40 Minneapolis, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a single woman, divorced for over three years, and wanting to find someone to enjoy time with. A best friend who I can laugh with, have stimulating conversation, make a fool of myself with, and love with all my heart. Respect, a sense of humor, seeking first to understand (good communication), and healthy boundaries are on the "must have" list. I don't have any children, but I do have a dog who I spend a lot of time with when I'm not working. I used to foster and train dogs and this one was rescued from a puppy mill. I am crazy about dogs and that is something someone will need to accept. I won't be having children of my own but I would welcome someone's children into my life. I ride a motorcycle and this is my 12th season of riding. I'm very active in motorcycle rights and safety organizations. It is not required that my significant other ride, I enjoy having some activities to myself and sharing interests alike. I used to ride a mountain bike till it was stolen from the garage in NE Mpls. I do like my space but I'm ready for something real after getting over my divorce and being able to feel things for others again. I have much self-awareness and do much self reflection. I welcome people to give feedback on anything I might be blind to in order to continue gaining awareness. I have to stay healthy and mindful in my line of work. I love trying new random activities and love a good sweaty hard workout. While I respect other's political views, I would be best matched with a liberal or centrist. I definitely would not be a match for a Trump supporter. Even though I respect that they have a political view, it doesn't mean I believe the neurons are firing correctly in their brain.
What I’m doing with my life
I try to enjoy every free moment I have which does not allow much time for television as I don't have the attention span for it. I work full time and work used to be my life, I no longer bring work home, when I leave the office, work is left there. I am also currently taking courses and pursuing certification in health coaching. I try to be involved in my community and my daily walks with my French Bulldog has afforded me to get to know many of my neighbors which I'm grateful for. I enjoy music, I attend record shows every other month, I love vinyl, and have been teaching myself to play my electric guitar after many years of not playing. I attend many live music events, however, this summer I have not been getting out as much as usual. I did see Billy Idol at First Avenue this summer which was awesome as I'm a total 80's music fan. I love road trips and travel and try to get in as many mini vacations as possible throughout the year. I do want to plan an overseas trip, it's been a while. Did you know Groupon charges an extra fee if you travel alone?? I enjoy engaging in new activities, went skydiving twice last summer and ziplining for the first time. I have been wanting to take scuba lessons and get my scuba diving certificate too. But more recently I've just been opposing Trump at all costs. I do believe he is stuck at age 4.
I’m really good at
Being a goofball and questioning things. I love having projects around the house and teaching myself how to do things that are stereotypically thought of as a man's job. Skilled at playing devil's advocate. In fact I do it so well that often I will change my own position on things. But really I just like to look at things from all angles and make informed decisions. I'm also very talented at run-on sentences. My greatest talent is talking about a topic and in the middle of it I change the subject completely just because I often have random thoughts that I just have to share. I'm also good at cuddling, being supportive and non- judgmental (and checking myself if I slip), calling inattentive drivers creative names and losing track of time.
The first things people usually notice about me
Not really sure, if we meet, you'll need to let me know. Eyes, smile, butt???
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I quote "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor Frankl quite a lot. I like reading books about bands I enjoy, or looking up information about other cultures, various therapeutic approaches, autobiographical memoirs, some lighthearted fun fiction, or really any kind of book.
I enjoy the occasional unheard of movie on Netflix or documentaries. I do enjoy movies but don't have one favorite. The Garden State, I Love You Man, High Fidelity, Breakfast Club, Grosse Pointe Blank, and Love Actually are a few that come to mind. Huge John Hughes fan too, love the brat pack.
TV doesn't interest me recently so haven't been a devoted TV watcher since SOA ended. I don't even get sucked into shows on Netflix anymore to binge watch.
As for music - I love The Replacements! The Ramones, The Pixies, The Clash, Violent Femmes, Social Distortion, Supersuckers, Sex Pistols, AC/DC, Johnny Cash, Psychedelic Furs, Velvet Underground, Hüsker Dü, Black Flag, Throwing Muses, 7 Seconds, Jesus and Mary Chain, Brandi Carlile, Regina Spektor, Niko Case, Greg Brown, Joe Price, Ani DiFranco, Pink Mink, 12 Rods, 80's Music, Folk, Punk, and Rock. I love The Current and Jack FM.
I don't like seafood, but I am aware most interesting folks love it, I do make exceptions such as a friend's Irish recipe for fish & chips at The Anchor in NE Minneapolis...seriously, yum! I'm not very picky about anything else. I like to try new things. I love spicy food and I'm not talking MN spicy either, I really mean spicy especially Thai and Mexican. I also love my own grilled cheese often with tomato basil soup.
The six things I could never do without
Dogs, humor/laughter/silliness, good friends/family, thunderstorms, nature, times of solitude to recharge, water. But really I could never ever do without dogs, I think there is something wrong with people who don't like them, just can't trust those folks.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
This may bore some people but politics is huge, especially these days with all the craziness and social injustice going on in the world. I do believe in one race, the human race, and won't tolerate racism or bigotry, it is unfortunate society has been built upon generations of ignorance. I will not fight over politics as that solves nothing but I will engage in healthy debate as it really widens my perceptions. Otherwise I spend time thinking of what is happening in the moment so it doesn't pass me by and I miss it. I don't live in the past and I know very well I may not be around in the next moment so now is all I have. That being said, I do have goals and plans for the future. I love to have things to look forward to.
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually recharging after the work week, hanging out with a friend or two, going out to eat, watching movies, or maybe seeing a band, but I prefer that on Saturday nights when I'm reenergized. I'm a bit of an introvert. Or I could be spending many hours looking up various random things on the internet and staying up way too late!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I need to get to know you a little first:)
You should message me if
Your opening communication does not include any of the following words: cutie, girl, sexy, gorgeous, kinky, beautiful, hottie, diaper fettish, or anything else that coming from a stranger sounds like some perverted uncle. Also, you are not a right wing nut job, you are not someone who just complains, and are not looking for just casual sex. You are a bit off the mark but not in a psychopathic way, but more of a goofy, silly, fun, but still can be serious, way. You like doing things, getting out, experiencing culture, seeing live music, going on mini vacations (weekend road trips) ,,I enjoy live music at the Whiskey Junction, Triple Rock, Mayslacks, The Turf Club, The Nicollet, First Ave, and Club Underground, just to name a few. You also would not mind spending an evening at home.
Otherwise, message me if you think we might hit it off. Chances are that if you don't have photos of yourself, I won't get back to you. There needs to be some potential for physical attraction. Just thought I'd put that out there so you know why I might not reply to you. The same thing goes if you have not filled out your profile.