45Richmond, United States
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My self-summary
I will make this simple. My personality is the variety that is either loved or hated. Some of you will agree with certain of my opinions, others will disagree; either way I will make no effort to ingratiate myself with anyone. You either will choose to approach me or will not....

Among my interests are Trance,Techno, Ambient, Impressionist classical]] and some forms of World Beat music. Horror novels, short stories and movies help me endure day to day life. ScFi Channel is generally my only choice of a Fri-Sat evening's entertainment.

Fitness Training and Martial Arts are both hobbies and work related. So you can expect that I am as developed physically as intellectually. Basically, if you are willing to contact may find me a diamond in the rough.

This is a profile in progress. Thanks for reading. Check back soon for it's update.

I am Strange, Eerie, and Mysterious
What I’m doing with my life
I’m really good at
Pissing off Moralists, Zealots, Right Wingers, Jackass Johnny Rebs still fighting the American Civil War and chanting the south will rise again--Yeah right you mush mouth drawling Neanderthals...

Let's Update this list to included(but not limited to...)

Tea Party Anything
Republicans( it does not matter if they are Moderate--Any Person affiliating with political party can go straight to Hell! )
Politically Active Evangelical Christians
Specific Politicians whom I want to target for a personal blast of venom and vitriol:--Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman, ...more coming in an Edit
The first things people usually notice about me
I have no idea! Seriously, I don't know.===> Updated

Depending on the Person and where they encounter me: I am perceived as being Aloof and cool to the point of Frostiness.


If they have only encountered me in the "Watery Hell"----> they suddenly discover I am Taller and Bigger than I appear or give the impression of being.

As for the previous mentioning of eyes-(see below)-that has not happened in a while but that could be due the fact I usually do make eye contact unless absolutely necessary. ;-}

I have been told on at least two separate occasions that I have "pretty eyes" and sometimes people just entering the class I instruct will comment on my arms other than that...I don't think I am particularly noticeable.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Among my favorite books: The Sword of Shannara Series by Terry Brooks,The Circle of Light Series by Neil Hanncock, Harry Potter and Numerous anthologies of horror short stories.


I do not drop author names. I could care less about the so called "authors to watch". I generally shop in the cheap, super discounted bins in discount stores and buy what I like: horror, Sci_Fi, spy and the occasional murder mystery. Although I did buy one anthology, "The Big Book of Ghost Stories" at retail price in Dec(2013). I have a substantial stash to read so this year should not be lonely in the slightest.

Some of my favorite movies:
Kung Fu Hustle, Night of the Creeps, Jake Speed, Outland, The Blob 1988 Version, The Thing 1951 and The Thing: From Another Planet 1985 Version, The Ressurected, Fright Night, The Beast of Morocco, Race for the Yankee Zephyer, Earth Vs the Flying Saucers,Looker, The Green Slime, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle and many, many more...

UPDATE 2014:

Since getting rid of cable I don't rally know what is playing in theatres. I have not really expanded my list of favorite movies. But I did acquire all the episodes of "Reaper" and while not a movie I am going to have a ball watching the series.

A very incomplete list: Almost any Symphonic work by Ralp(pronounced as Raif)Vaughan Williams, Miklos Rozza and Claude Debussey.

Equally: Almost Anything TRANCE and Techno!!! Extended Play Euro and Dance Mixes...Gino Beats, Darude, Tall Paul, Tiesto,Benny Benassi, ATC, ATB, DMA Volumes 1-4 and Metropolitan Freestyle.... But I really wonder if you know any more now than wheen I started listing....?

On the Subject of Food:

Seriously I eat to live and do notlive to eat...I have no favorite foods. I eat everything moderation so I am not concered with diets and calorie counting and the similar...
Six things I could never do without
UPDATED===> And I still think this is a foolish category

Below, five item/subjects are named so I am adding MP3s as a separate entry. The collection is MASSIVE and ITunes didn't get a single penny---You do the math.. :D

Also a comment on all those people naming various Food Items including entire Meals: If you people eat that much--you damned well better include Toilet Paper in the Six or Dire Consequences will ensue... hahahhahahahahahahaha

Honestly I think this is a foolish category! Some items such as food, water, shelter, clothing, money and oxgen/nitrogen are obviously necessary for survival...

I suppose what is meant are items that make the aforementioned survival tolerable:

My music collection, my movie collection, collection of "Golden Age of Radio" Dramas, personal library and access to the Net are the first 6 on the top of my stuff list.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Immortality... I am very serious. I've noticed that there are large number of questions about death on this site. I for one and sick of the subject. If one's spirit is immortal then all the questions are moot...

UPDATED----March 2013

Still believe in immortality but don't spend a lot of time thinking about it. Besides, as I said===based on my beliefs it's moot.

2014--Nothing has changed. I refused to say "Die".
On a typical Friday night I am
Watching TV...Not a short or clever invention to get you to probe deeper. I have no place to go or hang out. I live in the proverbial small town from I can found camped out in front of the TV and most likely watching the Sci Fi Channel.

UPDATE---I cut the cable just short of one year ago(as of Mar 2013) so have not had access to the Sci Fi Channel[yes-I know they changed the name to SyFy but I never cared for that spelling]or any other cable channel unless one counts accessing programs via the Web. Still sitting at home but content to do so... ;-)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Absolutely nothing! I know this is the age of the talk show, reality TV put your business in the street mentaility but NOT me... If it's private then it going to stay private!
You should message me if
Equate me with a man crossing a desert and dying of thirst...then imagine him stumbing upon an Oasis...

Now if you're an available female you are the oasis and I've been in the desert of prolonged abstainance...

Do I really need to say more?
The two of us