40Madison, United States
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My self-summary
Debauchery. Wit. Charm. Coffee.

I'm immersed in a life of quiet, happy debauchery. I've long since stopped writing poetry, but even though my pen has been replaced by the sterile keyboard, I still feel like a poet in my heart. I laugh at people who think "queer" is an insult, and I am probably too in love with ellipses...

Only a partly recovered academic, I dropped out young, and then dropped back in and ended up in a PhD program. After a few years it became clear to me that happiness lay elsewhere, and I escaped academia's iron grip. Now, I travel often, to places both exotic and mundane (mostly mundane).
What I’m doing with my life
In many ways, I'm in a place where I'm looking at the world anew; change may be a constant in our lives, but more than ever I feel open to new possibility.

Despite my best intentions, in small ways I've succumbed to neoliberalism, making myself a product. Luck, hard work, privilege, and a little talent all came together to make it happen, but I'm ever so grateful that it did, despite my reservations; now I am making a life out of my joys instead of grinding it out at a shitty day job.

This means I travel a lot. I love living in Madison, WI, and the more I travel, honestly, the more I love coming back home.

Upcoming travels, below!

August: Minneapolis, Denver, Indianapolis
September: Washington, D.C., Providence
November: Albuquerque, Atlanta, Portland
December: Oklahoma City, New York City
January: Indianapolis
February: Toronto, Memphis
April; Seattle, Columbus
May: Toronto, Washington, D.C.
June: Las Vegas, Pittsburgh
I’m really good at
Listening; giving a shit; connecting with people; connecting the dots; theory; idea-crafting; words; thoughtfulness; passion; and engaging in the back-and-forth of indulgence and restraint.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Margaret Atwood
Milan Kundera
Carol Queen
Andrew Vachss
Octavia Butler

Good lord. Why not just ask me about which organs are my favorites? (Though, to be fair, Shortbus manages to embody parts of my version of utopia...)

Last.fm tells me that my most listened to music of this year is, in order:
PJ Harvey
Liz Phair
Nine Inch Nails
Chris Pureka
Tom Waits
Bishop Allen
Johnny Cash
Screamin' Cyn Cyn and the Pons
A Tribe Called Quest
(... probably subject to change frequently)

See movies, above.
Six things I could never do without
Those I love, a wonderful home, my wits, the tools of my trade, challenges, and passion and intimacy...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Privilege. Neo-liberalism. Queer theory. Post-positivism. Situated Knowledge. Intersectionality. Rhetoric. Sexuality. Narrowcasting.

Other random thoughts:

I travel a lot. Sometimes when I'm traveling I find myself wondering what the hell I'd do if a zombie apocalypse broke out at that very moment. I think if it happened when I was home I might survive that first wave, but out in the unknown, could I make it without really knowing the lay of the land?

Which states are a part of 'the Midwest'?

What does "Short-term dating" mean to people?

What is the nature of demi-fame?

Why isn't there enough time for everything I wish I could do?
On a typical Friday night I am
On the road in some random city... Lazing in bed with good food and a movie... At a show letting the music hit me...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
- People keep telling me I'd make a great Companion (a la Inara); I take that as an incredible compliment, and amusing, given some of my history.

- I met my dear friend wildenights on OkC, so I have high expectations of just how good a connection is possible here.

- I use the profile name 'HedonistPoet' on things like FL and other internet places.
You should message me if
An incomplete checklist for the organized types - not all need apply...

* You view yourself as a stand-out
* You are queer-identified (or understand what that framing means)
* You have an excellent grasp of social rules so that when you break them, it is with a purpose
* You are smart and can be challenging without being obstinate
* You like to reward yourself with little treats
* You rock

Be bold and write me.
The two of us