26Dallas, United States
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My self-summary
Being a Faggot..... is Awesome!!!! 👍

I am from Chicago new to TX :D

BTW- Don't Take This Entire Profile Serious have a sense of Humor Some of it is Sarcasm and Satire.

Hi I am Hayden :) Sometimes I wear Make-Up if it's not obvious. I am not as flamboyant as I appear to be, actually I know my look is femme but I am not the stereotypical flamboyant queen even if I look like one haha. (Weird I know but I act pretty normal, like a guy I guess with a tinge of a "BitchDiva") and by that I mean I am not some loud center of attention kind of gay. Don't worry I am nice usually I only act like a C.U.N.T. around friends I am nice to everyone else and I am very honest. (Blunt)

I rather have someone initiate conversation I can be shy :) I am not self centered and my image isn't the most important (Well Only when I am on my vanity applying Make-Up or Looking in a mirror. ") But that can be anyone really
I can be humble and careless sometimes but I am confident and Vanity is a favorite word I like saying C.U.N.T.
I do feel like I am Bisexual sometimes but my attraction to women is limited to which women I find attractive, some women are really beautiful and I like making out with them :) but Guys are Hotter. Definitely!!!
What I’m doing with my life
I went to college with the intention of being an Art Major I was awarded an Art Scholarship and had my work displayed at The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago I Looked into Secondary Education but now that I have realistically thought about it I can't fucken deal I mean being a role model No!!! not me I have a hard enough time with getting men to do anything for me young adults are just as or more difficult and financially it is not the best option I mean you can't go shopping to Louis Vuitton and Dior on a Teacher's salary that's not so fabulous kind of boring anyway and I would probably be like Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher. (I love that Movie) btw

I was really interested in art then and still am I still like to paint mostly abstract paintings with Acrylic but now I am contemplating what my life goals should be and focus on that.

Currently I work for Christian Dior so I put make up on people and tell them they look fabulous and need it they get flattered and feel absolutely obligated to buy it because I would never tell them what I really think but I make more money than a friend in Chicago who was going to take a personal banking position for Chase so things could be worst like a 9-5 because drinking every night wouldn't work out so well with those hours it's all about priorities people and working hard to buy enough alcohol to continue working hard
I’m really good at
Make-up and Skincare I don't really have to buy it anymore so that's one less expense for me and yes it's expensive if I were to actually total how much shit I use on my face every 3 months I think I would hit somewhere between 2,000-5,000 dollars and no it's not Mac in fact some "Mac" Make-Up is very tacky and cheap like literally all of their foundations suck. I prefer high end cosmetics because the quality is always there Dior and Chanel is always amazing. YSL, Tom Ford, You can't go wrong your mom or sisters probably won't like me but its ok my mom and sisters are jealous of me 2 and my mom swears I should have been born a girl but I think it's easier being a male that means no menstrual cycle and child birth Werq!!! Hooker oh and Pms thank you who ever made male seriously!!!!
The first things people usually notice about me
My Eyes! I have some Bitching Long Eye-Lashes
I always smell good I only wear perfume (Update in 2014 I started wearing some men's cologne but perfume is still awesome )
How Androgynous I am
My face and the fact that I wear Make-Up
My Smile :)
Some Ponder about my gender.
Tell me? I mean look at me I am fabulous darling!!!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
First off what the hell is food doing in this category? I eat and I like to drink so can we skip that and Books since I have 0% body fat and I only really read the required text for a class or some stupid beauty and fashion magazine yes! (Sarcasm) no really I don't read anymore I just look at pictures or read interesting articles friends post on FB Or some hot douche"s online profile if he's hot enough and worth the trouble of reading I have better things to do #FuckYourFace I like drinking and I eat a lot but I never gain any weight my abs are natural and my whole body just hangs off my cheekbones!!! But I want to go the gym and actually workout HaHa that's funny JK I rather go to the gym to people watch

Music: I love Music I have a broad collection But can we just take a moment to discuss musicals and plays yes I am Gay I hate them the end!!!

Anyway Music Wise: I like Jeffree Star he's fucken gorgeous but has the worst personality and shortest temper ever! What a C.U.N.T. I Love Lana Del Rey, Kaskade, Metric, Florrie, Lights, The Fray, Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Lily Allen, Mostly Pop/Rock but I have a strange taste in music sometimes. EDM Duh!!!

TV: The Nanny is a classic and a favorite and Absolutely Fabulous Darling!!

Movies: Netflix Mostly I loved Prison Break it was really awesome
Heroes, Skins U.K, Lost, Bad Teacher, A Single Man, Crazy Stupid Love, Something Borrowed. I also love the queen of comedy Lisa Lampanelli her blunt direct personality is creative and hits you where it counts :D
Six things I could never do without
Hot Guys
Oxygen, Water, Food. Wine&Alcohol the essentials you know Vodka Anything!!!
Being a Bitch Diva
And clearly doing what I want when I want which sometimes leads to telling people what to do because I can
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The universe and how incredible large it is and how it keeps expanding. I am really into Physics I find it interesting.

Religion and how incredibly stupid it is. "God Often Speaks To Me Through Christian Dior" Need I say more. The Bible is the most boring fairy tale of all time. Some Jesus Bible Pounding Freak Had this so say about me and I Love It.... "You are terrible and need Jesus in your life to save your soul which has been corrupted by Vanity and Materialism in the Devils Playground" I will Pray for Her.....Bless her heart!!!

I am very intrigue by sexuality and attraction with men in general. I am very analytic when it comes to physical beauty and I have my own image of what is physical perfection. I like starring at attractive strangers and rating them haha. Sometimes I find attractive qualities in people who aren't perfect or my type. The way people look is very interesting to me but many times I just look at someone and think out loud (bless your heart) I will pray for you!! Jesus loves you the Latino Jesus the one from Grindr loves me 2 but I am not really into him
On a typical Friday night I am
Being a Hooker with my best Hooker like cross dressing in women's clothes wearing Fuck Me Pumps with layers of Make Up to conceal mental illness & lack of Dignity. We Cockblock eachother and always turn a Friday night into a Saturday night if she's wearing betrayal shoes we usually end the night early and hang out with the Whataburger Bitches and enjoy some HotFries while they judge us

I sparkle with Swarovski Jewelry and Shimmer with Fairy Dust with a Designer Handbag while carrying on like a Flaming Homo.... I mean "Lady"

And if I am not being that ^^^ fabulous I am probably drunk as fuck having the time of my life #FuckYourFace you don't know my life
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I attract a lot of guys who claim to be "Straight" and if I am lucky some of these guys are Married and I kind of like it. Straight men are hot. I think it's the whole not gay mannerism that I find attractive I like masculine guys like every other Fag!!
You should message me if
If you want to I'll try to reply to everyone :) really looking for new friends. Or a man that wants to empty his balls inside me for more than just one night.
People to talk to and hang out with date possibly. I am more approachable than people give me credit for :) I am not too bad. Even if you aren't physically my type I will still talk to you :) more so in person than online just because I get a lot messages and I am kind of over it now but I am a cool dude so just be interesting if not attractive. I only ask you not to be weird. I also tend to like older guys. And if you find this profile absolutely outrageous because it is but you can't help how attracted you are to me message me anyway because Vodka anything makes any night interesting!!!! So buy me a drink Bitch!!!! Because the more drunk you are the prettier I look!!!
The two of us