27 Rock Hill, United States
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My self-summary
What's there to say that you already haven't heard before?
I'm looking for someone real that I can trust.

The main reason I'm looking for friends is not because I have a boyfriend. He doesn't quite exist, and that's mainly because I'm looking to settle down. I want my next boyfriend to be my last, but apparently, that's too much to ask for this day and age.

The best relationships happen naturally; they're the ones that are totally unexpected, and you know what? I'd love to experience that, so that right there is one of the main reasons why I am just looking for some new friends, as I only have about two friends as it is!

I'm not at all sure what to put here, because I feel like that's totally cheating if I write out my entire life story -- where's the thrill in getting to know me, if you could just read all about it and already know? There wouldn't be one, now would there? Nooope!

The only things I'll tell you, is this:

I do not have children.
I do not go to the club, party, or drink.
I do not smoke.
I am not a fan of Jesus Christ.
I do not cheat.

I have a filter on, so if you've messaged me and I haven't gotten back to you, chances are, you were filtered -- but perhaps if you use proper grammar, I'll shot you a message back!

Ooor, you could message me at Akand0 on Kik for a faster reply, as it goes straight to my phone! And if you don't have Kik, I highly recommend it -- it's totally free, and a fast and easy way to chat without the hassle of giving out your phone number!

I only suggest Kik because OKC tends to drain my battery & I usually come on here through boredom. I also tend to rewrite my profile due to boredom because I have no life.

If you do not use proper grammar, you stand no chance with me.

Sorry, not sorry.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm personally sick and tired of being thrown on the back-burner whenever I'm with someone, so I've decided that I'm just going to focus on me for a little while. and that's mostly just work and school with limited spare time, in which I spend that by mostly reading a good book or playing some video games. However, after school, I fully intend on joining a branch of the military. I don't live to live an average life; I want to see the world, and to explore.
The first things people usually notice about me
Wouldn't that depend on the person? I can say it's my eyes, but what if someone else notices my smile? I don't think I can answer this question because MY "key feature" might not be the same for someone else --- but most people seem to notice the one thing that makes me different from everyone else.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Assassins Creed Series <3
COD Series
Kingdom of Amalur
Red Dead Redemption
Portal 2
Tokyo Jungle
Diablo III (PC)
Guild Wars II
Sims II & III
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I spend a lot of my time thinking about the mistakes I have made in all of my past relationships and what I can do to prevent those mistakes from happening again. A lonely life is not a life worth living.
On a typical Friday night I am
I used to work on Friday nights, and I probably will still be working -- totally assuming that my employer gives me some decent hours..and if I'm not working, I'm playing video games!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I find redheads & country boys to be extremely fucking sexy.
Is there such thing as a red headed country boy? o:
You should message me if
This heading should really read: You will get a reply from me if.. because it seems that, no matter what I put here, I still have people of all sorts messaging me -- but here goes.

You may message me if you are a sweet, loyal gentlemen who's putting serious effort into finding a nice, caring woman that'll do anything to make the people in her life smile, friends included.

You may message me if you're not a selfish bastard. I realize that careers and life come first, but if something sparks between us, I expect to be become a major part of your life. You need to relocate? Give me a moment while I pack my belongings.

You may message me if you are in the area, or out of -- so long as the distance isn't too terrible.

You may message me if you can write more than an introduction sentence with proper grammar. Messages like hey how r u isn't going to work.

You may message me if you're willing to work things out. If you're the type of person who is just going to abandon your partner when things get rough, then scram. Seriously, that isn't how things work in a relationship.

If you can capture my attention with an original non-generic message that makes you stand out - then you're good as golden. If not? Go waste your pathetic time on someone who gives a damn, because I surely don't. I want someone who can capture my attention with the first sentence, and not just your average joe.