50Highland Park, United States
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My self-summary
Sorry for you all to have to give this disclaimer, but I understand that people sometimes misrepresent themselves here: for whatever it's worth, ALL of my profile is 100% true. I have the kind of conscience that might cause me to burst into flames if I were to intentionally lie about or misrepresent myself. Feel free to ask me why.

This is getting to be long and patch-worked, cuz I just think of stuff and throw it in.....excuse the lack of editing and any redundancies please. : )

Nothing phoney here. Sometimes serious, sometimes silly. Sometimes, confident, sometimes not. I think that I'm very playful with the people with whom I'm most comfortable. There are few character traits that I find more grotesque than false confidence (or more transparent for that matter). I value kindness and consideration in others and strive for the same. Yeah, I'm sensitive, but not fragile. I might bend, but I don't break. Everyone has their share of adversity in life, and I'm no exception. I think that that stuff and overcoming it makes me a better person--not necessarily better than anyone else, just better than I might have been if life had always been walk through the park.

I've been accused of being a genius, sometimes even without sarcasm. I'm not saying whether I think I am or not. I did, however, once in college, catch Marilyn Vos Savant (y'know, the woman with the 200+ IQ who answers tricky questions in Sunday Supplement--really, is that all she does? I don't know, oh well, who am I....?) answering a question with a "fallacy of logic" which I happened to be studying (logic, that is)....brought it to the professor and he agreed--I was pretty proud of myself.
This anecdote? Really? Oh well, whatever.

Addendum: I just took "The Really Tough IQ Test" here on OKC. I did pretty well, please notice this if you're into this kind of thing (and I hope that you are), but if you're not, no worries, maybe you'll notice me for something else and we'll hit it off anyway. : )

And back to serious, I guess:

I'm divorced. I have two beautiful young daughters who mean the world to me. I'm conversant in a pretty wide array of topics: sports, rock, science, history, psychology, politics...

I like who I am for the most part (hey, everyone has room to grow, I'm certainly no exception). I have to say, I'm not particularly thrilled with my "Personality" analysis here on OKC, but hey, I answered the questions, right? I think that so far, my "personality" analysis here does not reflect my sensitivity and empathy for others and my sense of decency. I am however, very gratified to see the quality of women that I "match" well with here.

It's very important to me to treat people the way I want to be treated and to be honest about who I am--keep that in mind as you read the next section.

Y'know the "nerd, geek or dork test?" I seem to match up pretty well with women who fall into "nerd" category--and that's just fine with me. When I took the test, I was very surprised to find that I tested out as "Joe Normal" (every time I see that, I think of Snoopy as "Joe Cool"--I know, a pretty lofty comparison). I have no idea how I tested out that way.....I consider myself kind of a music geek, a sports geek, a poker geek.....I like sci-fi, and am interested in all kinds of real science (esp. cosmology and theoretical physics, anthropology, psychology, biology), history......maybe I tested out as Joe Normal because I'm a well-rounded geek, or maybe I'm not a "nerd" because I never actually pursued any of those interests (except one) in a more disciplined (professional) manner. Make of that what you will.
What I’m doing with my life
I have been a professional poker player for about the last 15 years. It's what I do, not who I am. I DO NOT consider myself a (professional) gambler--I don't "gamble" in any other way. Success in poker comes from an understanding of the mathematics and psychology of the game, among other things. People often have misconceptions and reservations (to say the least) about this. Believe me, I don't think that I'm impressing you with this disclosure. I've been advised that I might get a lot more dates if I leave this info for later.......I'd rather be honest now, than "have more dates." I hope that you have an open mind, please feel free to ask any questions about it.....or anything else. : )

I am also, and certainly not less than the above, spending the rest of my life being as good a dad as I can to my daughters.
I’m really good at
Words With Friends (pretty good)--wanna play? My name on there is: Worfrat
Understanding people, what makes them tick, what motivates them...have to get to know 'em a bit first though
Curing hiccups--discovered a surefire cure when I was young, it works for everyone, my young daughters can do it--please feel free to ask if you want to know.

I'm really good at other things too--you'll see.
The first things people usually notice about me
Dunno, you tell me.....when I was younger, people (woman) used to often tell me that I looked like "someone," not necessarily someone specific.....never knew what to make of it....in retrospect, I think that it was generally a compliment, maybe even a line, but I might've been too naive to notice......doesn't happen quite as much as it used to.....ah, the ravages of time.....did I just say that?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Too many of each to name right now, maybe I'll fill this in later. Until then, feel free to ask.

