28Hanoi, Vietnam
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My self-summary
Hello everybody
I'm Hai
I'm from Vietnam
:) I'm a shy person but I'm need make friends in the world
I'll honoured if I make friend with everybody
Maybe you think: my usename (I_am_snow_wolf) symbolize cruel. But it symbolize Courage and union
Welcome to my email nglytangbangtroi@yahoo.com or my nick chat nglytangbangtroi
have a nice day to you
^^ can you mean happiness?
Happiness is caught butterfly in the field
Happiness is looked after for anybody to you
Or simple this is A face radiant with smiles of my dear
Happiness exist everywhere
So don't look for it far place
Its exist here in everybody's heart
Therefore don't going to anywhere for search happiness
Let to respect everything you have

Xin chao tat ca moi nguoi minh la 1 nguoi nhut nhat. Nhung ma minh rat muon duoc lam ban voi tat ca moi nguoi. Doi voi minh co them 1 nguoi ban nhu co them 1 niem hanh phuc lon lao. Minh rat mong cac ban ghe vao nick cua minh: nglytangbangtroi . Tan gau mot chut cung duoc :)) neu ban nao co kinh nghiem lam giau hay dau tu trao doi cung minh thi hay qua. Vao nick noi chuyen voi minh nha vi minh toan online tren dien thoai thoi khong noi tren trang nay duoc
Chuc cac ban luon vui ve va tim duoc nhung nguoi ban tot
^^ cac ban nghi hanh phuc la gi? Doi voi toi hanh phuc gian don thoi. No co the la 1 cuoc noi chuyen than mat cua nhung nguoi ban. Duoc nam dai tren tham co ma ngam bau troi ngam hoang hon buong. La nu cuoi than yeu cua nhung nguoi than. Va ca nu cuoi than thien dang no ten moi ban nua day ^^. Vay do ban. Hanh phuc dau phai duoc tim thay o 1 noi xa xoi nao ma no van hien huu o ngay day thoi gan lam. Trong trai tim cua toi cua ban va cua moi nguoi. No dang dap day dap nhung tieng hanh phuc do. Vi cuoc doi luon tuoi dep ma ban vai co ly do gi de ban khong mim cuoi di nao. Gio tung gio troi qua toi tran trong nhung gi toi dang co va song that voi chinh minh. Va toi biet rang toi dang hanh phuc thuc su 1 su hanh phuc trong sau tham tam hon

I am Good-natured, earnest, and affable
What I’m doing with my life
I'm read book and invest and play the sports
I'm like all food by my mom cooking

Doc sach do la thu vui cua toi toi doc moi loai sach chi can no la toi thay hung thu vi du nhu dao Phat dao Lao sach chiem tinh, tam ly. dong y va ca sach tay y sach khoa hoc va kham pha va sach van hoc toi thich nhat la Hemingway va nguyen ly tang bang troi cua ong
Ngoai ta toi rat thich chiem nghiem ve cuoc song ve tinh yeu va nhieu thu khac....
I’m really good at
Oh I don't really maybe I alway have a smile when everything í diffcult

Toi nghi la toi co kha nang ke chuyen cuoi va an ui nghuoi khac

E hem nam nay phat hien ra la minh con co kha nang don gian hoa nhung chuyen phuc tap va lam roi tung roi mu nhung chuyen don gian nua ^^
The first things people usually notice about me
Eyes and a smile

Chac la o nu cuoi va anh mat ^^
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like all food by my mom cooking
I like book's invest and story
I like lisen to pop music and a little rock, china music ( Jay Chou)
I like China film ( have Shu Chang ^^ I love Shu Chang)
I like Hemingway's novel

Mon an me toi nau cung khong phai la qua ngon. Nhung khong hieu sao chang co thu gi thay the duoc mon an cua me toi. Thieu no toi cu thay thieu 1 thu gi do ay^^ co le do khong han chi la mon an ma con la tinh cam an chua ben trong no

Hi gio thi toan an mon minh nau noi chung la tu cam thay ngon ^^ hi ma co khong ngon cung tu an ui minh la du sao cung ve sinh thuc pham khong dau bung dau ma so ^^
Six things I could never do without
1 my family
2 my friends
3 myshelf and a smile
4 my future
5 my books
6 job and money

Gia dinh la tren het ban be la can thiet ban than cung khong the bo qua huong toi tuong lai voi 1 cong viec ma minh yeu thich va 1 vi tien vua du ^^
Thư của các bạn gửi tới cho minh cũng rất quan trọng ^^
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I don't know maybe is the past and at the moment and the future

Qua khu la bai hoc hien tai la trai nghiem tuong lai la hy vong va quyet tam
On a typical Friday night I am
Laugh^^ I read books and visit my friends or my relation

Sach sach va sach ^^
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
A sweet smile, A face radiant with smiles

1 nu cuoi dep xua tan bong toi , guong mat rang ro mang den anh nang am ap
You should message me if
You need make friend with me
You don't speak about sex
You respect my message send to you

Moi la thu cac ban gui cho toi deu la bau vat vo gia doi voi toi. Va toi that su cam kich truoc nhung thien y cua cac ban. Toi se tran trong nhung buc thu cua cac ban. Boi vay toi rat mong cac ban se tran trong nhung buc thu cua toi nhu toi da va dang lam voi buc thu cua cac ban
Cam on cac ban rat nhieu
Nam nay viet them 1 dong nay nua ^^ toi se viet thu lai cho ban neu ban cho mong thu toi nhu toi cho mong thu ban ^^
The two of us