71Bristol, United States
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My self-summary
I am looking for a bright, kind, romantic person who has a special way with people, is intellectually curious, has a modern outlook on life, and has an deep interest in all the arts. He should be looking forward to an exciting future with a loving partner!

I am a retired professor of ethnomusicology, so am interested in the cultures of this world and the viewponts of all sorts of people. I am a bit of a sports nut and would love to cuddle with somebody watching NFL football and other sporting events! We could get matching Giants hoodies! I also like quiet time to write and to think and would hope that this special person would also want some quiet time for himself.

People notice I am very unusual, very very sensitive, have a good sense of humor (but not sarcastic), and that I am kind and caring. I'm not at all confrontational, and really hate drama in relationships. I have been lucky and very happy so far and have had a rich variety of life experiences, met many interesting people, in the USA and abroad. My life has been enriched by living for fifteen years in Britain, where my three sons were born on the National Health Service. I have spent years in India, funded by the State Department, where living with village peasants has enriched my understanding of the human condition, a real challenge because villages lack plumbing and electricity! I still wear sparkling Indian glass bangles on both hands. I have been blessed with a rich education including my doctorate degree in ethnomusicology taken at the School of Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Sounds romantic, but boy is it cold up there in the winter!

I am looking for love, romance, and companionship from an unusual person with rich life experience, who is well read and well traveled. I have published several books with major publishers. (My whole family writes books: my father, my mother, and my older brother, and my oldest son is now working on his first, on Bihar, India).

I really love to listen, and I love conversation. I am looking for somebody who is politically progressive, but actually get along with conversatives surprisingly well. Go figure. Opposites attract? But MSNBC and not Fox. I am very interested in travel, and would like to explore more of New England. Also, I am passionately interested in NASA and space exploration, and am so sad that the shuttle program has come to an end. Fascinated with all the photes from Hubble! I like all kinds of adventure and enjoy getting outside, especially for long walks. Would love to get back into cycling.

When I have the chance I love to travel. I have made two trips around the world by myself. I would enjoy more travel with a loving partner. Doesn't a romantic three-week trip to London—or Paris— sound great? I also love to read and enjoy watching sports on TV. I would really like to meet somebody that could convince me to enjoy basketball. (I just don't get it!)

My dream first date date woud be dinner at a quiet romantic restaurant. Salmon and white wine. Conversation flowing so easily that we decide, hours later, to share dessert.
What I’m doing with my life
Having retired from university teaching, I now enjoy editing for Johns Hopkins University Press. I get books an all sorts of topics under the sun—I never know what is coming next, from Shakespeare to Sabre Tooth Cats. It keeps me lively intellectually (and they pay well).
I’m really good at
Understanding all types of music from around the world, getting along and making friends with a wide diversity of people. My three sons tell me I'm a good mother, and that means the world to me.
The first things people usually notice about me
My glass bangles. That I'm bright and lively, with a good sense of humor. I try hard never to hurt the feelings of other people.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite author is Anthony Trollope. I have his 49 novels on my Kindle (cost, $2.99!). I'm into long long books, good literature, mainly 19th-century British and 20th-century American works. I'm reading through some by Norman Mailer right now. The Naked and the Dead, his first big success, was tough emotionally, but I couldn't put it down. My favorite Shakespeare play is A Midsummer's Night Dream.

I don't get out to the movies often enough, but I love new films and also the old black-and-white ones. A favorite, Bringing up Baby. Absolutely any music, that's the ethnomusicologists' pledge. Shows, plays, opera, ballet, a real treat. (I saw La Boheme in the Sydney Opera House.) Food, yes I eat food. Not a big deal, but I try to eat healthy. I drink decaf, and lots of it.
Six things I could never do without
1. My granddaughters, their parents, and their aunts and uncles.
2. My passport.
3. Paper on which to write a letter, or better, a computer with WiFi to write an email. Many of the good things happened in my life because I was able to put my ideas down in writing, sometimes in fairly short letters.
4. My three cats. (No, I'm not a crazy cat lady.) One, Sugar, I took when my mother pased away; one, Duke, came to me because my son's bride is unbelieveable allergic to cats; and one is all my own, little Timmy Tebow (don't even think of telling ihim tat TT was let go by th Jets). I got him for Christmas last year after one of these darn on-line relationships fell through.
5. My good health. I've been lucky in that regard.
6. Being surrounded by lots and lots of books.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My sons. Hope for the future. Politics and the world situation. I am a committed Democrat; I have never ever voted for a Republican, and I attended both Obama inaugurations. I strongly believe in the two party system for our country. I love the United States and am patriotic; however, given a choice, it's probably not the best country in the world to live in. Take Sweden, for example. And oh, my, how I miss London.
On a typical Friday night I am
Completely exhausted after a long day of editing. I've been known to watch some pretty terrible grade B movies on TV, just to kick back and let my mind relax after a long day of intellectual puzzle solving. I've also been known to just keep editing, not a good idea, however.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
The loss of my professor father, aged 49 (I was 8), is something from which I will never completely recover. He was an amazing man and his untimely death stunned us all. Times were tough without his income. Mom came through for us in every sense. She rose high at Cornell, and lived to the grand old age of 96, as if to make it all up to me and my older brother. It was tough, just the three of us against the world.
You should message me if
If anything in my profile resonates with you. You never know when the chemistry might just click!
The two of us