At this moment (yes, I realize that the moment is gone as you're reading this), I'm watching RUSH being inducted into the Rock and Roll HOF......very happy for them, they deserve it. I really like RUSH, but they're not quite in my top five all-time favorites(there are six in my top five.....you'll see when I add it here. Should I add RUSH and make it seven? It's close....does it make up for not having "six things I could never do without" below?).....just thought I'd throw that out there. I think I've been told that RUSH is to music what the Three Stooges are to comedy......guys love 'em, girls don't.....anyone care to share an opinion on this? Dave Grohl is inducting them, does that help?.....wow, Neil Peart is incredibly eloquent, no wonder the complexity of his lyrics.

Okay, here's some: Auel, Douglas Adams, Richard Bach, Terry Pratchett, Vonnegut,

Movies: so many.....Python, Mel Brooks, Full Metal Jacket, Goodfellas, Kill Bill !, !!, Rocky's, Star Wars, Indy, Midnight Express, The Invention of Lying......

TV: old sitcoms, almost anything about physical sciences and history, sports, some news, Bill Maher, Newsroom, Curb, Boardwalk Empire, Pawn Stars (a little burnt out on it lately), Star Trek (and TNG).....I don't watch much reality TV--not a snob about it, just don't wanna get sucked in.

Here's the six in my top five: Beatles, Grateful Dead, The Who, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Steely Dan. Pretty standard you say? Hey, most of these bands are not among the most popular of all time for nothing. I REALLY love them. Also like: Dylan, Neil Young, James Taylor, Elton, Cheap Trick, Supertramp, Indigo Girls, Natalie Merchant, the solo work of most members of the "top five".....many more. I used to be a pretty big music geek.

Food: meat, lobster, Greek, Italian.....a lot really, though I'm a little picky about a few items.
Six things I could never do without
My daughters

Never? Internet, iphone.....

Not sure that I can make it 6, I hope that's okay for now.

Okay, here's another: parentheses

......and 4-shot iced, venti, non-fat lattes, from you know where.....it has to be VERY cold for me to switch to the 4-shot non-fat grande cappuccino. Okay, there's six.....
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My kids, work, sex, relationships....
On a typical Friday night I am
Working, but my schedule is somewhat flexible if you need/want me on a Friday : )
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'd really like to love and be loved again. I want to fall in love with someone who will become my best friend among other things.

On a lighter private note:

I cry at the end of some of the Rocky movies.....well, tear up anyway.....not all of them.....just three.....no, not III.....I, II and IV.....IV? you're asking yourself.....what can I say, I'm a sucker for the idea of world peace.....maybe Rocky can come out of retirement (again) and fight someone from Al Quaeda, or Iran, or N. Korea...."if I can change, and you can change....." Cheesy, you say? I can't argue......well, I could, but........
You should message me if
If you think that we'd make a fun, awesome match. I'm not and never have been any kind of a "player." If I write you, it's because I have a pretty sincere interest and think that there's something special about you that really makes me want to meet you. If you're not interested, feel free to say so. I'm never going to be nasty about that or stalk you--I have way better things to do than waste my time on someone who's not interested. And if I give you a nice rating, I probably especially liked what you had to say (in addition to any other attraction), but I might be talking with someone or just taking a break from from the ambivalence (or shock and horror ; ) ) that I seem to create.

This is probably not a point in my favor to admit this, but whatever: a lot of women are freaked by my career, maybe I'm not taken seriously because of it, or maybe they think I'm some sort of con-artist, they're wrong.....just the same, I sometimes tire of trying to put myself "out there" in this type forum and I sometimes go through periods where I just "look around"......so if you think I'm interesting or wanna ask questions, please feel free. Even if I don't feel an attraction for some reason, I will certainly respond kindly in some way. I think that's the decent thing to do--even if I often don't always get the same consideration--and yeah, I know all you wonderful women are bombarded by emails (and yes, I'm saying that somewhat tongue in cheek). I hope that doesn't sound bitter......it's just a little tiresome sometimes.....I sure as hell don't want any sympathy (just want someone sexy with a brain and a conscience)....I'll live. : )
The two of us