29Bolingbrook, United States
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My self-summary
Full disclosure:
Currently in an open relationship with a lovely bi woman. Yes, she knows I'm on here. Yes, you'll meet her before or when you meet me.
I promise, I'm not ""just"" looking for a threesome or a hookup. Would very much prefer long term romantic friendships and/or real relationships in a polyamory sense.
If open relationships/polyamory/couples aren't your thing, then no worries! I ask that if I message you, just tell me so and I'll leave you alone :-).

Here's a short bio that covers some important-ish things. Hopefully these can spark some conversations:

General career / life milestones:
● I have a Masters of Science degree in Software Engineering.
● Looking at schools for an MBA or PhD.
● I have a car, job, an amazing place to live, etc. etc.
● No kids at the moment. Maybe in the future, not right now.

Personality / hobbies / fun stuff:
● I'm tall enough that I regularly hit my head on things.
● I really enjoy cooking and have a full set of cast iron skillets that get regular use.
● I play video games from time to time, around an hour or two every couple weeks. This can range from arcade-style games like Defense Grid, RPGs like The Elder Scrolls series, Fallout, Witcher, System Shock, etc. and simulation games like Dwarf Fortress, and most other genres out there.
● I enjoy Sci-Fi and Fantasy TV shows and movies, everything from Star Trek/Wars to esoteric philosophical thrillers, to explosion-fest summer blockbusters. I'm currently power watching the various Marvel and DC superhero shows on Netflix, they're awesome.
● Love books. Have hundreds of them. Currently in process of building some bookshelves to hold all of them. From Sci-Fi to Fantasy, all the way to technical reference books that I use for work. That "bookstore" smell is quite intoxicating, don't you think?
● I like to play table-top games, which can include board games, and games similar to Dungeons and Dragons. My group of friends is pretty tight-knit, and we like to nerd out with a couple bottles of the finest ethanol based liquids we can stomach and figures painted with next to no exquisite detail about once or twice a month.
● I'm lucky to have an amazing older dog, with a goofy personality. She's my sweetheart who loves ear scratches.
● I got two puppies in late 2016. One is an older puppy born in early 2016, a shepard / lab mix. She's so freakin cute! I put a couple pictures of her in my photo album at the bottom. She's a total lap dog.
● And a brand new to the world puppy, born in Oct 2016 who's fur is so soft you won't even know what hit you... especially when she sticks a tooth in your nose while licking you!
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a software engineer working for a technology company in the customer engagement space. Most of my daily work activities involve computer networking protocols, low level CPU and memory optimizations, that kind of thing. Most recently, I was heavily involved in a Voice and Video phone-call style product.

In the past, I've helped build:
● Super low level, super high efficiency, networking stacks for embedded devices.
● Technology for use in hospitals that give patients more control over the entertainment choices in their rooms.
● Assistance technology for people experiencing problems living on their own. This can include people experiencing injuries, people who have had development issues, or people suffering age related issues.
● Diesel engine testing and EPA compliance software.
● Mobile phone games, and social networking applications.
● Factory floor quality assurance and job scheduling software.

I also am an active entrepreneur, and am currently involved in a few interesting projects:
● Converting old and/or manual metal mills into modern CNC machines for use in small manufacturing environments. By selling our refurbished machines for drastically less than a new machine would cost, we allow small businesses to save a lot of money.
● Distributed, and redundant, file storage for home consumers. This allows people to not lose all of their stuff just because a harddrive died.
● A device that allows photographers to quickly and easily transfer the data from a photo shoot from their camera to another drive, so that they can get back to taking photos.
● Real estate, house repairs, and rentals.

In my leisure time, not counting some of the stuff I wrote about in the above section:
● I find myself enjoying the process of creating fantasy worlds, similar in scope / history to what George RR Martin did with Game of Thrones. A lot of the time these worlds end up being used as the setting for either some kind of role playing game with friends, short stories, or potential locations for some kind of novel. What I find most interesting is starting with our universe, and then asking "What if I changed X?" and seeing how many self-consistent details I can manage to keep track of at the same time.
● Building wireless internet access for friends and family that live in areas that can't get internet easily. Surprisingly, this takes a lot of planning. Antennas, dishes, repeaters, power cables, data cables, etc.
● Refurbishing or modifying furniture that I pick up from antique stores.
● Enjoying a backyard bonfire with friends.
● The occasional summer camping trip -- Though it's been a while since my last one. Clearly I need some motivation for this!
● Walking my dogs around the local parks and/or going on day-trips to state parks to hike around.
● Board games. I basically can't win at Monopoly for the life of me, but it's still amusing to get soundly beaten while hanging out with my friends. I'm slightly better at Risk, though also normally lose.
I’m really good at
Being a frost giant.
This one could be a great conversation starter!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Did you know that 42, converted from Decimal to Binary, is 101010 ?

Generally speaking, LEDs on the front of a computer are told to turn on or off based on the voltage on the wire that connects the LED to the processor. So if you want on, give it a voltage of 1, off is 0.

A lot of computer folks call the blinky lights on computers / electronics "Blinken Lights". Blinken lights are told to blink by being fed a series of 1's and 0's to them, turning them on and off, which would look something like: 101010

The answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything is "Blinken Lights"
You should message me if
I'm looking for friends, both the male and female kind, but since this is a dating site, and my romantic proclivities tend toward women, I suppose it's fair to speak to the fairer sex.

I'm open to most anything, so if you think you and I could manage to have fun together, whether at a local concert or a backyard BBQ, or shooting virtual bullets at virtual badguys, or whatever else, then I welcome a message. Don't be shy :-)

I'd be tickled pink to meet women who who can get as fired up about things as I can, and who have their own projects and passions that I can admire or help with, in addition to being able and willing to jump into fun stuff that I have going on. But I'm not on the move every second of every day and regularly kick back on the couch to watch movies or sit out in the rain with the thunder and lightening having a drink or two and discussing space aliens, lasers, kittens, and porcupines.

If you've read this far into my profile, you'll think I'm at least somewhat interesting. Give me a hollar!
The two of us