48Edmonton, Canada
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My self-summary
That girl. I know her. I’ve seen her, dreamt of her, even thought that I had found her. I was mistaken.

Humor is key. Second only to honesty.

I need to laugh and be challenged intellectually. I crave good conversation and comfortable silence.

I want to be blown away. Though I want it to happen slowly. Can one be blown away slowly? I hope so.

I write better than I speak, and speak better than I sing. A terrible singer, but wonderful listener.

"I'm good thanks... and you?" (phew, glad that's over with.)

I love the peaceful sound of rain, the strength of a raging river, and the mystery and depth of the ocean.

I have sought out far away places. Wandering aimlessly with no deadline or destination. I have walked in and out of old buildings just to see what’s in them and down cobblestone streets just to see what’s there. I love the strange and unusual, listening avidly to a foreign tongue. Afterwards the memories spur me on to something new. But memories are wasted when not shared. Life is not meant to be a solo experience.

The voice in my head HAD a Swedish accent... but now it’s Irish. Of course I shouldn’t be listening to voices in my head.

I smile lots... in fact, I’m smiling now.

I AM... impulsive, passionate, chaotically organized, strong willed, an optimist by nature, a gypsy at heart, and a thoughtful, ever changing, work in progress.

Beauty exists in everything. It can evolve and amplify over time.

My eyes are a hazel/green... .

I have lost a sense of fear, that used to dictate me.

Money is more easily managed on a smaller scale.

I have never kissed anyone under a mistletoe.

I enjoy simple things. Love the smell of a campfire and cut grass.

I said many profound things as a child. Youth is wasted on the young.

My home is my canvas. A place of peace and comfort. I am totally at ease in haunted houses.

Love is not a fleeting emotion for me.

A mixed cd would include songs from Danny Michel, Wendy McNeill, Joel Plaskett, and Kathleen Edwards.

I am a last minute (scratch that)... last second packer.

I can’t watch the news for long. Not because I don't care, more because I care too much.

Vulnerability is the sweetest and scariest of all innocence.

I am not one for planning ahead. I do not believe in guarantees. Today is enough. I want to paint it happy.

When I am done, I'm done. Though letting go, is a difficult process for me.

Inspire me. Be gentle in nature. Say what you mean. Go barefoot. Be playful. Be forgiving. Get dirty. Build stuff. Surprise me. Hear me. Strum strings.

I, in turn, will inspire you, be gentle in nature, say what I mean, go barefoot, be playful, be forgiving, get dirty, build stuff, surprise you, hear you, and listen happily to you strumming strings.

Where was I? Oh yes... I know her. That girl.
What I’m doing with my life
Living it day by day, loving my job but not living to work.
I’m really good at
Anything I put my mind to.
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
SXSW most years never fails to expose me to new bands I'd never heard of before (this year, Rah Rah, Shakey Graves, Rodney Crowell, Rosco Bandana, The Mighty Stef, Steve Poltz.
Movies - I like the classics. Princess Bride, Three Amigos, Stardust.
Books - currently plugging away at the Wheel of Time.
The two of us