36Mounds, United States
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My self-summary
So yeah. These things tell you so much more than the questions. I'm diverse, yet still surprisingly dull. I think i'm pretty intelligent and I love women that push my brain pan. I like cultural stuff, art, books, movies, music. I'm curious about everything. If you don't like to learn stuff, you won't like me. I make a good boyfriend usually. I can be very sensitive if I feel like it. I'm very supportive and will always be there when i'm needed. I'm not very demanding of people, but I'm pretty picky. I'm kinda lazy, but I really get into some things. I coach a swim team and teach lifeguarding during the summer and I get really absorbed into that. I like goofy nerdy things. I watch cartoons, read sci-fi/fantasy novels, play video games, but no more than I do other things. I also like to rock climb, write poetry, and watch football. So . . . diverse. Pictures are coming soon. the new digicam is at work.

I am curious, patient, and nervous
What I’m doing with my life
Off to grad school at OSU in the fall. I'm gonna teach, but it remains to be seen whether its going back to teach high school or going on for the Ph.D. I don't REALLY like the idea of being that poor, so i'm also looking at Technical Writing, which is boring but can be a nice supplement to a teacher income and looks good on a vitae. Wow, reading that it really sounds like i've got it all figured out. I am really intimidated when I read these profiles and it seems like someones life is perfect. Mine isn't. Its getting better and for the most part its under control, but its far from perfect. To pay the bills I am a night supervisor at a Community Center/Gym. I don't really do it that much though. That's my position, but I know how to do everything there so I do it all occasionally. I run the climbing wall, run the register, teach CPR, teach Lifeguarding, work with kids in the classes. During the summer I program the pool, coach the swim team, and, (my baby) the junior lifeguard team.
I’m really good at
Trivial Pursuit. Or any game that requires lots of random knowledge. Jeopardy. Teaching . . I am really good at helping people understand difficult things without making them feel stupid. I think its what i'm best at. I test well. It makes up for my general apathy towards grades. I like to think i'm a better than average poet. I'm not terribly atheletic but I know a lot of outdoorsy stuff. I do the rock climbing thing. I like to camp, fish, hike, whatever. I'm good at figuring things out. People included. Give me a month, I'll generally have a good fix on what you like or dislike even if you haven't talked about it. Yes, that includes what you like sexually. I'm very aware of whats going on with my partner. The ones I can't figure out are the ones I am most attracted to.
The first things people usually notice about me
My hat . . if I wear it. My one concession to being an English Major is my hat. One of those psuedo golf hat beret things. People don't usually notice me. If they do, for some reason I must not seem very approachable. I am really very friendly and like all kinds of people. I am very shy so I seem standoffish to some people. I'm told that when i'm excited about something my eyes are very attractive. So if you catch me on a topic i'm passionate about, lucky you I guess.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
American Splendor (that guy reminds me of me on bad days) or Becket (Peter O'Toole is the man and i can't wait to see him in Troy. That guy has the "playing kings in movies" market cornered) or maybe Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (I want to meet that guy now. Even if we only talk through the peep hole and he is hangin out naked inside. That guy was really interesting.) This keeps growing on me. I just watched House of Sand and Fog, best movie i've seen for the first time this year. I watch LOTS of movies. Some other good ones were Love Actualy, The Lion in Winter (another Peter O'Toole flick), Othello (the Lawrence Fishburne one), Lost in Translation, and The Apartment Of course there are lists of movies I watch constantly which don't really count here. Anything by Mel Brooks, esp Blazing Saddles, The Usual Suspects, Life is Beautiful (i'm a big fan of foriegn flicks). My ALL time favorite movie is Titus. Its basically Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus. Except its Julie Tamor's Coke Dream trippy version. Julie Tamor is the lady who did Lion King on Broadway and Frieda (also good). This movie is F'd up. Its Shakespeare which is always cool. Plus it is by far Shakespeare's darkest play. People getting raped and having hands and tounges cut out and such. Cast is great too, Anthony Hopkins and Alan Cummings, the guy who plays Robert the Bruce from Braveheart is good and so is the guy who plays the other black guy (not Morpheus, the other one) in the Matrix sequels. All in all a kick ass movie with an equally kick a$$ sound track.
Six things I could never do without
BOOKS, ASIAN FOOD, ICE (it was my first word and I crunch it annoyingly when I drink), my computer (I have the worst hand writing on the planet and as much as I write I would never make it without a keyboard and WP, people or kids to teach, friends and family, and books.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Tom Stoppard. I know you've probably never heard of him. If you have, pass go and collect 3zillion cool points, and Email me. If you haven't and you are smart and like witty plays. Go get one of his. The best is Arcadia. He also wrote part of the original screen play to Shakespeare in Love. I could pick a lot of other writers, since i'm a poet e.e. cummings might make more sense. But I think Tom Stoppard is the best writer of any kind ever. So, yeah i'd go with that.
On a typical Friday night I am
Working? Now. I usually work 5 nights a week and one of them is usually friday. If i'm not, there is no telling. At a friends house? On a date? At home watching a movie? On the back porch with a book? At a football game? At a poetry reading? A concert or a bar or pool hall? Catching up on sleep/homework? No telling.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I was crazy ass in love at 20 and was married and divorced by 21. I'm not usually that impulsive, but hey we are all entitled to mistakes. There aren't any hangups about it. I am still friends with my ex. It just was way too early in life for that. It has made me very mature for my age and i've been in and out of a few pretty decent relationship since then. So . . . its deffinitely in the past, but something people deserve to know up front.
You should message me if
You think you are realy smart . . . and are right. Enjoy good conversation. Like nerdy things . . . like books. Don't have anything that seems like more fun to do.
The two of us