30Waseca, United States
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My self-summary
Hello, I am James, I love a good brawl in old video games, whether alone or with others. When weather permits, go Minnesota, hour long bicycling. Ether on some of the few paths around the area or several mile laps around the lake.

I like finding myself getting lost in a deep chats with friends. Or getting out a good book and trying to read it while a cat sabotages with headbutting. Fury text rending devils.

The account name was "bestowed " on me as a joke after a holiday when a Bugs Life happened to be on television. Amuses me to use it as it reminds me of some good moments. Ask about it sometime.
What I’m doing with my life
I currently work a full time overnight job that eats up a fair portion of my time. Outside of work For fun hanging out with friends when their about. Using my computer for games or study. Yes learning is fun. Or convincing some others to join in with a board game.

I have started testing the waters of a loftier education by doing some preemptive learning of free materials regarding Code Programing. Once it is down pat I will make a more official bid for a higher education.

With that I will access a future involving a wide variety of program, applications or game work.
I’m really good at
According to any of the cats/dogs I have owned, I am the best pet bed this side of Lake Superior. Even the Newfoundland seemed to agree.

Other then that I happen to be quite good at most any game digital or physical I get my hands on. Adapt well and then win against even the hardest of settings. Much to my friends dismay.
The first things people usually notice about me
I am quite at ease talking to most anyone. Normal person on street walking by, sure will converse. Military Vet, speak away. Hard core tattooed Biker, interesting chat to be had there if hes not nursing a hangover.

This leads to having fragments of knowledge from a wide assortment of areas that can be used when talking to someone later on and a new friend.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Most of my favored movies are from the 90s. I enjoy them more due to the fact of how much effort has to go into filming with less CGI to replace things. Favored Genres, Scifi, Horror, Drama, Fantasy, Action.

Specific examples Movies: Godzilla, Alien, The Professional, Die Hard, Labyrinth, Blade Runner, Man on Fire, Dark Crystal, Lord of the Rings, Matrix, Sherlock Holmes, Band of Brothers.

TV shows: Lie to Me, NCIS, Smallish amount of Doctor Who, History Shows, Myth-busters, Supernatural, Ghost in a Shell, Cowboy Bebop, Farscape,

Books are same genres, a few off the top of my head: Lord of the Rings, Redemption of Athalas, Road Side Picnic. Classics like Dracula, 10,000 Leagues under the sea.

Music I prefer Electronica, Trance, Ambient, Classical. More stuff with instrumental as opposed to vocal. I am able to listen to most modern songs on the radio, but I dislike rap though.

Food I am not to picky on. Only main aversion is Seafood. Highlights are any kind of Pasta, Pizza, Tacos, Hamburgers, Chili, Apples, Black Olives, Potatoes.
Six things I could never do without
-Fur Coat Dispensers, Ie Pets.
-Warm Bed
-Good selection of reading material.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I spend quite a bit of times just tinkering with thoughts of stories, games or settings for shows/movies. A large part is around maybe trying my hand at making a board game and various themes it could use.

Another thing I think of is maybe traveling someday. Few countries I wouldn't mind visiting at least once before I am old and gray.
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually out working until the wee hours of the morning on a "official" Friday night.

On the actual friday night if weather is good I will probably be peddling away on a bike for a good part of day. If weather is poor then I will be engaged in a battle of wits and planning against friends, strangers, or the cold merciless calculations of a AI via any number of game type mediums.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Private thing you say, eh? I have been slapped silly by a de-clawed cat till I moved, just so he could take my spot of the bed. Yep beaten up by a harmless ball of fur.
You should message me if
Your interested in finding someone fun to beat/join in a game, someone to bicycle around with, if you need someone to suffer through a slew of B-grade movies thick with subtitles, or if your pet just needs a improved shedding platform.
The two of us