28 Bolingbrook, United States
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My self-summary
Currently dating a bi woman who is very interested in open relationships.

One day:

I am going to build a spaceship that harvests asteroids.
I am going to own a multi-national real estate empire.
I am going to stand on Mars.
I am going to introduce products that revolutionize the way human society functions.
I am going to be in history books.

Well, I like to hope and dream for all that. I'm perfectly content to settle for just being the happiest I can be :-D.

Oh, and my name is Mike. Nice to meet you!

I just recently used to work full time at an engineering company in Columbus, Indiana as a transplant from Chicago and a 2010 graduate of a small Indiana engineering school for Software Engineering, and am taking classes to earn my Master's degree from the same. I've since moved back to the Chicago area to pursue my own businesses, and am temporally working as the lead software everything person at a company in the northern suburbs.

Until recently I used to miss my parents and brother quite a bit, but since Indiana can be a pretty nice place, and cell phones made it easy to stay in touch, it wasn't so bad. Now, however, I must say that we'll probably kill each other before too long... might be a good idea to catch me before I'm deceased :-P.

My close friends, my confidants, they aren't just close like family to me, they they are my brothers and sisters for life, and they help me stay driven, from a distance or from down the block.

My Myers-Briggs personality profile is INTP (Architect), so it's fair to call me a little introverted, and analytical. Like almost every single other person on the planet, I'm normally quiet when with new people, but after I get a good feel for your personality and interests I get quite a bit more lively. The INTP type is briefly described as: Introverted, preferring the company of close friends to the company of strangers of acquaintances. Intuitive, preferring to focus on big picture details, and trying to keep all future possibilities in mind instead of getting lost in the immediate details. Thinking, preferring objective measurements instead of personal preferences. Perception, preferring to keep options open instead of making an immediate decision.

I'm extremely difficult to anger, and am much more interested in learning what someone's reasons for doing something are than I am in any kind of revenge. I treat people the way I want to be treated.

Other hobbies include reading books (Fantasy, SciFi, Realistic Fiction, etc) watching videos (Netflix, Anime, movies, TV shows, all on Netflix), playing computer games (RPGs mostly, or single player first person shooters. Not a big fan of online stuff) or planning out my next "big idea" with my pals. These big ideas are the stuff that multi-national empires are born of... we hope, haha.

I've been tinkering with the idea of getting a puppy, maybe a lab/rot mix-breed. I've had them in the past and think they have amazing temperment and trainability. I've held off because raising a puppy in an appartment just isn't fair to the puppy.

As for music, I grew up on my dad's 80's, 90's, and early 2000's rock / alternative. I use Pandora.com extensively, and generally it plays a mix of old style rock, new style rock, and techno. I find that techno actually makes for really good background noise while programming.

That really doesn't do more than scratch the surface, feel free to ask me questions if you're curious!
What I’m doing with my life
On top of my day job writing software, and my part time contractor position managing other engineers, I own shares in 4 businesses, and participate in all four on a regular basis. No multi-million dollar profits yet, but for hobbies that I work on with my friends, I think we do pretty well for ourselves! :-)

I want to found a hackerspace. Put tools and experts into a building, invite the general public for a small fee, watch as people enact creation.

I want to earn a PhD in Software Engineering, because creating knowledge that has never existed before would be pretty dang sweet.

I want a house with a room made entirely of pillows. Just because. O_o. The trampoline floor is optional :-)

I fully plan to keep throwing ideas at as many walls as I can find until a few of them stick. Eventually I'm going to have to do something pretty impressive if I ever want to walk on Mars, right?
You should message me if
I'm looking for friends, both the male and female kind, but since this is a dating site I suppose it's fair to speak to the fairer sex.

I'm open to most anything, so if you think you and I could manage to have fun together, whether at a local concert or a backyard BBQ, or shooting virtual bullets at virtual badguys, or whatever else, then I welcome a message. Don't be shy :-)

I'd be tickled pink to meet women who who can get as fired up about things as I can, and who have their own projects and passions that I can admire or help with, in addition to being able and willing to jump into fun stuff that I have going on. But I'm not on the move every second of every day and regularly kick back on the couch to watch movies or sit out in the rain with the thunder and lightening having a drink or two and discussing space aliens, lasers, kittens, and porcupines.

If you've read this far into my profile, you'll think I'm at least somewhat interesting. Give me a hollar!