38Austin, United States
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My self-summary
UPDATED 11.20.1014 : ITriedFiveNames !

rock bottom has never felt so free :-)

MEXICO might be in my future someday ;-)
AUSTIN is home sweet home again :)
VEGAS will feel my wrath real soon !
POKER is a hard way to make an easy living :/

as spontaneous as i am, im a creature of habit, order and routine (i have a few OCD tendencies ;) so when i find something i like, i embrace it, but that does not mean im incapable of changing this routine when needed, im a pretty flexible, "go with the flow" type of guy that is normally not caught off guard, i believe that the more you plan and prepare, the more spontaneous you can be

im also a risk taker, i look at life as a series of gambles, some people gamble with their health (fast food, not working out, unprotected sex, etc) some people gamble with their life (sky diving, mountain climbing, bungee jumping, etc), but i gamble with my money and have lots of fun doing it . i have always been one who is willing to try something unconventional to achieve my goal or complete my task, when you look at life as risk versus reward it simplifies into whether or not you are willing to act on what you believe in

also, im (basically) a homebody now, i spent a ridiculous amount of time outside in the sun (burning) when i was younger, spent the majority of my days training or playing some sort of sport in school through college, and worked my ass off at several jobs after i dropped out, but now i just want to relax, i value my free time (which i have more of now than i would like) so i will always take advantage of any opportunity to sit back and enjoy the moment, often when i get home after a long day, all i want to do is curl up on in my bed with a warm blanket to either read some comics, books or news, write some stories, poems or in my journal, either play some video games or poker online, catch up on my shows or watch a movie, or just take a (brief) nap

up until recently, all my time was being consumed by work, losing 2 of my jobs recently, i went from working 6-7 days a week to just 2 if im lucky, which is making it harder for me to climb out of the hole i dug myself from years of trusting the wrong people and deviating from the plan, but im still making some progress, it's the bare minimum and a little bit of a struggle, just when things were starting to go my way, another series of unfortunate events took place and ruin the party, but dont get me wrong, im still doing something i love and it will always be fun and exciting for me, but lately im in a downward spiral and spinning my wheels shifting debt around just to live day to day, if this trend continues then something needs to change, if this is just in a slump then i hope it ends soon

i had the most awesome cat in the world and i miss him everyday, i still love you bones <3

well thats basically me, im your basic average normal guy
oh and by the way, my name is ed :)

i am also lazy, tired, and hungry
What I’m doing with my life
my plan is to become debt free as quickly as possible so i can experience life to the fullest ... maybe find some cheap wheels, roll up a stake and head to vegas to become a professional poker player and/or poker dealer ... if that fails then i can fall back on my writing ... and if that fails well then i will just rob armored trucks
I’m really good at
sleeping, procrastinating, sarcasm, keeping promises, tetris, getting into debt, making a mess, paying bills, freecell, playing video games, timing the microwave, finding bargains, kicking things, stubbing my toe, having faith in the wrong people, losing to 1 outers, befriending a stripper, doing the dishes, eating, tripping, tipping, ordering pizza, drinking water, and making lists
The first things people usually notice about me
are that im pale as a ghost and i always wear a hoodie
(as of late, im not as pale and i sometimes go out sans hoodie)

well thats my perception at least

recently, im finally starting to get over some bullshit and ready to move on, for a while there i was heading down the path of becoming a bitter old man, but no more, im slowly getting back to my old self, the easy going, laid back, friendly guy who doesn't get bothered by much and is always happy, a simple man who doesn't complicate things with anything petty, and im trying to become someone my friends can trust and talk to about anything, anytime, i want to be a better person, hopefully i will get there someday, until then, no worries :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

BOOKS: anything by michael crichton (but print is dead)
for clarification, i dont read for enjoyment, i read for knowledge
but my friend did loan me the harry potter collection and i promised her i would plow through it soon

MOVIES: 28 days later, 28 weeks later, a life aquatic, alien, aliens, alien³, alien: resurrection, aliens vs predator, alien vs predator 2, anchorman, avengers, back to the future, back to the future 2, back to the future 3, batman, batman begins, batman: the dark knight, blade, blade 2, blade trinity, bottle rocket, chronicles of riddick, chronicles of riddick: dark fury, pitch black, corpse bride, crash, daredevil, donnie darko, edward scissorhands, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, evil dead, evil dead 2, army of darkness, fight club, garden state, ghostbusters, ghostbusters 2, groundhog day, guardians of the galaxy, the incredibles, iron man, iron man 2, iron man 3, kick-ass, kick-ass 2, labyrinth, lord of the rings: fellowship of the ring, lord of the ring: the two towers, lord of the ring: return of the king, the animatrix, the matrix, the matrix reloaded, the matrix revolutions, moulin rouge, night of the living dead, dawn of the dead, day of the dead, nightmare before christmas, office space, predator, predator 2, resident evil, resident evil: apocalypse, resident evil: extinction, the ring, the ring 2, rounders, the royal tenenbaums, saved, serenity, se7en, spider-man, spider-man 2, spider-man 3, spinal tap, star wars: phantom menace, star wars: the clone wars, star wars: revenge of the sith, star wars: a new hope, star wars: the empire strikes back, star wars: return of the jedi, starship troopers, starship troopers 2: hero of the federation, starship troopers 3: marauder, terminator, terminator 2: judgment day, terminator 3: rise of the machines, terminator: salvation, twister, underworld, underworld: evolution, underworld: rise of the lychens, x-men, x-men 2, x-men 3, more to come soon

