24Merced, United States
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My self-summary
Name's Hat Dude, I'm a writer, booyah.

First off, I don't have A list anymore so if I Favorite me I wont know.
Now lets get down to me, I'm determined, I don't like to give up on anything I hate quitting; I do whatever it takes to get it done. I'm a romantic, I love video games, my humor is broad so whatever you think is funny i'll probably like too. I can be rough, I can be sensual, I can be a beast, or I can be that prince charming, i'm versatile. I'm into dark shit, real dark shit, you think it's fucked up or wrong I might be into it. I am the nicest and most loving man you'll ever meet, don't take me for granted because not even I am perfect and this Jekyll has a Hyde and if you let him out you best be prepared.

P.s. that does not mean I have an anger problem lol I am also the calmest person you'll ever meet too. I worked at a convenient store for a year and a half and I was yelled at a lot, never lost my cool.

I write a lot cuz i'm a writer so TS. I'm also optimistic and see the bright side of things. I had a friend on fbook with 12 mutual friends. She unfriended me, I looked at all 12 of our mutual friends and reacted this way: holy shit out of all these HARDCORE people we have in common I was the worst?! Holy shit that's awesome! And some of these people have been through more than I have and are way more hardcore than I so it was strange, and I felt special.


I'm not picky but I do have a type, and I know she exists. I'm looking for someone dangerous, someone to go adventuring with, someone who wants to be dominated and equally dominate in the general sense not the kinky sense. Someone who has had a rough life so we're on the same page and we know how cruel the world can be. But though she can be mean she's not a psycho bitch and that is where I need her to be nice, a nice person who is also dangerous, just like me. The female equivalent of myself. There is a tale where humans were born with four arms and legs and two heads but the gods thought them too powerful so they split them in half. So now the two halves search endlessly for the other until the end of time.
What I’m doing with my life
At the moment of writing I am either looking for a job or trying to decide if I want to go to college to be a video game designer to make games that will promote my books that I also write. When I am not doing that I play Skyrim, Arkham Knight, and watch Markiplier on Youtube.
I’m really good at
Making people laugh, my odd imagination can make you laugh at the strangest of things that you never thought funny. Making wonderful beautiful things out of everyday household items, I can be your body guard because I am not afraid to get violent when someone is trying to hurt you.

I am also one of the most understanding human beings ever born, most people get angry at people who are angry at them, I'm more of a ''this person has things going on that do not relate to me their aggression is a product of those past events and they have no personal anger towards me''. This means I am extremely forgiving.
The first things people usually notice about me
Is my hat which i bring everywhere I go, along with my strange energy :) and my outfits which match my hat, for women there is a pair of shoes with every dress for me it is a hat with every outfit. I'm Gothic, I wear black, I look like a dark murderer maybe I don't know, I try to let people see what I look like on the inside, and it is a dark beauty.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love horror films i cant get enough of them but i don't watch just ANY horror film i watch quality films. My list of favorite films go into the high double digits but some are

The V Word, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Maniac Cop, Blacula, Killer Klowns, Basement Jack, Halloween, Laid To Rest, Demonic Toys, all the Hammer Dracula films and the Universal b&w monster flicks, Nosferatu, Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari, Sinister, Found, Wer, The Babadook(I ordered a copy of the book from the film :D ) American Horror Story, Faceoff, and many more.

INK, Whisper Of The Heart, Hard Candy, UP, The Family Man, Donnie Darko, anything by Monty Python, a silent film called His Marriage Wow, The Ghost And The Darkness, GrownUps, Harold And Maude, Firestorm, Hard Rain, Boy Wonder, KickAss, 1941, World's Dumbest, Key & Peele, and lots of others of course

I love to listen to music that sparks energy in myself and others, songs that get us to act out and dance or cry, songs that take control of us.
Smallz One, Avril Lavinge, Katy Perry, Birthday Massacre, Paramore, Haelstorm, Melanie Martinez, Evanescence, Mr. Strange you can see a pattern right?

When it comes to food i look for taste above all else, i love my steak bloody and i love fried chicken along with awesome pawsome vegetables that add a flavor of it's own.
Six things I could never do without
My hat, my phone, my fake smile, my humor, my HUGE Allsup's mug filled with the only doctor I trust...Dr. Pepper, and a Gothic outfit(I need to look awesome).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My future, I have big plans to accomplish and dreams to fulfill. If I do not accomplish them in this life I'll come back again to try my hand once more. I need to go down in history and not be forgotten, I must accomplish something fantastic in order to be written down in history and be that guy that people will talk about a hundred years from now if the human race does not destroy itself by then. My immortality will be within the memories of those who know my name. Who knows, maybe whoever I'm with will share and bask in that fame....or infamy, either one will do.
On a typical Friday night I am
at home. I just moved here to Merced and I don't have friends yet. I don't like clubs or bars or shit like that so why would I go outside? Of course if i'm with someone we'll go where ever, whatever makes you happy :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have Tourettes Syndrome which means sometimes I am not in complete control of what I do or say. Sometimes I blurt out things that make no sense like gibberish weird words that you've never heard before but believe you me Tourettes has it's own language and when you're around me long enough you'll understand it's every word. It makes me say bitchass a lot, and i;m really anxious I cant control at all what I say, for example: I was trying to tell my boss I had ordered bread for the store instead I said ''suck a dick, you, hey hey hey'' and gave two thumbs up smiling. It gets really nasty the more anxious I get. And when there is music playing I become the NO I MUST DANCE guy, tourettes takes control and I cannot stop dancing. My weaknesses are the letter ''B'' and the song Satisfaction by Benni Benassi, i will not stop dancing until the song is over.
You should message me if
You need advice, you're sad and need cheering up, need someone's ass kicked to an inch of their life so they'll leave you alone, or because you see my potential as a great friend. I guarantee that you wont regret giving me a chance, I may have been rejected by everyone in my entire life but the friends I have made are all very thankful they met me. So if you think I'm cool or whatever hit me up, if not then lets have an online chat so I can tell you ''I did it for the lols''. Hope you got that reference lol
The two of us