37Hartsdale, United States
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My self-summary
I am terrible person! The kind that when he wakes up in the morning the devil is like oh shit! he is up!

Alright jokes aside now that I have your attention (hopefully! if not we should totally talk!) .... on a slightly serious note (so that I might have a non-zero chance to get a response) I am pretty happy go easy person. I believe in taking life head on ... for that reason I love Dodge as a car maker, their symbol along with a pseudo-ish tag line of grab life by the horns ...directly speaks to my inner core (core - that right there makes me feel like I am 100 CPU super-computer processor core ... he he he ... nerd alert!!!) Apologies I digress! So like I was saying I like to not take life too seriously, we only live once and there is no reason to waste it over useless crap. By profession I am techie guy through and through ... slightly (ever so slightly) nerdy (nerd alert #2 I might be pushing my luck now .. lol) . Very well settled in my career and happy with where I am in life. I think I will draw a line here and not write more! hopefully this would have given you a good idea!
What I’m doing with my life
Hmmm ... I think I would say I am enjoying my life!!! that would be pretty accurate sum up of what I am doing with it (I think the guy who made this question/profile section was not a smart cookie ... oh well!! I am sure he is doing a lot with his life ... picture me with a Sheldon-ish sarcasm ... if you dont know who Sheldon is, then ... BAZINGA!!!!).
Ok well to give the guy a fair shot ... I work full time for my day job. I am techie guy who into anything techie per se. Lately though my inherent manly mechanical side has been taking over and I have been spending more and more time working on my jeep wrangler ... (I take her offroad quite a bit, she was a offroad-virgin and I was the her first when it comes to going off the black top ... LOL)
I’m really good at
Another tough one ... these guys are not making it easy! are they? well the first word that comes to mind is Procrastinating ... LOL! If the nerd, jeep and procrastination has not scared you off then boy you are 1 in a million!!! (you should feel proud!!!).. if you are really interested in knowing ... then I would say I am really good with computers and Jeeps, and at getting along with people ... (it is pretty easy going path once they have gotten over the fact that I tie a turban and am not from the middle-east or a muslim or a terrorist! ... LOL). Also I know a lot of adult jokes .... pretty much can tell you a joke for most situations (and I promise I wont have to explain them to you)
The first things people usually notice about me
For a chance lets try and answer this one seriously from the start (where is the fun in that?) ! The first thing that people notice about me is my turban and then they think that I am muslim from the middle east (and then they will try and greet me appropriately and it is hell of a lot of fun when I repond in english and say that I have no idea what you just said) .. reminds me of MasterCard commercial ... Turban-$50, Ticket to a culturally insensitive place - $250 ... the expression of shock on peoples face when they see you ... PRICELESS!!!! lol). Well I am a SIKH... if you dont know who we are ... i suggest wikipedia or asking me !!!! (BTW just to be clear ... Sikhs are the coolest party and fun loving race ever!) As a side note, this section was a difficult one because I was trying to stay on track ... re-reading it tells me I was not very successful.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
BOOKS - 50 shades of grey, Lover at last (you get the idea!)

SHOWS - Sex and the City, Cougar Town

MUSIC - Madonna, Adele

FOOD - Properly cooked!

PS. If you are still reading this, these things are to be shown and shared (music is to be enjoyed together, danced to!) food is to be shared together (cooked for each other). If it gets there I will show you my real taste in this stuff! till then enjoy my favorites above :)

For the record though ... Geek for life ... Big bang theory rocks!
Six things I could never do without
1) Air i.e Oxygen - I always wonder why they called it that .. who came up that weird souding word
2) Food - any thing edible (I am a vegetarian so anything that ever moved is way out of question ... esp the ones that had a name)
3) Water - got to hydrate !!! and keep the super computer core cool
4) Electricity - being a nerd (alert # 3 - man I am in red zone) I have a high respect for this form of energy :)
5) Gas - got to go out and travel! got to keep the meter ticking ... I wonder if this would rate #1 for anyone in transportation business !! interesting.
6) Gadgets/Electronics - without them you would not be reading this and I would be connecting to the world (boy this one has a serious undertone!)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
If I can get my mind to free from the thoughts about the primal human instinct then .... How I am going to take over the world? My trusted associated Pinky and the Brain ... have been given the task to devise a fool proof plan along with expert guidance from Steven Spielberg.
On a serious note I do spend a lot of time thinking how can I help better the world when it comes lack of basic amenities like food, drinking water, basic education etc. I am regular donator to St Judes.
On a typical Friday night I am
Playing online games while eating cheetos and cursing the hell out when I loose the game! Well may be I should not be that brutally honest... Ignore what I said above ... On a typical friday night I am out with the friends drinking and having fun!
For the record I am not big into video games ... I would rather be watching sex and the city!!!! LOL
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a 12 inch long schlong! (LOL ... that grabbed your attention alright !!!!) there are plenty private things that I am willing to admit but they are private for a reason i.e. not be talked about in public and esp not written on a public profile on a public website. (this section officially confirms my hypothesis about the guys who designed this, they are not being smart cookies!)
You should message me if
If you have read my profile above and have reached this section then you should definitely message me. We will have a blast together! In general if you are a happy go easy person reach out to me! I promise I wont take you too seriously !!! LOL
The two of us