TELEVISION: agents of shield, arrested development, batman: the animated series, the batman, blade, bob's burgers, buffy the vampire slayer, castle, charmed, chuck, elementary, eureka, family guy, firefly, the flash, futurama, gotham, high stakes poker, justice league, it's always sunny in philadelphia, poker after dark, the sarah connor chronicles, the simpsons, smallville, spider-man, star trek: the next generation, star qars: the clone wars, the 100, the venture bros, the walking dead, wipeout, the world poker tour, the world series of poker, the x-files, x-men, more to come soon

MUSIC: 2pac, 50 cent, ace of base, alanis morissette, alicia keys, amy grant, amy winehouse, ashlee simpson, avril lavigne, beastie boys, beck, beyonce, bjork, blue man group, blue october, bob marley, bone thugs -n- harmony, brandy & monica, britney spears, carrie underwood, christina aguilera, ciara, coldplay, cyndi lauper, daft punk, david bowie, debbie gibson, deee-lite, depeche mode, destiny's child, dido, duran duran, electric six, eminem, enya, fear factory, fergie, filter, fiona apple, flyleaf, garbage, gorillaz, guild, gwen stefani, inxs, jane's addiction, jennifer lopez, jewel, korn, kylie minogue, la roux, lady gaga, lil' kim, lily allen, lindsey lohan, lords of acid, lumidee, madonna, mandy moore, mariah carey, marilyn manson, maroon 5, massive attack, melanie c, michael jackson, michelle branch, natalie imbruglia, nelly furtado, nine inch nails, no doubt, norah jones, onerepublic, outkast, paris hilton, paul simon, paula abdul, pearl jam, peter gabriel, radiohead, rihanna, sarah mclachlan, she wants revenge, sheryl crow, spice girls, stone temple pilots, t.a.t.u, the b-52's, the chemical brothers, the crystal method, the cure, the pussy cat dolls, the ting tings, they might be giants, timbaland, tlc, tori amos, u2, vanessa carlton, violent femmes

FOODS: cereal, sandwhich, nachos, spaghetti, asian, tex-mex, chicken

OTHERS: (word, awesome) (time, night) (drink, water) (style, casual) (animal, penguin) (colors, black/blue) (season, fall) (weather, overcast/rain)

Six things I could never do without
in no particular order
I spend a lot of time thinking about
money (i give up ever trying to get ahead !)
vegas (the dream might be coming back to life :)
poker (what can i say, im a workaholic, heh ;)
dreams (there just so visceral all the time :)

  • how many second chances do people deserve

  • if there is anything about myself i can change

  • what it would be like to actually have a car

  • if i should limp under the gun with hooks

  • what i would do if i had special powers

  • how soon is too soon to make a move

  • is there such a thing as being too nice

  • is that pantless snorgtees' girl single

  • if im ever going to go back to school

  • who keeps eating my nutter butters

  • if there is such a thing as bad luck

  • if tonight's game is going to make

  • if i would survive a zombie attack

  • what my recurring dreams mean

  • if there is anything reliable in life

  • if i would still be good in a fight

  • what i have learned this week

  • if my parents still love me

  • if i am a good friend

zombies, vampires, werewolves, aliens, time travel
On a typical Friday night I am
dealing, sleeping, playing video games and/or board games, watching a movie, at a strip club or (of course) playing poker
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i snore ... loud
i have insomnia
i sleep with my tv on
i don't fuck on the first date
(but the second date, look out !)

those dont seem private enough, but i guess thats because im pretty open about everything, im sure i could think of something deeper and more private if i tried, hmmmmm
You should message me if
you like to laugh, want to watch a movie, want to play board games, OFC, shadow era, scrabble or poker :)

alright, here's the thing ... i need a woman who understands poker, she doesn't have to play or even like it for that matter, she just needs to understand it, the lifestyle, the long nights, the swings, the streaks ... a woman who will be there to celebrate the wins and show support during the losses ... pretty simple, huh ?

also, must love fun

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The two of us