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My self-summary
Full-time knowledge-fiend (the more obscure, the better), quarter-time eremitic( though it's seeming like full time as of late, what can you do?), and a variable-time musician, I seek the low-key, the intense, and the ridiculous/"stoopid" on equal terms, a typical Aquarius I suppose.
I enjoy ephemera of all kinds, but I seem to have a knack for interests that are now ridiculously commonplace; po-mo analysis, "good" bad movies, musical colonialism, etc. To be honest, I'm kind of tired of it, or to quote the guy who quoted the other guy: "I'm so far ahead of you I'm in back of you." Portland makes me feel both old and pointless, and young and vibrant. Welcome to the dialectic, motherfucker (as the Philosopher once said).
What I’m doing with my life
Just broke a few bones in an unfortunate (or perhaps fortunate?)
accident, so I've been catching up on sleeping. This is to say I also have quite a bit more free time than usual to catch up on a lot of other things! Happy Feckin' Birthday to me neh?
(...happy to start the year of the Rooster with a "clean break" nyuk nyuk)

Debating bad-habit-killing strategies (and achieving them slowly but surely...)

Reading about dead people who lived long ago and far away.

Formulating musical ideas, and trying to implement them within my means.
...And of course, making basil pesto...
I’m really good at
Making tasty food quickly, knowing who did what in musical groups, explaining certain complexities in a simple manner, singing harmony (even when it's out of my range), knowing a little about a lot (AKA being the guy you want on your trivia team) and a lot about a little, odd-meters, being enthusiastic to the point of exhaustion, over-analysis, intentional malaprops, figuring out melodies on stringed instruments (harmony as well), being parenthetical (duh) and sleeping in.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have to say that in all honesty, I almost never read fiction (as if that earlier link didn't clue you in), so I'm not up on the "lit nerd" thing. It seems as much of a fetish/cool-kid aesthetic as music is for a lot of people, with the name dropping and whatnot.

(By this I mean the obnoxiously over-referenced Haruki Murikami/Jorge Borges/Rumi troika that is proliferate in y'alls profiles on here in the last few years. Yeah, cool, you "read books" Yeesh...)

I ultimately still have a long list of reads to attend to, mostly in the "I've always wanted to.." or recommendation vein (and yes Murikami has been recommended to me), but I'm usually distracted by music or film or something else. Chances are I've probably heard of it, but never read it, or attempted/read part of it, but lost interest.

Nonfiction is a different thing entirely; I've read so much I don't know where to begin, especially history/art/culture-related shtuff. Giles Milton and Jared Diamond are old favorites, as are The Many Headed Hydra, George Sansom's classic history of Japan, and Robert Lacy's Saudi history book "The Kingdom." You probably get the gist of my tastes, and don't even get me started on scholarly articles...

As far as the "Cineaste" shtuff: early Coen Brothers, Terrence Malick, Zhang Yimou, early Ridley Scott (not Tony, though I have a soft spot for The Hunger), Steven Soderbergh, Stanley Kubrick, Dario Argento, Peter Weir, Atom Egoyan, Werner Herzog, Erroll Morris, Sergio Leone, and of course, the inimitable Peter Watkins. In addition, I'm a fan of Japanese cinema, from the the obvious Kurosawa, to the (slightly) more obscure Shinoda and Oshima and beyond.

There are way too many films/directors I enjoy, and I always leave someone off the list until I get re-acquainted. I devour lots of documentaries, and I love me some cheesy horror/chop-socky/direct-to-video sleaze,

A tougher nut to crack, as I enjoy ALL music (yes even "country and rap" as a lot of you seem to put as a negative caveat to also "liking ALL music").
Here is a bit of a smattering (updated often) of shtuff I enjoy/stuck in my head at any given time/ancient favorites/new and-or old discoveries.
And if you are so inclined, feel free to play any of them at the same time (and PLEASE message me if you do, I'd love to hear about which combos work best...) :)

RIP Clyde Stubblefield:
RIP Larry Coryell:

Food! This is much easier, and simpler, perhaps because food has less of a specific social component
(but what's up with the "bacon" zeitgeist?
UPDATE: the "bacon zeitgeist" has officially passed, and we have now apparently entered the "Cupcake Zeitgeist.").

Two words describe my food preferences: Heat (as in Scoville units), and Flavor. Combinations of the two are best, but each one should be present in something awesome, be it meat-ridden, or vegan.
The six things I could never do without
Critical thinking
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The inevitable collapse, and how to prepare
musical instruments of all shapes and sizes
income inequality, and the relative political simplicity of ending it
the bleakness
missed opportunities, and how not to miss them in the future
On a typical Friday night I am
Sleeping earlier than most people
You should message me if
*** to all of you that "liked" me in the past couple of weeks/days/months: Please just send a message; I'm not a paying member, and I remember when you didn't have to be one to see who "liked" you***
Shame OKCupid, Shame...

You like mellow people that get animated at the prospect of shared interests, beliefs, and whatnot.

Oh and also if you wanna escape to Cape Breton. (or perhaps Kamloops?)

Oh yeah, if you ARE from Cape Breton or Kamloops.
No really, I'm serious. Totally fucking serious. :I