31 Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Rewritten this quite a few times now! Ah well...

I am a fun-loving, caring person who likes to have a laugh and get on with things. All my friends are coupled up and I cant really be bothered with the dating scene. A friend recommended this site for meeting new people, so here I am.

I enjoy getting out and about, but also having lazy days at home depending on what options are available, if there is something happening though I would normally go for that over staying in the house. Random adventures are all good :) -I would probably be one of the first to succumb to cabin fever if i was stuck in the same place without being able to get out!

Anyway, what else do you need to know? Can't think, if you want something specific message me.
What I’m doing with my life
Been in my current job for a few years now. Wouldn't say I love it, but the people are nice and it pays the bills! ld much rather be working in a gallery/museum or other cultural based environment. Somewhere closer to home would be good too as my commute is a bit long...mind you, started cycling it recently and it's taking me about the same length of time to cycle as it takes the bus! Enjoy getting out and about, taking photos, wandering randomly, etc. Also would love to go work in another country for a few months, but want to clear some of my student debt first! Considering going back to Uni to do an MA, but cost is an issue!
I’m really good at
walking and talking. I do it all the time...really. also breathing, I got that down a long time ago...

Ok, that was lame. I'm sorry.

Seriously, My friends say i'm a pretty good listener, and I'm easily amused, not sure if that counts as being good at something? also, quite handy around the house i guess, not afraid to put up shelves, or put together a flatpack whatever, and yes I do at least skim the instructions before getting stuck in! even if i dont read them properly or all the way through... :P

cant sing or dance though.
The first things people usually notice about me
um, I'm not sure. Used to say my hair cos it was down to my bum, but it's been quite short for a while now, trying to decide whether to grow it out again. If we meet you can tell me!

Not about the hair, about the first thing you notice.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Fave books...there are so many, couldnt pick individual books, mostly prefer fantasy/sci fi, but so long as it's well written with a good story i'm pretty much guaranteed to enjoy it. Really enjoy the riftwar saga by Feist, Terry Pratchett is awesome, Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson...the list goes on, very occasional chick lit by jilly cooper/marian keyes also Laurell K Hamilton and Lora Leigh, The Sharpe novels by Bernard Cornwell, catch 22.

Movies, I love the comic based films, all the action hero stuff lol, romcoms, action, foreign language on occasion - bit of everything depending on the mood! im totally rubbish at movie trivia stuff though, i would be no good at all in a pub quiz.

Music, rock/metal mostly, been to DOWNLOAD a couple of times n loved it! Missed it last couple of years though due to pack of pennies, was gutted this year as some great bands that I really want to see live have been there. I also like more chilled stuff when the mood hits, some electronica, a bit of drum and bass, 60's, 70's, 80's...grew up in the 90's but lets pretend that didnt happen :p. Not so keen on the chart stuff, although a few good tracks do come out of it now and again.

Foodwise...im gonna be honest I am a total foody! love all different foods, and always up for trying something new, so if a japanese/thai/mexican/greek/chinese/indian/steakhouse/whatever has just opened near you, and none of your other friends will go, I'm your girl! of course if you've just found a new recipe and want someone to try it out on, im up for that as well - and I hope you'd return the favour!
The six things I could never do without
barring all the obvious stuff like food and air and water; - a good book, friends and family...does that count as one or 2? um, art of all kinds, my phone, dark chocolate.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Random Stuff, have you ever watched scrubs? you know those little daydreams that JD goes on where random things happen? at times my brain goes a bit like that. even if i know a train of thought is totally ridiculous I have to follow it through...the same goes for random conversations. If you start a random conversation my brain will follow it through to its (to me) logical conclusion, no matter how ridiculous.
On a typical Friday night I am
watching Movies, reading, out with friends. Just depends on money and whats been suggested really.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I like nice underwear. I dont see anything wrong in that. although not bought any in a while. Hmm, shopping trip may be in order...
You should message me if
You want to have a laugh and get to know each other. I'm quite easy to talk to, and you dont have to be looking for anything more than someone to chat to, dont be afraid to hit that message button! I promise i wont bite...well not unless you ask me to anyway...