39 Chicago, United States
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My self-summary
Thank you for checking me out. I'm pretty self-effacing so asking me for a glowing recommendation about myself is challenging. Financial stable, homeowner, that owns a car, donates to charity, listens to NPR, sees live music regularly, goes to museums, eats well, exercises, travels, tries to read regularly, cooks at home, tries to plan fun dates, tries to be fair and decent. I try to do interesting things, I just got back from a 5 week trip to New Zealand. It was cool, you should go. It was recently brought to my attention that my dry absurd straight man sense of humor comedy act comes off as not an act,

I think it might be more useful for me to describe what I picture a relationship with me might be like. I would like to travel more frequently with someone, twice a year week long trips would be a good start. If we can manage time away from work for longer trips then let's do it. I came up with a trip that starts with an Inca trail hike to Manchu Picchu, then explores Patagonia for a week or two, then to Mendoza to drink some wine, then going to Buenos Aires before flying home. That isn't a promise but that is kind of the trip I'm talking about. Going camping every summer, like twice a summer. I get that city girls don't like camping, but going places where we have to treat our water appeals to me. Throwing it out there. Going to the Lyric, Steppenwolf, or Goodman a few times a season, like 1 opera, 2 plays, I dunno some thing like that. Knowing the guy at the wine store on a first name basis. Doing charity events regularly, like once a month.

Something else about me, I have no interest in college football, if this is a central focus of your life, that's cool. But yeah, I give no fucks about your team winning or losing.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm an attorney, I have a JD/MBA. This is my second career. I was a chef for about 6 years. I like to cook but at a certain point I realized how hard it is to have a family as a chef. I salute anyone that is able to make a go of it, but I made the right choice for me. (But that should explain why I like to cook and why a chef's knife in mentioned in my things I can't do without.)) I'm looking to start my career. But that being said I am financially stable.
I’m really good at
I am a good cook. I've mentioned it a couple times so I'm not going to expand. I'm good with people. I'm good with planning. I like to find interesting things to do. I'm a good listener that probably has a good book recommendation or some new music.
The first things people usually notice about me
I’m a big broad shouldered guy. Homeless guys are always like, “Hey, big guy” and I’m like “Me?”.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Proportionally I read about 90% non-fiction and 10% fiction. When I get a book, I consume it. I thought getting the Kindle App on my Ipad would reduce the amount of books but now I have a backlog on my Ipad to match the backlog on my floor.

Good TV: true detective, cosmos, Louie, veep etc. I missed truly lyrical swearing so I'm rewatching Deadwood. I liked most of the shows HBO prematurely cancelled, carnivale, john from Cincinnati, and the aforementioned deadwood.

Music. I listen to vinyl and podcasts. I'm a terrible judger of people based on their musical choices, so please forgive me on that personality trait. But yeah, there is no way in hell i'm going to sit in a car and listen to phish or the grateful dead for any length of time. I'm more clash and devo with harry nilsson thrown in there.

I go to farmer's markets on a regular basis. But I should say my day to day meals vary in complexity from heating up a bag of food from Trader Joes to homemade gnocchi. I don't drink soda and I try to be pretty good about the junk food. I sincerely don't remember the last time I ate something from McDonald's. I do eat meat, but vegetarians don't give up hope on me.
The six things I could never do without
There is no order here:
1-Single Malt Scotch
3-I’m starting to feel like that with my Mac products which I hate myself for.
4-Chef's Knife, (apparently this raises some red flags for some of you. It isn’t like I sleep with a knife under my pillow. I just use it every day.)
5-Peanut Butter
(7-My record player)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How does someone find an interior designer? I need some apartment help.
Why women on OKC highlight sarcasm as a strength? Isn't it a defense mechanism?
Also why do people buy into Meyers-Briggs? It is psuedo-science promoted by a huge industry.
On a typical Friday night I am
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a baboon heart, but it is trying to learn human love.
You should message me if
-->I'd prefer to meet sooner then later. I understand that could come off as forward but we are all dynamic people working off of static profiles so meeting quickly resolves a lot of questions.
- you aren't dressed as Harry Potter or Dr Who in any of your pictures.