34 Glendale, United States
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My self-summary
I'm removing this app from my phone for a while cause it's distracting to seek connections with strangers when you have shit to do.
If you find me so devastatingly handsome that you must find me then seek me out by checking in on my album progress at


and you can write me there if you still feel inclined to do so.

Once I finish this bastard of an album I'll be back.


I read.
I write stories.
I play dodgeball A LOT (basketball when there is no dodgeball around).
I write songs.
I sing sometimes.
I am a direct person. I find dishonesty is a waste of time and I find time valuable.
I am up for pretty much anything...any sport, any art or craft project, any book, most challenges, most culinary adventures.
I appreciate intelligence, athleticism, artistry, and talent, however the only one thing I require out of any of my friendships/relationships is authenticity.

I have a love of sports but I much prefer playing them to watching them. If you also like to play a sport and happen to enjoy co-ed ones then perhaps we should try playing one together (I recommend dodgeball).

I have a love of music and writing that exceeds my love of sports. If you enjoy playing any instruments perhaps we should try building a song together. It is an enjoyable way to pass the time.

I have a love of reading that is my oldest and longest love. If you have a love of libraries and giant book stores and searching for books in thrift stores then we will likely get along.

I have no artistic talent (visual arts that is) to speak of but I still like to draw things sometimes (badly) construct books (poorly) and basically undertake any kind of art project. If you like to make art and don't mind if I do it poorly alongside you then we could probably have some fun.

My existence is a blend of nerdiness/artistry/athleticism/music and I have a multitude of ways I enjoy spending time.

Most of my favorite people in this world are gays and lesbians. If this bothers you go find some other boy to interact with.
What I’m doing with my life
In the realms of paychecks:
I'm currently a freelance camera op for a casting agency. (I spent 9 years taking houses away from poor people in the loan servicing industry as a bankruptcy specialist in Orange County and on the whole I much prefer photographing people.)

In the realms outside of paychecks:
I play a lot of dodgeball in my spare time. WDS, WeHo, and Elite mostly. Some people go to church to "center" themselves but I go to dodgeball. The people are both kinder and more fun and if anyone is being a dick you can totally blow them up with a vicious throw to the groin.
I don't just play in LA, I captain a competitive traveling team and so sometimes I'll be off far away at various tournaments.
Full disclosure: I often wear tights while playing dodgeball. Potential significant others can choose to find this embarrassing but will be appreciated if instead they think it is hilarious and/or awesome.

I used to sing quite a bit. I'm still sorting out what my relationship to music is at this point. Supposedly I am recording a new album right now but I'm doing it slowly enough that I feel comfortable qualifying the sentence with "supposedly"...but yeah, at some point in the next few years I'll probably get out performing there a little bit, but this year (2016) I'm focusing on dodgeball and story writing.

I currently host a podcast that profiles dodgeball players. I'm sure that sounds completely ridiculous to you (understandable) but it's important to me and it's pretty good. It's on Soundcloud and it's called "The Book Of Dodgeball" if you ever need something to listen to on a road trip and dodgeball at all interests you.

(Speaking of Soundcloud, the most recent music recordings I've made are under "The Decade Kids" and if you felt like really going creeperish deep on the internet research you can find my old band on iTunes under "Winston And The Telescreen".)

I am a single father.
Not one of those guys who has a kid that the mom takes care of somewhere. A full custody no mother in the picture kind of single father.
Despite this I manage to carve out free time as my parents are quite helpful and often take her on all sorts of adventures on the weekends. Really we kind of raise her all together at this point. We are a 3 pronged parental unit and it is serving my daughter well.
My daughter is Indie Margeaux.
She is the brightest, most beautiful, nerdiest kid in existence and is well loved by all that know her but it is unlikely you would meet her anytime soon. She only meets people after it is well established that we're going to be great friends, or I suppose if a relationship were to become very serious. I simply don't believe in bringing people I'm dating in and out of her life. You'd like her though, everyone does, but be glad about not meeting her right away as word on the street is that she can be very intimidating at first...
I’m really good at
Singing "Sometime around midnight" during karaoke night and surprising the bar patrons with all the feels the song brings up in their cold drunk hearts.
The first things people usually notice about me
My imposing facial hair.
My quietness among rambunctiousness around friends.
That I am much stronger and faster than they assumed (most noticeable in contests of athleticism).
That I am well spoken in those moments that I choose to speak.
My smile (word on the street is that it's a great one).
Dat ass.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I am not so awesome that I am familiar with everything that is good. If you have a suggestion I will read/watch/listen/eat it. I'm sure you know of all sorts of things I should be familiarizing myself with and I am happy to do so.

That being said I have a Hemingway quote tattooed across my wrist, an abiding hunger for graphic novels, and both a Netflix and Crunchyroll account that I indulge in voraciously. But I'm open to all things.
The six things I could never do without
Spaces to write on.
Instruments to play.
Places to explore.
My dodgeball team and extended dodgeball family.
Indie Margeaux.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The best way to express the most necessary stories.
On a typical Friday night I am
I have all sorts of ways I should be spending my time!
Hopefully I'm being productive (writing, recording) and if I'm not I'm hopefully at least in good company (while playing a sport, a game, or singing some songs) and if I'm not I hopefully at least have a fast internet connection and a good show to Netflix binge on...

Friday night is typically one of my more available nights. This may be a good time to hang out with you if you are so inclined.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Anything at all. I'm an autobiographical storyteller across various mediums and I have little to no use for privacy.
You should message me if
If you love libraries.
If you write, be it short stories, songs, poetry or epic novels.
If you create things and enjoy getting together just so two people can work on their own projects in a shared space.
If you like to sing or at least be around singing.
If you are willing to try playing dodgeball.
If you have some other weird sport you'd like company playing.
If you have a love of graphic novels.
If you like to visit the ocean but prefer to go there when it isn't crowded.
If you can show me how to get to a river or waterfall.
If you have a love of weekend road trips.
If you think searching thrift stores for books and other hidden treasures is a good way to spend time.

If you feel like communicating you should just do so. I'm aware that some females prefer for males to make "the first move" but that's a dated notion. Or if that is too much then maybe just click "like" and if we both "like" each other we can start a conversation.

In the realms of "internet dating" I prefer to reciprocate what is being expressed to me. That means I have no grand design to get in your pants unless you have a grand design to get into mine. It means I go out on dates without expectations. I am fine with making new friends. If I liked your profile it means I probably think you'd make a good one. At the same time many of these online dating interactions do become sexual, and I accept that as well because sexuality is a part of existence and I feel no judgements on the matter and I find sexuality enjoyable.
Although I would in fact like to have a committed and loving monogamous relationship as a part of my future I recognize that is a difficult thing for anyone to find and a 100 times more so for a single parent. I accept that and am therefore open to all other things in the meantime.
(Monogamy is however a future goal in the right situation.)

I apologize for writing so thorough a profile. I have a craving for us all to understand each other.