30Madison, United States
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My self-summary
I am:

- socially competent
- into that intersectional feminism stuff
- probably going to steal your cat
- a pretty okay dude

I am not:

- tolerant of racist, homophobic, or trans-phobic bullshit
- a trans-dimensional elder god of terrifying power
- literally the worst person you could date

I am neither an introvert nor an extrovert. I reject your boxes, and refuse to fit in them. I fall somewhere in the middle, and I'm happy there. I am just as comfortable spending my weekends and evenings out with friends as I am doing my own thing.

I spend my social time on rock climbing, beer drinking, pub trivia, and board games. I also play games involving dice with more than six sides with an awesome and creative group of people. When I'm on my own, I play video games. I tend to gravitate toward games with interesting stories or that have mentally stimulating mechanics. I have sunk a whole lot of hours into Kerbal Space Program, and have no regrets. I have a pretty decent understanding of orbital mechanics!

I realize that I mention video games and science fiction and all kinds of super-geeky stuff in my profile, but that doesn't make me a bad stereotype. I can go out and be social and active, too, just like a normal person. I do best when I have balance.

I also have political opinions. I am what you'd probably call a liberal, and some would call a pinko-commie peacenik hippie.

My greatest weakness is that I can't hold back a bad pun.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a graduate student in the sciences. I have discovered that I like advocating for science a lot more than I enjoy actually doing science, so I'm working my way into finding a career in science and health policy or education.

If I had unlimited money, I'd move to a big city, keep bees, and run a meadery. Bees are cool.
I’m really good at
I'm pretty good at admitting my own mistakes, and making sincere apologies. I'm also okay at bowling.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My boss once accused me of being a fake geek. I think this is because I didn't like or hadn't seen a lot of his favorite sci-fi stuff. I guess my tastes can be a bit specific. Here's some stuff I like.

MOVIES: Mad Max: Fury Road (probably the best movie ever made), Alien and Aliens, Being John Malkovich, original Star Wars, new Star Wars, Trollhunter, Dr. Strangelove, Moon, District 9, Cabin in the Woods, Coraline, This Is Spinal Tap, The Big Lebowski.

I've never seen a Harry Potter movie, I refuse to see Gravity or Interstellar on principle, and I think JJ Abrams needs to just stop it with Star Trek.

SHOWS: Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Jessica Jones, Red Dwarf, Star Trek (DS9 and TNG), Sherlock, Dead Like Me, One Punch Man.

Like every other Millennial, I watch Game of Thrones. I've also read the books.

GAMES: I love games that make you think, or that tell an interesting story, or that choose a unique aesthetic and then nail the execution. I've spent a lot of time playing Kerbal Space Program. I absolutely adore the Dark Souls series, with its beautiful fantasy/horror themes and orchestral music. Elite Dangerous, Pillars of Eternity, Portal, Legend of Grimrock, Left 4 Dead (with friends), The Stanley Parable, Psychonauts, Telltale's adventure games.

I also play a bit of Rocket League. Because I get to be a car with a rocket that plays soccer.

FOOD: Food? Food.

BEVERAGES: I'm a beer geek. No IPAs, please, but I'll drink just about anything else. I used to brew it, too. I use the word "geek," not "snob," because I don't like to limit myself. I'll drink cheap beer in a pinch, and I appreciate a good mixed drink. I know enough about wine to know what I like, but that's about it.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Space. In addition to being the final frontier, space is also *really freaking cool.* I do enjoy thinking about what an alien civilization might look like, and how we could find it. Or whether humans will ever send a colony ship to another star system. Or just how weird the surface of Pluto really is.

Life. I'm a biologist. Life is messy, complicated, hard to define, and totally cool.

Privilege. I'm a middle-class white cis hetero dude, so I've got a lot of it.
On a typical Friday night I am
Out drinking, playing board games, rock climbing, adult swim at the Children's Museum, or exploring the galaxy in a video game, I'll do just about anything on a Friday night. A couple weeks ago I got stupid drunk and bowled one of the best games of my life.
You should message me if
If I seem like a decent and interesting person you'd like to get to know, send me a message. I'm here to meet cool people, and you're probably pretty cool!

If you're here because I sent you a message, that means I would be interested in getting to know you. My message may have been awkward, but I promise that I'm less awkward in person. I haven't figured out a non-awkward way to break the ice yet.

If the interest is not mutual, that's totally fine! There are any number of legit reasons you might not be attracted to me at all. I would appreciate a reply to my message saying you're not interested. I won't question it.
The two of us