:

FIRE - The Spiritual IQ allows us to CREATE the dots of life.
EARTH - The Physical IQ allows us to PROTECT those dots of life.
AIR - The Mental IQ allows us to ANALYZE those dots of life.
WATER - The Emotional IQ allows us to CONNECT those dots of life.
SPACE - The Universal IQ allows us to EMPOWER and UNITE *ALL* the dots of life-- with PURPOSE and MEANING.

So since Fire (Spiritual IQ), Earth (Physical IQ), Air (Mental IQ), and Water (Emotional IQ) are all on the same level, and since Space (Universal IQ) is the only form of intelligence that is higher than the others (because it is the accumulation of all intelligence put together with leadership and greatness), high enough to connect and unite and give purpose to all the other forms of intelligence, and it's the most balanced with both masculine AND feminine energy (not just one or the other), I will of course choose the only odd duck in the mix, because Universal IQ is greater than all other IQs, as it is the totality of all IQs united together and empowered with a purpose that connects us all to each other and gives life (and thus smartness and intelligence) it's meaning at all.

Or to put it simply: Jesus wins lol ^_^

And that's why I value Moral Intelligence above all forms. I think a lot about things like this lol ^_^
On a typical Friday night I am
Either working, sleeping, eating, playing or watching a movie :)

I would say a good first date would be dinner (so there's no hunger) and a movie (so we have something in common to talk about that takes the pressure off the situation in the event that you're really boring or I'm really nervous or we just simply don't have enough of anything in common lol) ^_^

When time permits, I like to go to the standup comedy or live music at the Why Not Lounge in Altamonte Springs, or the movies at the Altamonte Mall AMC 18, or Jazz Jams Concert at Cranes Roost Lake Park, or Game Night (billiards / fusball / air hockey / card games), or go to the beach or a nearby pool.

One question I would ask before you message me is this: What are you looking for? Friendship? Romance? Sex? Career Connections? Basic Human Connection lol? Whats driving your interest?

Because I'm looking for more friends and eventually a quality long term relationship with the right person that could lead to life partnership. I'm not here for FWB or F-Buddies or any such nonsense like that. And I'm always looking for basic human connection. If that sounds like you-- hit me up! Lets connect! :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
How is something private if you publicize it lol? I have no secrets haha. Unless you consider my being a virgin until marriage a secret, which I don't. Ask away if you want any way though lol ^_^

Other than that, I really identify with this quote:

"You weren't curious about me. You never were. You just had this image of who I was and anything I did that contradicted it you just ignored... (Or demonized me for) All I wanted from you was to care about me... (but) The only person who you wanted to be in the relationship was you." Quote from The Movie Ruby Sparks AKA Exactly How My 2011 Ex treated me & why I was so miserable with him... Not much of a secret... but the truth...

Another secret? I can be impatient, argumentative, and judgmental, which are flaws that I'm working on, but I don't fault people for failing. I fault people for giving up. We all are flawed and make mistakes. But as long as you keep trying to succeed, stick around and try your best to make things right, that's what makes you a hero. It's not so much the screwing up that I hate, so much as it is the running away like a childish coward that I hate. Wallowing in failure is the problem. Not the failure itself. Cause sometimes just trying to do the right thing and refusing to stop trying to do the right thing is what makes you a winner with moral intelligence. It's the valiant effort, the endurance of strength, and the sincerity of your heart that counts.

Another secret? I'm a sympathetic crier. When I see somebody else cry or tearfully express pain, it almost always makes me cry... :,(

Another secret? I totally support "Dexter Morgan" lol ^_^ and I hope somebody rapes George Zimmerman in the ass repeatedly in prison. :)
You should message me if
You're a good person :)

I just want to continue meeting good, honest people who were raised right, have sense, talk intelligently, and don't behave as if they were raised by wolves or act like they have never been anywhere.

I admit I'm a sucker for 3 very distinct types of guys:


If you make me feel protected, make me laugh and make me swoon or feel connected and loved, yeah, you win lol ^_^ My turn ons are very clear, up front and obvious.

*Be Protective
*Be Funny
*Be Sentimental

That's the trifecta right therrrr lol ^_^

+Defend Me
+Humor Me
+Cherish Me

I think I communicate very well and so clearly I practically draw up a blueprint to my heart. Most girls are moody and complicated and hard to understand. I paint a whole frigging picture for you and spell it out in no uncertain terms haha ^_^ I personally think that's refreshing because it makes your job so much easier. Less fog. More clarity. I know what I want and it's not ridiculous or shallow. It's meaningful and reasonable lol ^_^

I like to be rescued.
I like to play.
I like to connect.

So as long as you have any of the following:

A) A Heroic Nature (Moral Intelligence)
B) A Humorous Nature (Creative Intelligence)
C) A Romantic Nature (Social Intelligence)

We're gonna get a long reeeeeally well lol ^_^ BUT YOU SHOULD TOTALLY *HARASS* ME IF YOUR PERSONALITY TYPE IS ENFJ, ENFP, ESFJ, INFJ OR INFP, even though everyone knows that any personality type that starts with the letter *I* would never be caught dead harassing ANYONE haha ^_^

I say all this, because my personality type is FOR SURE "The Social Philosopher" type (ENFP). Yes, I am most certainly "The Advocate", "The Visionary", "The Inspirer", "The Idealist" and "The Champion" ENFP Girl hahaha :D I've also noticed that I can often be like the introverted version of ENFP too, which is INFP - "The Dreamer", "The Visionary", "The Idealist", and "The Healer" - (, although I'm more often ENFP. I think I'm probably 60-75% ENFP, and 25-40% INFP. I know those are big percentage differences, but I'm not sure what degree INFP I am, so I just know I'm an INFP on my downtime, when Im by myself, or when I feel under stress or bummed out, and I'm an ENFP on my uptime, when I'm around groups of people, or when I feel stress-free and happy. Feel free to get to know my awesome, silly, idealistic personality any time you feel like it lol! Just google ENFP or check this out -->

