28Perth, Australia
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My self-summary
Mutant freak of nature.

Textbooks, stunts, supercomputers, antibiotics, advertising, whitepapers, black magic, anomalies, nuclear exclusion zones, kung-fu training, Sci-fi friends, MTG, original crimes, utility belts, complex thought, duality, high-tech fashion, multimedia art, creative advertising, pathogenic biology, DJ battles, rare tunes, research chemicals, AV hijacking, weather patterns, evil schemes, human behavior, meta-systems, Shadowrun, hard video games, poor life choices, abstraction art, learning, teaching, problem solving, cartoons, killer stationary, curious artifacts, RSS feeds, healthy food, thrift stores, self-respect, locksports, vultures, urban exploration, wasteland vacations, smiles, maintained fingernails, order within chaos, inspiration.
What I’m doing with my life
Health recovery & treatment.

Few years back I took a tick bite to the knee and contracted a whopping 6 different infections from the bite. Using 6 different anti-bioitics in a stack with a bunch of supplements, two different antiparasitic/antiviral meds and anti-fungal pills, I've got that number down to just two I'm still in the process of eradicating.

While neither of the remaining infections transmit on a human to human vector, I'm not that interested in being sexually active at all; at least till this treatment is done. One of the drugs I'm on has the spectacular side effect of turning your jizz a radioactive shade of yellow; and between trying to broach that kind of topic with someone, the foibles of human expectation, and me not wanting to throw any more germs at my immune system, not worrying about that kind of stuff at the moment seems like a pretty damn good idea to me.
I’m really good at
Thinking, board games, creative ideation, writing, comprehension, making poor life choices, learning from poor life choices, offbeat humor, psychiatric evaluation, music mixing, drawing... lots of stuff.
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably how I look? I don't know I'm not other people, but that'd be the most consistent factor. Round glasses, long hair, clothes that look like batman meets the matrix with a dash of shadowrun (Kind of High-elf crimewave style?), utility belt, massive head, lack of body fat, pointy bones... I have a look that people seem to not forget in a hurry.
Six things I could never do without
Stuff is temporary.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
On a typical Friday night I am
In bed with two laptops watching cartoons and either shopping or researching.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't trust humans without proof.
You should message me if
If you're cute, smart, a good listener, and perhaps think to yourself sometimes 'Gosh, if only I could find a way to have a new human being around the place without having to deal with too much bullshit'.

I have no body fat, and winter is cold. Humans naturally produce the exact right temperature for keeping other humans warm. I would like to have someone whose lap I can lay my head in while sitting on the couch watching cartoons or TV shows, doing browsing on my laptop, reading books or while taking comfortable naps. If that sounds like a job with your name on it, please contact me.
The two of us