46 High Ridge, United States
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My self-summary
Three terrific dogs live with me. All are high energy rescue / shelter / stray mutts, highly intelligent, couldn't be sweeter.

Born in STL, have lived in the area all my life, and I plan to stay in Missouri.

Would like to meet someone warm, kind, down to earth, low maintenance, natural. Animal lover (must love dogs), environmentally conscious, good at communication.

My screen name is my favorite hockey player.

The site took away some settings:

Income: under $20,000.

Occupation: Retired, self employed app developer, environmental volunteer.

Drinks: almost never (they took away the good "rarely" option).

Status: actually single, never married. I sent feedback to the site suggesting they add "divorced", "widowed", and "separated" as options.

Pets: they took away "likes" and "dislikes" for dogs and cats, ruining the ability for people who don't have that type of pet to communicate they like them. My setting for cats was neither "likes" nor "dislikes" because I like some individual cats but dislike it when people let them outside. Now the best way to communicate your pets status is to answer the question "Are you a dog or cat person?", with "Dogs, Cats, Both, Neither" as options.

Replies frequently to sincere personalized nontrivial messages from real people. Replies selectively to marginal messages from real people, but short enough for me to read the entire thing in the email preview. Replies never to spammers / scammers; have yet to see a bot who had any chance of passing the Turing test.

*You should message me if:*

If you have realistic expectations about relationships, don't smoke, agree that cats do not belong outside, and know the best things in life are "free". Put this up here so the Quickmatch viewers could see it.
What I’m doing with my life
Spending lots of time outside, enjoying the last warm days of the year. Enjoying free time on Sundays, not wasting the afternoons on the NFL.

Retired from working for anyone else! Plenty of free time. Lots of reading. Reducing clutter at home.

Created several mobile apps (games). Spent most of my time and energy last winter on the largest of the games. Polishing the big app with minor improvements. Also made web versions of the games.

Visiting my river place often to improve the property and enjoy the country. Making the river house viable for living there many days in a row.

Lots of outdoor activities: hiking / walking / running (often with the dogs), fishing, kayaking, canoeing, bicycling. Some longer trips this year (more than 100 miles). Visited Minnesota in July.

Environmental work: measuring water quality, litter cleanup, removal of invasive plants (finally getting control of the winter creeper at home, but now the multiflora rose at the river place is advancing), planting good native trees.

Trying to allow the best possible life for my furbabies.

Would like to do more with dogs: be a foster home, take shelter dogs on hikes, etc.

Playing keyboards. Mostly classical. Some rock melodies, especially Led Zeppelin. Recently became an organ donor: gave away my Wurlitzer. Now have an enormous organ with two full manuals, 32 pedals and many stops.
I’m really good at
Long distance exercise, fishing, getting along with most dogs, excellent long term memory, navigation, fast accurate typing, understanding, tolerating heat, stair climbing (might be competitive in the race up the Met but could not find a sponsor).
The first things people usually notice about me

The dogs if they're out with me. "You've got a handful... Who's walking who?"

Legs if not covered; my legs could probably complete a triathlon.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Food: Have been eating healthier for a couple years. Rarely go to restaurants. No cruel dishes (e.g. foie gras). My favorite fish to keep is Bluegill; also good to keep invasive Spotted Bass. Would like to be able to cook Asian Carp. I do not drink coffee or tea. Almost never drink alcohol. Beer / wine snobs are usually amused when I say my favorite beer is Stag and the wine most often at home is Franzia box.

Music: KSHE Classics are my favorite music on the radio. One of my favorite artists is Hermon Hitson, the actual artist behind many supposed early "Jimi Hendrix" gems.
The six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What fun things I'll be doing in the near future: where/when to go hiking, go on float trips, walk the dogs, etc.

The weather.

What to improve at the river place and when.

Which places to visit and when.
On a typical Friday night I am

Setting my own schedule. Friday nights aren't too different from other nights.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I cannot whistle. Perhaps that's a reason I'm still single, the inability to express approval by whistling.
You should message me if
See above. I put this near the top so the Quickmatch people could see it.