32 Miami Beach, United States
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My self-summary
About Me

-I have lived on my own since 19, I have a career, and my own car.
-I am from Texas, we are nice to strangers. (however, I do not give the benefit of doubt)
-My wardrobe DOES NOT consist of Timberland boots, carpenter jeans, hoodies, and baseball hats.
-My shopping complex may compliment yours.
-Sushi takes up a good chunk of my heart.
-Lets get this out early, Im 5'9", you are as tall or taller?...this is something that bothers you, not me.
-I go tanning...not really, If you take everything I say seriously, we are doomed.
-I will notice your sense of style.
-I will notice your smile.
-I will notice if you do not shave your please do that.
-I watch the bachelor (even though its a bunch of BS, and Ben is an idiot) I flip back and forth between The Voice. Top Chef dates graciously accepted.
-I enjoy cooking on that note.
-Don't mind one bit to drink wine with Pinot Noir = Favorite
-I work full time and I am in school for my Masters, Information Technology Management.
-I am an Information Systems Technician in the USCG...I fix phones, computers, network jargon and blah blah blah
-I started my own clothing line, and I will be in a South Beach Store near you very soon. I'm also working on becoming a personal trainer.
-You guessed it! I work out at the gym most evenings...I do this for me, not for picking up women.
-I will skip the gym should you have something special planned.
-I mind what I eat most of the week.
-Independence, Self-Sufficiency, Confidence, Sense of Humor, Genuine Honesty (brutal even) are the 5 most important characteristics a woman should have.
-An interest in fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle would catch my attention.
-I'm here to meet new people and make friends(.)
- I have a small family, arguments about where to spend the holidays will not be an issue.
-Smoking, If you do it, you also probably think it's disgusting...I don't get it.
-I am so comfortable in my sexuality that I wear hot pink gym shoes that I occasionally alternate with my Rainbow running shoes....its my signature sense of style in an average world.
-If you can dance, I heart you. I can dance too....ask around.
-I do not mind your girls night, I will not blow up your cell phone all night. A goodnight text would be thoughtful and will not go unnoticed.
-I listen to ALL genres of music, even do not have to like it, and may enjoy whatever you like doing as well.
-Jealousy is human, the ability to control it is admirable.
-I like you dressed up, and I like you dressed down.
-I do not need you to reply to my text messages right away...You're busy, I get it.
-I like trying new things
-When is someone going to teach me how to ride a horse?
-I have a motorcycle, that does not translate to me being an adrenaline junkie who is careless and dangers others around me.
-I and the rest of the world also enjoy going out and staying in.
-I am proud of my relationships...I won't have one with just anybody.
-Guess what! someone broke my heart in the past...that person wasn't you...clean slate. Keep that in mind when meeting new people.
-My last meal on a death sentence would be a Wendys Spicy Chicken Sandwich...make that 2. No, Seriously. Ok, throw a salad in there as well.
-I like emotionally strong women...this tends to coincide with confidence.
-I people watch (ALOT!), and have a great sense of peoples character.
-Facebook has ruined interpersonal relationships.
-I like to play should be able to throw a mean right hook. (I am referring to verbally, and I can really take/appreciate a good hit).
-I have lived all over this country as well as Europe, and I am very well rounded and open to many different types of people and cultures.
-Close Minded people, you can go kick rocks.
-I have pretty good hygiene, I clean my apartment, and if your a slob, no need to read further.
-I will kiss you on the forehead if I really like you.
-I always hold the door for women and the elderly.
-Attraction is not a choice, but it is a necessity.
-I like simplicity (excluding my wardrobe)
-If you want to play games, I suggest investing in an Xbox.
-I very very very very very very very very seldomly play videogames.
-I do not mind romantic comedies...Serendipity on repeat.
-I am a personable person and enjoy socializing with human beings.
-The people who do not like me may take a seat with the rest of the people waiting for me to care.
-It is ok if you swear like a sailor, I am one.
-Your cat might be a deal breaker.
-I hope you love seafood more then me. I could let it slide though.
-We recently had an "accident" at the salon, and my hair is shaved short...currently in the process of growing it back. Not that it matters...but pictures may not reflect my tragedy.
-Thank you for reading this LITTLE BIT about me. :) takecare
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile and positive outlook
You should message me if
you are outgoing, ambitious, know how to hold an interesting conversation, and simply like to meet new people...