70Yuma, United States
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My self-summary
Looking so totally for a LTR w/exceptionally open minded (this is a "must have" requirement) older Mr or Ms right, either straight or TG, who lives in the reality of the here and now time/society, not the past. You must be able to live for yourself and make your own decisions without others uninformed information deciding for you. We'll be friends first then if all is right, my missing romantic soul mate partner (you?) can emerge. Wutever the case though, you've got to like be able to communicate in a interesting way and give me something of interest to respond to. That means, but is so not limited to, NO ambiguous, cryptic 3 and 4 word messages. I tire quickly of unresponsive, short, canned or one sided contacts/conversations beyond the first one. I can not see any "likes" so the above does apply to even any "ice breakers" you send while I'm here kicking tires LOL. There should be enough info below to help fuel a nice beginning conversation. I suggest you actually read it.
I enjoy going-seeing-doing things of shared interests like as in day trips, museums, movies, amusement venues, car shows, fairs, flea market, sailing, nice drives to overnight destinations. At this time I get free comped rooms and some food in Laughlin, NV, so like to go every couple of months, finances permitting. Still hoping for my first ship cruise to wherever. Wut do you offer beyond my enjoyment list that we can share? Not so much into sports, hiking, fishing, camping, although I can do some limited amount of moral support and cookies if in the interest of being/sharing with you. I'm a born & raised So Cal San Diego girl. My favorite, most relaxing place to visit is Avalon, Catalina Island, CA.
I'm like so totally monogamous, and very much a casual gurly girl into heels or flips, jeans, bling and makeup if leaving the house. I almost always have a nice pedi/mani on my nails. I do not smoke (never have) and do not do drugs (never have) and my future other must be the same.
I'm financially self supporting, buying and not renting, but not a sugar mama, so you need to like have your finances in order also.
Besides the usual steak and potatoes, I enjoy Chinese food the most, Italian/Mexican the least. Yeah, I'm full figured but not gross. I'm so not Barbie but remember I'm not 30 something and likely neither are you ROFL.
My favorite music preferences (and automobiles) are in the 50s and 60s, both are oldies but goodies. I like most music genres except opera, classical, hip hop and rap. I like instrumentals in the background around the house and when in elevators LOL. I judge on a song to song basis. I've been know to Karaoke. I enjoy action/adventure type movies and some well done SiFi. Horror and musicals are at the bottom. I have a pretty good DVD collection for those times there is nothing on satellite.
I accept a indoor cat (yep only one) and can do medium dogs if you take care of it or them. No, they won't be sleeping in bed between us. Presently I have like no pets, no kids, few friends and very little to no past baggage or drama to so totally clutter life up.
Being retired and able to relocate if it need be, I'm so not a believer that another has to like be in the same city or under 15 minutes away before it becomes "long distance". I would hope you are the same. Those thoughts often rule out many potential matches....and maybe the perfect one. Part of being open minded is that your true SO might just be in another nearby city, state, or further. It's gonna depend on wut both are willing to work out.
Now.... the big deal about needing to be "exceptionally open minded". I'm a "pre op transgender female", not gay and with her head screwed on right, on hormones and living 24/7 as such. I included this so in case you're so not THAT open minded and still totally uninformed after reading the last sentence, we'll not waste our time and effort. If you truly don't know or understand the dynamics of wut this all means plz Google "transgender female" or ask me nicely and I'll try to explain TG 101 to you from my perspective (the proverbial horses mouth LOL). If you're still on board, you'll already have, or at least need to adjust your mindset to have, all your ducks in a row concerning myself and your current public and private life before this can go anywhere. If you can't like openly embrace the new or previous experienced idea of a TG female in your life for wutever reason, or let others (3rd party) think for you, this is the time to skip over to some other mundane, unremarkable profile. There are plenty here to choose from.
Think it over and I hope I've enticed you enough to like maybe stop in and let's share some thoughts and things in common. Remember, at this age bracket, let's live for our own happiness, not for society, peers and wut others want. Thxxx......MARSEA
What I’m doing with my life
I'm living each day like as the girl I am and confident my other half in life is out there, although so far it appears not happenin' here in Podunk, USA. Each morning is another day that I will try to make the most out of.
