37Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
I like stories. Reading, writing, watching, living. I think our lives shape our Myths and our myths shape our Lives. I aspire to being the Hero of my own story and a White Hat in other's. I consume media voraciously; movies, books, plays, anything that speaks to me.

I prefer not to talk about work in the first half hour after meeting someone. I prefer not to think about work after leaving the office. I meet uncertainty with a grin and live unpredictably.

I've been a student, a vagabond, a warrior and a recluse. I've felt lonely and loved. I've lived as best I could and regret nothing except the risks I didn't take.
What I’m doing with my life
I've been known to write. Prop work pays the bills.

Employment isn't purpose and we have an impact beyond our work. What I'm 'doing with my life' isn't as important as how I'm doing it.

I'm an Urbadventurer and coiner of the occasional portmanteau.

Ultimately, I'd like to have a screenplay produced, crisscross the globe, and retire to a sailboat in the Caribbean.
I’m really good at
Shooting the shit. I can be long-winded and a bit of a blowhard, but I admit when I'm wrong and love to learn new things.

I'm a fair hand at media criticism and deconstruction. I can whistle while smiling, work long stretches without sleep, and I'm a first round draft pick for emergency situations.

Oh, and I always put the seat down.
The first things people usually notice about me
"Boy, Eric Bana's really let himself go."

I'm told people react to me one of two ways: immediate admiration or visceral dislike. Yikes.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I hate choosing favorites since tastes evolve and circumstances or moods warrant different options. That being said:

I have disparate tastes but at this point I'd read Neil Gaiman's grocery list, so: Stardust/American Gods/Sandman (cause it's not a comic, it's fucking literature) Pete Hamill writes a New York that is terrifically engrossing. WEB Griffin for the macho, pulpy, military yarns. Doc EE Smith's Lensmen, anything by Asimov, Heinlein, or Clarke. Island at the Center of the World, Cosmos, bios of Roosevelt and Bogart, cyberpunk, steampunk, historical fiction, high fantasy, Harry Potter, ad nauseum.

Raiders of the Lost Ark is the perfect movie. 80's classics like Ferris, Goonies, Say Anything, Original Trilogy, Hunt for Red October, etc. 90's classics like Fight Club, Goodfellas, Field of Dreams, Clueless, Braveheart, T2, Pulp Fiction. 00's like Batman Begins/Dark Knight, Rushmore, Kill Bill, Hangover, Push, Marvel's Renaissance. I could do this on and on, trailing back to the Silent Era. Modem Times, Gone With the Wind, Wizard of Oz, Intolerence, Singing in the Rain, Giant, Longest Day, Yojimbo, Notorious, Psycho, Night of the Living Dead, and on and on and on.

I love stories, as I've said, so this section is torture for me. Music is even more difficult as I lack the vocabulary and insight to describe what I like and why.

Johnny Cash, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Jay Z, Springsteen, cheesy 90's pop rock, hair metal, The Spinners, Mumford & Son, Miles Davis, orchestral compositions, Less Than Jake, crusty 80's punk, Iron Maiden, Goa Trance, Kanye, if you can make sense of this than please share. I remain aurally omnivorous.

How do you pick a favorite food?! Everything is amazing! Pizza, Perogies, Payaya, Pie! And that's just a few starting with "P"! I love my Mom's Homemade Chili more than anything in this world... but that's a natural law, right? I guess Lamb Korma w/Somosas, quality Gnocci or Tortellini, and Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes and Mac 'n Cheese. General Tso's Chicken makes the cut, too. (although Sesame Chicken does in a pinch)
Six things I could never do without
My Friends
Indian food
A New Story
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My writing. The subconscious is always sampling and adapting your everyday experiences into your creative impulses. I like to let my mind drift and play out scenarios for scenes in my head.

My Feminism is intersectional, my consent is enthusiastic, and my heart is bleeding

Skepticism, Reason, Humanism.

Also, Words with Friends. (iamlejo)
On a typical Friday night I am
“Well, it’s not really reading…” - Neil Gaiman

The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I think I've modeled my idea of an adult relationship on Mr & Mrs Smith.

I have a tumblr (iamlejo.tumblr.com) and a string of hopeless Internet crushes:

Mary Kate Wiles (http://squaresville.tumblr.com)
Vi Hart (http://vihart.com/)
Lindsay Stirling (http://www.youtube.com/user/lindseystomp?feature=g-user-u)
Linda Le (vampybitme.tumblr.com)
Molly Lewis (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avxpn_MsPYs&feature=g-user-u)
You should message me if
Mamihlapinatapai: Yaghan language of Tierra del Fuego, Gunniess' Most Succinct Word; “a look shared by two people with each wishing that the other will initiate something that both desire but which neither one wants to start.”

The two of us