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My self-summary
Well, time for a new profile summary. The previous one has gotten too familiar, so time to revise.

I read a zillion pofiles from women talking about what THEY want. I mean who can blame them. "For Papa make him a scholar, for Mama make him rich as a king, for me, I would mind if he was as handsome as anything (Get the reference?)."

Here's what you get with me:

I'm shorter than what most women on here are looking for. But I do have a tall personality. I take care of my teeth and see my dentist twice a year.

I'm eccentric. I will talk to absolutely anyone at anytime about anything. Some women can't handle this. I know my son has difficulty with it. However, one of my ex girlfriends watched me do this while in NOLA a few years ago and actually counted the percentage of positive responses I got: 90% positive. After that she stopped worrying about it. While in NOLA at Jazzfest, she watched me get 60+ people in the Jazz and Heritage Tent to get up and participate in a second line parade. All of them wanted to do it, but had to be encouraged to let down their inhibitions. Except people from the Midwest like Nebraska or Kansas. Even Minnesota. Those people are going to be inhibited no matter what. But some women prefer the strong silent type. This is not me.

I ask different people multiple time per day what they want to be when they grow up. Some tell me they are already grown up - Arf. Some say they don't know. That's OK. Some get a dreamy distant look in their eyes and tell me their fantasy. If you have a fantasy about what you want to grow into, I'm the guy for you.

I was able to retire early, but I'm busier than ever. I like traveling - so far mostly domestic. I'm trying to learn Jazz piano and my teacher told me he is playing at a major venue in NYC and invited me to come. I'm trying to work it out. Any excuse to go. I like to return to places I have visited frequently because then they become my second home.

After not having time for many years, I'm back into bicycling. I'm not going to win any speed awards, but I did rack up a 26 mile ride a couple of days ago and plan on an 18 mile ride today. There are two kinds of bicycling. Uphill and Downhill. I prefer downhill.

I hate to get into this, but I'm a committed liberal. Recently I had a homeless friend (was an acquaintance when he first came) living with me. He had no where else to go. His health was terrible and after living with me for about two years (free), he passed away in February. The point is that talk is cheap. I'm personally opposed to abortion, but I recognize that I'm not standing in someone elses shoes and it isn't my place to judge (lest I be judged - which I am anyway). I'm in support of Obamacare and Insure Tennessee. It's all about the human condition. It is not my job to judge you if you don't see the world my way. But I will ask you a lot of questions to try understand your position and perhaps convince you of mine and I will try to walk the walk and lead by example.

I'm the kind of person who supports the causes in which I believe. With time or money. If you find this trying, you won't want to hang out with me.

I don't regard myself as particularly "beautiful." No washboard stomach. Hair could be thicker. Etc. On the other hand I'm in a position to really enjoy life (though no Bill Gates or even a Frist) and make a lot of adventures. It's a trade off. If it sounds appealing, I might be the guy for you.

If you want a younger man, it's not me. Inside I don't feel older than say 35. The calender does not lie. For my age I look pretty OK. When I turn on the humor (which can be a little manic) people guess me as younger. When I go to Lowes to buy bathroom cleaner and am not in the mood to be funny, they usually guess me in my mid to late 50s.

If you want someone to travel with, go hear music with, go out to eat with, and make an adventure with, I might be the guy for you.

I do realize it is a package deal and if a woman has younger children who live with her part time or some other "complication" it's part of the package and I can make it work.

So, it's about you and what you want.
What I’m doing with my life
Doing lots of things I have put off for years.
I’m really good at
I have two doctoral degrees. I'm pretty smart, but I definitely see the world from my own point of view (duh!).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I spend a lot of time listening to old jazz, old rock and roll, and Latin. But I can be taught. Probably not whiny country or heavy metal. Gives me a headache just to think about it.

Food - I like good stuff.
Six things I could never do without
My children
My Children
My son is away at college. My daughter just finished her degree and has taken a job near San Francisco.
I'm not great at being alone for very long periods of time.
My son got a dog and then went to college and left him with me. Turned out to be a good thing. So, I'm not alone.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
A variety of things
On a typical Friday night I am
At the Nashville Jazz Workshop for a concert, or practicing jazz piano, or traveling or ?????
You should message me if
I'm the kind of guy you are looking for.
The two of us