48Juangriego, Venezuela
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My self-summary
Keine ahnung warum.. aber Sprachen klingen mir herzlich. Deutsch und English habe ich studiert, und wenn ich mir wichtig muhe gebe kann ich etwas Portugesisch und Italienisch verstehen.. es macht Spass auf denen lessen. Naturlich English kann ich viel besser als irgend andere Sprache, aber es macht nicht so viel Spass wie Deutsch. Ich bin eine 45 jahre alt, latin amerikanerin brunette aus Venezuela, 1,65 mt hoch, 64 kg schwer, Oma sagte mir "schönheit liegt im Auge des Betrachters", so guck mal mein Bild und Gott Bless deine Augen ob du etwas schönes siehst weil ich bin 100% daruber unschuldig. Ich kann wie ein Ängel kochen, aber nur wenn ich meine Flügel an habe..
Und .. ja, ich habe meine Haare wachsen lassen und jetzt es wieder Kurz geschnitten lassen.. keine sorge nächtest mal darfst du es selbst entscheiden..
What I’m doing with my life
CURRENTLY.. I don't wanna die a Virgen Hippie Otter Dictator ; )::::......
Trying to forget 'bout kilts and otter's mistakes and considering a new beginning
knock knock, who's it? It is my your new neighbor.. I'm a 27 y.o. porn star.. (door opening Barnabas Collins style sounds effects like here pls) UHUUUU ha ha.. Repent you sinner!! we are Jehova's Witness..
Trying to remember life is too short to spend it all trinking bad wine..
and.. trying harder not to believe all I think ; )
I’m really good at
Creating things with my hands
Knock Knock, kuka se on? Se on minulle uusi naapuri .. Olen 27 Y. O. pornotähti .. (oviaukon Barnabas Collins tyyli kuulostaa vaikutuksia, kuten tässä pls) UHUUUU ha ha .. Tehkää parannus syntinen! olemme Jehovan todistaja ..
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile
knock knock, hvem er det? Det er mig, din nye nabo .. Jeg er en 27 y.o. pornostjerne .. (døråbning Barnabas Collins stil lyde effekter som her pls) UHUUUU ha ha .. Omvende dig synder! Vi er Jehovas Vidne ..
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Absolutelly Anything from Edgar A, Poe, Isaac Asimov, Nicholas Shaxson, Gary Jennings, Garcilaso de la Vega, Hemingway, Bukowsky, Gaston Bachelard, Milan Kundera, Elaine Morgan, Michel Foucoult, Irwing Wallage, Plato, Kafka, Dostoyevski, Miller, Jose Saramago, Frederick Forsyth, El Gabo, Kant, Kelsen, Sidney Sheldom, Rene Descartes, Ghoete, Shakespiere, Nietsche, Kant, John Irwing, Morris West, Paul Doherty, Agatha Christie, Hermann Hesse, José Rafael Pocaterra, Andrés Bello, Jerzy Kozinsky, Eduardo Galeano, Mario Benedetti, José Hernandez, Tom Clancy, Dominic Lappiere, Larry Collins, John Perkins, Robin Cook, Tennesy Williams, Albert Camus, Biographies, Homero, Sófocles. Eurípides. Aristófanes. Herodoto.. It is just impossible to list all my "favorite" I know it makes no sense but some were mandatory readings at Law School, some just to mantain or learn foreign languages.. even the worse book can help us to write or understand other people's minds better.. Will not even try to list my "favorite" music due to the same reasons.. regarding food movies, shows and theater..very much alike.. I'm just mad about any form of human expression.. does it makes me an "expectator"? I would stop it anytime to jump in the back seat of your bike, just to go hicking, snorkeling or hit the road with you.. I'm not Jesus but sometimes.. I feel I can love anyone (Pls. don't get me wrong I'm not promiscuous more like in the biblical sense sort of
John 15:1-8

The Bible and PLEASE SPREAD SALM 37 for any sorry soul to be healed in the LOVE OF GOD ; )
Six things I could never do without
Family, Friends, Air, Water, Health, Sleep.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Quasars, pulsars.. why is it call string theory if there are no strings attached.. are infinetesimal measures enough to imagine how small some particles and elements can be?, and what about the universe; no matter how big it must have an end!. Don't you agree to believe the universe is infinite is like putting God on anything we can't reasonably explain? Why do we humans have a nose and a layer of fat below the skin but no hair unlike terrestrial mamals like most aquatic mammals.. Do you think Sir Alister Hardy was right? Do you think in this world optimists have it, not because they are always right but because they are positive even when wrong? What if media use politicians as entretainers to prevent us from noticing that big corp are ruling big time from their off-shores tax free heavens empires, while we average mortals.. are just allow to swallow the mess they left behind in social and environmental costs.. who wrote about "the lie of hope"? why does profits always have to prevail over environment all the time.. is there a new Earth I dont know about where everybody already have condos at???? Do you think if one hear something, is because someone paid for publicity. Do you think we have two ears and a just one mouth for a reason? ufff me too lol...
On a typical Friday night I am
Sicher in der Lage keine zu kuscheln haben, nach dem Abendessen und letz Glass Wein.
Surely missing to be able to cuddle after dinner and last nite cup
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'ld give out all material stuff just to just become the black woman on this video
Smell plays a bigger roll than status in empathy and sympathy..
Today i used baking soda and vinegar instead of pooing my hear.. have no idea how will this work or if l'll turn into a hippie, then.. According to OKC test I'm a tiny otter, hippie dictator, with the maturity of a 20 y.o. I guess that will save me from getting u to ever fall 4 me.. Tks "!@$%&//*?!OKC tests!
You should message me if
You ask God for patience instead of strenght so you never become an Uxoricidian..
or if Friendship and loyalty means the world to you
or if you are done with been alone and selfish
or just want to approach the world as a team or..
If U've been looking a 20y.o. otter with the actitud of a dictator all your life and just found it out!

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The two of us