26 Benton, United States
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My self-summary
So I guess the question to answer here is: Who am I? But, much like anyone, I can't give you an accurate representation of myself in so few characters, I can tell you my interests, I can tell you my hobbies, or details of my work and of my home life, but does that information truly give an accurate representation of who I am? I've spent a long time on this site somewhere around four or five years, probably not something most people are wiling to admit, but it's the truth, and whether it's because I'm just bad at writing messages, terrible at writing profiles, messaging the wrong women, or simply just not what any women consider boy friend material I can't say, but I am a little tried of it. Seriously in most cases I don't even get to the point of rejection, I'm not even worth that amount of time, not even the most bare bones of responses, and no I do not believe I am "entitled" to a response (man did I laugh when I got that message) but possibly the only thing worse than being rejected is being passively told you weren't even worth the time to reject. Most women I message probably don't read the message I send, fewer will even look at my profile, and fewer still will even take the time to get this far into my profile, well over half of my responses are rejections, and even the promising conversations simply die for some unknown reason. Now I don't say this for pity, I sure as hell don't want someone to settle on me, and sure as fuck not because they feel sorry for me, this is simply me putting my thoughts to text, and if a few women decide after reading this that they're going to put in that little bit more effort into actually talking to people and as result even one more couple finds each other then this whole block of text was beyond worth it. No I'm writing this because before you read my profile, before you take a look at me and judge me to be worthy or unworthy of your time, I want you to know where this is all coming from, I want you to know that if you decide to simply ignore me, it's not because you were anything special, it's because you were anything but, and however insulting that sounds and however much it hurts my chances, it still feels damn good to put in writing.

So if you're reading this I probably already messaged you, and if you made it this far without getting insulted or deciding I'm a loser who isn't worth your time, congratulations you're a cut above the rest, not that you needed the validation of a stranger on the internet but this is my profile, I'll write what I want. Now a bit about me so you can determine if I'm your type, I'm kind of sort of really completely an introverted guy who has issues talking to strangers in public areas or places I'm not used to, hence why I'm here. My favorite activities are almost all some kind of game, video games, table top games, and recently live action role playing games. Additionally I really like anime, a lot, as in I literally could not get enough when I was younger and the only reason I don't watch more anime now is because I have a hard time making the time to do so between my other activities. Most recently my time has been spent working on Dystopia Rising, a full immersion zombie apocalypse live action role playing game, of which the Arkansas chapter recently opened up and of which I am a member of the staff. My first two profile pictures are DR related, the main one of me in my costume as my character and the zombie picture is from me helping promote at a convention, which was sort of tiring but really fun. So far as day to day it may seem kind of boring but I'm too much of a home body, as in if my friends didn't invite me over and I didn't have work I'd almost be a shut in. Fortunately my job keeps me somewhat active however so I manage to keep from completely wasting away.

Well, that there is quite the long winded bit of text, and congratulations if you made it this far, and actually read all of that. Sorry if that seemed a little heavy there at the beginning but seriously don't just ignore people, it fucking sucks and you wouldn't enjoy it if someone did it to you, so when someone sends you a nice message (I'm not talking about a generic "Hi" message ignore those idiots all you want, I'm talking about the personalized ones where they actually try to engage with you) at least tell them no, or if they seem nice but send you a first message that's too long respond anyways and ask them to keep it a little shorter in the future worst thing that happens is he turns out to be an ass hat and you have to block him. I on the other hand will immediately stop prying for responses the first time you ask me to stop, and I take as personal point of pride that I've done no more than send notification that I will no longer bother someone after they have asked me to stop messaging or taken the time to express their lack of interest with a response (imagine that, when people ask me to leave the alone I do).
What I’m doing with my life
Zombies, games, anime, and bread. How many of you guys think I'm kidding?
I’m really good at
Games, games, and moar games
Pumping out LARP weapons
Moderately okay DM/GM
I am the KING of Procrastination
The first things people usually notice about me
I couldn't tell you if I wanted to, I'm far from overly introspective and don't make a habit of asking people what they think about me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I don't read books very much anymore, I don't watch movies much anymore because of Netflix. I like a long list of anime, too long to list. My music preferences are eclectic, but lately I've been obsessed with the RWBY sound tracks. My favorite food changes often but I consistently like pizza and egg rolls.
The six things I could never do without
Computer, Internet, Video Games, My Friends, Lemon Juice and Mio, a comfortable couch
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Stories, games, character concepts, moral conflicts
On a typical Friday night I am
Work or sleeping before work, unless I somehow got Friday night off.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a thing for cute things, also I am male and do not mind calling things cute, or adorable.
You should message me if
So if I didn't beat this dead horse enough in my summary let me pile drive it a few more times down here. The entire purpose behind this site is to meet people, we all have our different intentions, some just want new friends (why are you on a DATING website?), some are just looking for a hook up (go to a bar you'll have better chances), and some are looking for a genuine relationship (good for you). Now I'm not going to get into standards here because I feel like I could write a fucking thesis on how both genders have ludicrously high standards in general, but what I AM going to talk about is messaging. So regardless of your reason for being here it would be safe to assume that you're here to meet people for one reason or another and the primary means of contact on this site is messaging (however bad the application works, or so I hear people complaining personally I've never had any major issues with it) and this site, unlike so many others, allows full free contact. Now ruling out people who send boring ass one liners or obviously copy pasted blocks of text, what's the harm in at least taking the time to tell the guys with substance in their messages you aren't interested? And before I get the "Well women get more messages than men" response, I am patently aware of this trend, more so than most women in fact, and even more so than anyone bringing it up to me. I'm also aware that a number of those messages are the one liner crap I already told you to ignore and all I've asked for so far is giving people the god damned time of day. Seriously, few women on here actively browse profiles and fewer still send initial messages (maybe due to fear of rejection, maybe cause they don't have the time I really don't know), but the primary point is, however much time you think it takes to simply read and respond to a message, it took more time and effort to write that message in the first place, so instead of bitching about how you're getting too much fucking attention and don't have time to even say no to the guys you don't take a shining to, maybe remember that there is person behind each of those messages, and that person took the time to talk to you because they think you may be what they are looking for, and no, you don't owe them a response, but assuming you're here looking for that special someone too, finding them may involve sitting down for the occasional conversation.