41Atlanta, United States
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My self-summary
I'm an artist working and teaching at the university level. I love conversations regarding art theory , science , current issues , history. However, I'm pretty open minded I like to explore these subjects and plenty of others.
What I’m doing with my life
I am a professor of art teaching painting , drawing , printmaking, video and sound arts.I also lecture for art appreciation and art history themed writing and research classes . I love my students therefore I don't mind working overtime.I find that being in a studio environment with other creative people is the engagement I need to keep my art process current.In my field the saying, "Those who cant do, teach" is a ridiculous notion.I have to keep up with my own body of work , publishing and shows to be able to keep a job teaching and to advance in my field , so I can't really separate the two. I do believe in Academia still, I have met many creative people that are against it - the Ivory tower and all, but I find there are exceptional professors and programs in every field and it is up to the student to seek out the education that they need the connections they can make at the Collegiate level. I also find that most of the bitter academic drop outs I come across are lacking discipline and couldn't hack the criticism and structure which I find creative types need to make it in such a competitive art world.
I’m really good at
I'm also a card shark so watch out ! I'm good at most things creative.I love to play chess, and I take lessons from a friend who has a master rating- I have never beat him but generally beat my other friends that are not master rated. lol.. I'm an excellent friend, very loyal. I'm good at cooking and making cocktails, I am a great motivational speaker, teaching, caring for others,throwing parties, I'm a great dancer, although mostly to Latin music but I would love to learn swing and other ballroom dancing. I'm pretty good at a great number of things and try to become good at new things all the time. I feel the more experiences I have the more this removes me from the mundane which inspires creative thinking. So I'm really good at creating happenings and situations spontaneously to keep things exciting for myself. I am not an extremist however, and I like balance and I'm good at making decisions under pressure or stress.
The first things people usually notice about me
I look into people 's eyes when they speak to me , I guess this makes some people uncomfortable. I'm told I'm charming and personable,intelligent,complex, observant even clairvoyant at times . People have said all kinds of things to me when they first meet me but I guess I commonly hear that I am intense or passionate but I seem to mellow out the older I get , I know when to listen as well. I can even be shy and quiet in some settings, it depends on the circumstances.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A favorite book is "Narcissist and Goldman", By Herman Hesse... I love the classics! A contemporary book called "The poison Wood Bible", really influenced some of my paintings a few years ago..I love history but ancient history and philosophy... I love reading art theory, "Painting and Perspectives" and "The New American Paintings" are regular reads in my field. When I was a child "The lord of the Rings", and fantasy ... oh and Carl Sagan's , "The Cosmos", ( its still on my shelf), Carol Becker's , "The Subversive Imagination" changed my life.I also love to read about new science discoveries usually in magazines or on line. I do a lot of research in multiple academic disciplines as everything effects the work I do , everything is relative to my creative process.

Favorite movies are " Contact"," Science of Sleep" , "Donnie Darko", "Sunshine of the Spotless Mind","Fight Club", "Everything is Illuminated", I love science documentaries, comedies, I love all kinds of movies really....but Not constant TV , TV is mind numbing so is video games.Although, I do get into some series on Netflix or recorded, like, "Breaking Bad" , "Walking Dead" and the new series called "Game of Thrones ", I'm a huge fantasy fan , Game of thrones is one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen... I think I have seen every episode about 4 times. I miss Tyrion the most.

I'm a huge Dylan fan... as a matter of fact - if you hate him , we can't be friends ! Also, Of Monsters and Men, Iron and Wine, Mumford and sons, The shins, T-Rex, White Stripes, Johnny Cash, AC/DC , The Clash, Joan Jett, Etta James, Mazzy Star.. Black Sabbath is back together and touring and I am dieing to see that.. the new song "13" is amazing.. wow! U still got it Ozzy! And we all thought you would be dead soon! .... I love a huge variety of music. I always have music playing and love making play lists for friends. I own over 800 records but they are stored with my family. I love to sing along but only if I'm alone.

I'm not a picky eater... I love Indian but I also love sushi and even Mom's Sunday pot roast.I'm not a bad cook but picky eaters are annoying to me, though I do try and cook a variety of tasty veggies for all my vegetarian friends right after I make fun of them..JK. However , I try to eat healthy most of the time with things like salads and veggies.
Six things I could never do without
hmmmm? Six things I could not do with out? I think I would survive with out most things.. except food, water, sleep ..Seriously..A regular shower, toilet paper unless in a 3rd world country ... not so seriously my MAC , sexy boots ,music, my drawing tools, the occasional cocktail and my Dylan albums, a pencil or some mark making instrument to sketch with...I'm not materialistic but I do like comfort and I like to be able to play.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Art education, art theory , world issues, mythology, creating new things, friends and family...my puppy ...
On a typical Friday night I am
Playing poker with friends, going to art openings, helping students overtime,dinner or cocktails with friends, listening to music live or in the background, or working on some art project.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
well I'm not admitting that on line... But It will be worth knowing me to find out... wink.. wink
You should message me if
You feel we have things in common to talk about...I'm not interested in jumping into a serious relationship with out time spent, this is not why I am on this site , I'm not particularity interested in marriage..but I am not against it either, I mean you never know or can guess what can happen between two people. I find that everything that begins also ends. I'm also not on this site to meet people to jump in the sack with.. I would like a consistent partner that is intelligent,creative , supportive, devoted and inspiring with common interests and goals in life. I mean the odds of me meeting someone in a bar that is interesting, attractive (-meaning we have chemistry) , complex and has common interests would be like winning the lottery.
The two of us