I’m really good at
Making things (including relationships) work.....being totally monogamous and giving more of myself than is good for me...being there whenever I'm needed....having stuff or wutever like come back to bite me in the a$$ lol.
The first things people usually notice about me
For SOME people.....Is that I'm not like other girls ROFL.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I am like a kid of the 50s & 60s so most of my music tastes and of course kewl car picks are of that age. I like Everly Brothers, Brenda Lee, Smoky Robinson, Marty Robbins and etc. Country is like OK...I'll listen. I also enjoy contemporary jazz like Kenney G and all instrumentals.
Old Mercurys and Fords are like so totally kewl, esp the tri colors of the day. Give me chrome,Glasspacs and cruisin' w/my head on your shoulder.
MOVIE OLDIES :It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World. The Long, Long Trailer. Jaws. Alien.
SORTA NEWER : Takers. Lottery Ticket. Salt. Eclipse. Unstoppable. The Tourist. Red. The Sorcerers Apprentice. the new True Grit, any Pirates of the Caribbean. The Green Lantern, Transformers, and all the Fast & Furious thingies. Lately it's Gravity, Capt Phillips, The Butler, White House Down, Elysium, We're the Millers, San Andreas, The Martian, and Jurassic World . I like go to the movies about once a week, sit in the very back row and often sneak like a subway sandwich in my movie purse to enjoy lol. Books, I like stuff by Clive Cussler, Stephen King, some magazines. I've read a few of the Princess Diaries, I enjoyed them. I don't like read as much as I used to. Too many satellite TV channels lol.
My food tastes run to all the bad stuff..like steak & potatoes ...cheese....cake....Bar B Q....not too much into veggies or wutever (too many nights as a kid setting at the table alone until I eat my veggies ;-p)...no Italian or Mexican unless no other choice....ALL seafood is kewl if it's not raw...Chinese is OMG good anytime....OK OK, so I know I'm gonna have to redo like many yrs ago and give up eating again to get these extra pounds back off I already lost once before. Someone.... plz like make me yours and so totally help me through encouragement to make me thinner for you and me, lol. Life's a bitch huh?
Six things I could never do without
Although I'm like doing without it or very little now on four outta six...love, companionship, someone to care for and them for me, a better income would be nice, air & food. There I like got 6..whew!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How far I have to go or wutever to achieve my total goals and such a short time to get there. Someone to be compatible with. Time like marches endlessly on.
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually home with the TV wishing I was with someone cuddling or sharing a fun time out at a gathering, just the two of us with friends, or on the way to a kewl weekend getaway with my "special" other.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
RU like serious?? Read my self -summery silly. The only thing more private is what color panties I'm like wearing LMAO.
You should message me if
YOU'VE ACTUALLY READ ALL THIS, played around in the Q/A section to see how I tick and think you'd want to take a little walk on the wild side. You're like open and willing to accept me totally as who and what I am, just another interesting human being. I don't message first much anymore as I've found most won't take that little extra effort or wutever to respond to a message or worse of all, VERY closed minded when it comes to "me". Best results if you live like within striking distance of Southwest Arizona where a possible in person meet can, and WILL, be a realistic reality if we both click. Future reasonable (a few hours each?) driving doesn't scare me. It's a 50/50 effort though.

It's MANDATORY to like have your ducks in a row, or your head "wrapped" around the idea concerning myself, you and your public job, family and friends. I'm so totally not even hiding on who I am. I'll not be your hidden "experiment" and so totally expect full open minded public acceptance by you day or night in your world. You'll be getting it from me so wut's good for the goose is good for the gander. If you're not able to communicate openly or like to keep yourself "mysterious" with 2-3 word ambiguous replies, then plz don't bother me! I'm NOT looking for either a "mystery" man or women of few words. Interesting, attention getting writing/messages over 2-3 words, some of which refer specifically to this profile showing you actually read it, WILL be required at least for 2-3 cycles before receiving any phone numbers, SKYPE or personal email addresses from this girl! DON"T send me your phone numbers, text or email addresses in the first message, I so totally WON"T call or text.
At this age if you let others and society dictate who you desire, want and need in life, we won't leave this depot on my bus. You have to be able to make decisions for yourself as a thinking independent adult, not based on the fallacies, myths or wutever of others. No reservations or regrets. Just as I have presented here...I'll do the same for you.
The two of us