According to most studies, only about 2-8% of the entire population is like me, including Will Smith (maybe that's why I like him so much lol?) and my best matches are supposedly INFJ, INFP, ENFJ, ENFP and ESFJ. They also say that I am well-suited for an INTJ but when I read their profiles, I was completely romantically and physically turned off by them lol. As friends, I can see liking them a lot, but not as lovers. There's nothing romantic/creative or spiritual/emotional or human-connected about them. I'm not physically turned on by that degree of cerebral detachment from feelings, intuition, humanity, spirituality or imagination. Though I really LOVED all the other types I was matched up with! Especially the 3 extroverted ones. Though I'm not sure how excited I'd be to be with someone just like me. Another ENFP? What would we learn from each other? How would we grow? What would glue us together, being that we're both a bit crazy, individualistic, and sometimes irresponsible? OK, OFTEN irresponsible (and disorganized) lol ^_^ Somebody has to tie us down a bit, right haha? ^_^

Below is some of what the studies said about me/us ENFPs. I copied and pasted it here simply because I 100% agree with it lol ^_^ You're welcome to look it over and do your homework on me before messaging me if you're interested in seeing how well we'd blend together in any relationship capacity, be it friendship or more. I'm an open book, baby haha! =D For ENFPs Like Me, "Love is mysterious, inspiring, and fun."

I Am Someone Who:

*Has a great interest in relationships, ideas, and discovering the meaning of life. YES!
*Is people-affirming. YES!
*Is outgoing. YES!
*Is charismatic. YES!
*Tends to start many things (including relationships) but may not finish them. YES!
*Loves to talk about what is going on in my life. YES!
*Will encourage my mate to grow. YES!
*Needs to feel encouragement. YES!
*Doesn't like to say it when my feelings are hurt. YES!
*Tends to withdraw to process hurt feelings in private. YES!
*Needs to hear how much I mean to someone. YES!
*Likes spontaneous demonstrations of love and respect. YES!
*Under stress: may have difficulty saying no and take on too many projects. YES!

How To Make Me Happy:

*Join me on fun, romantic dates such as salsa dancing or beach rendezvous with poetry and wine. YES!

*Stimulate my playful imagination: leave mysterious notes on my doorstep, dress up like historical characters, or ask me thought-provoking questions such as "what would we do if we were stranded on a desert island?". YES!

*Invite others to join the fun--ENFPs like me love to be around other people and will enjoy your company even more when you create a lively social environment. YES!

*Keep up with my agile conversation as I enthusiastically switch from one intriguing topic to another. YES!

Best types for a relationship: INFJ, INFP, ENFJ, ENFP, ESFJ
Possible types for a relationship: ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ, INTP,ESFP, ISFP
Least likely types for a relationship: ISTJ, ESTJ, ISTP, ESTP, ISFJ

Percentage of the US population: 6-8%


(if you're an ISFJ)

--> The Unfixable Problem with my 1st relationship is that my ex was a definite ISFJ. Well, he never took any tests saying that, but when I read all the personality types, thats the only one he was just like. I've come to the conclusion, that in romantic relationships, I simply HATE ISFJ men lol. And ISFJ men have NO clue how to handle ENFP women. NONE. They are in a whole new universe when dealing with us, and they just don't have the power, instincts or expertise to understand us or appreciate in us what they don't understand or can't relate to-- and they annoy the crap out of us. <--

To all my fellow ENFP ladies out there, unless you were childhood sweethearts or raised together in the same home town and lifestyle, like childhood friends or something-- just give up now lol. It won't work, unless you have a LOT of HUGE and major things in common that BIND you together without question. But if you don't have those things in common (ie, home life, childhood, school, church, job, whatever you very closely identify with)-- you will just frustrate, annoy and hurt each other's feelings-- and though you probably won't do it on purpose, cause you're an ENFP and ENFP's almost never think like that, eventually, with all his retarded, annoying, frustrating, moody, non-communicative, hyper sensitive, rigid, negatively deluded and foolishly pent-up resentments-- he will. And you will see an icy cold streak in your ISFJ man that you never thought existed, that you weren't even conscious of the possibility of, because you don't hide things from him, like your feelings and thoughts-- but he's hiding all kinds of jacked up thoughts and feelings from you.

So dudes, if you are NOTHING like that, if you are NOT an ISFJ, and if you are NOT a bad person, or someone who knowingly hurts innocent people, if you are NONE of those things-- Message Me! ^_^ I mean, if you're an ISFJ who just wants to be friends, thats cool. But I will NOT date you if you are an ISFJ. NEVER. Been there, done that, bought the mini skirt, it cut off my circulation so I took it back and bought a pretty, sparkly pink hat instead. No more skirts called ISFJ. Nooooo thank youuuuu. But I'm mainly only on here for friends any way, so its cool lol.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this haha! I'm a writer, so sometimes I don't know when to stop writing lol ^_^ I admire your attention span and focus if you got this far, cause I sure wouldn't have, unless I totally liked everything I was reading on someone's profile from beginning to end haha ;D

Oh and if you're female and want to be friends, that's cool too. I took off the invitation for women to message me cause the only women who messaged me were women who were interested in dating me, and I would rather not get messages like that from other women, for many reasons, including the fact that I'm only sexually attracted to men lol. Sorry, umm, thanks.