43London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Friends came up with:
fluffy (nope, I've no idea what that means either...hang on, was it fluffer?);
easily distracted;
prone to fuckwittery;
"not a morning person...often not an afternoon person either".
What I’m doing with my life
I like where I am in life; my friends, my family, my job, yada yada, but I've got some more things to do before I give up and retire to the sun.
I’m really good at
Putting my feet behind my head. (EDIT: apparently not any more...I think I just broke a rib trying that..)
Guesstimating things.
The first things people usually notice about me
On this site it's usually the fact that my chosen (and unchangeable, without paying) username unintentionally makes me sound like I have, ahem, "digestive issues" (I don't).
...see that "prone to fuckwittery" thing I mentioned up there?
...uh huh...you see it now don't you?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Rum, monkey-puzzle trees, Bottersnikes and Gumbles (formative childhood reading), Jilly Cooper's Riders (formative teen reading..it set some eye-opening benchmarks...I've 3 sisters; I read what was around*), scuba, mangoes, gym, films (all sorts really..'cept ones with Elijah Wood), music (again, all sorts..'cept Westlife), sweets (especially All Sorts).

Examples: Crazy P, Nick Cave, Green Wing, Dan Flavin, Tim Burton, Shooting the Past, Daft Punk (French house in general really), Bridget Riley, Spiritualized, Blazing Saddles. The thing I love more than anything is the sea.

Less keen on: jazz....folk...sounds like squeezing cats through mangle. Violins and accordions? Together?! WTF?

* Don't judge me, they were brilliantly indecent when I was a teenager...the books I mean...not my sisters...that'd just be wrong...really, really wrong..
Six things I could never do without
The others:
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Being male, apparently it's supposed to be sex isn't it?
When I'm not thinking of that I'm wondering whether I'd be allowed to get road tax for a hovercraft.
How otters have got life pretty sorted.
On a typical Friday night I am
Out with friends most likely.
You should message me if
you have joie de vivre, that's what I like most, along with a little je ne sais quoi...and you now know my full French repertoire...alright, NOW you know my whole French ability.

If you secretly, or not so secretly, enjoy schadenfreude (I'm shit hot at German) then you're my type.

You know what? Just email if you want to...
The two of us