45San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
I'm seeing someone, but OKC doesn't seem to make that distinction anymore. If you're a couple, we're looking to make new friends.

I love to laugh and make people laugh. I'm a 7 time Burner. I welcome any opportunity to dress in costumes. I wear toe socks, regularly. I am really enjoying meeting new people. I can be clever and really like wordplay. I enjoy board games. I could be considered a nerd or dork, but probably not a geek. I have lived in SF for over 18 years (or a Bieber!), this is home. I grew up in the Boston area. I like soft fluffy towels. I'm a hugger. My Sodastream is the best purchase I've made in a long time. I don't drink alcohol much, maybe a drink or two a week with other people. If I could pick any animal for a pet, it would probably be a penguin. I like musical theater, any theater really and live music. I truly love the word underpants.

I am looking to meet women who are: positive, funny/witty, secure, sensual, open minded, and self aware. I'm probably not the guy for you if one of your profile pictures has your dog in it.

I am extremely lucky to have amazing friends. I am a part of a SF Community of my chosen family members. I have a hard time articulating (here) just how important these wonderful people are to me.

Full disclosure: I'm divorced after a 7yr marriage (10yr relationship). My ex-wife is a close friend of mine and will continue to be.

I am looking to meet awesome people and am staying open to the possibility of a long term connection.

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." Albert Einstein
What I’m doing with my life
I am rediscovering my love of life and am seeking out activities which make me smile and keep me happy. I'm doing a really good job of that right now.

I work for an architecture and design firm helping to grow our global operations. I work hard, but my work does not define me.

I have begun meditating (a little) and practicing mindfulness (a lot). I started running last year after buying running shoes for the first time in my adult life (seriously).

I have found the small boxes of the OKC dating profile so comfortable and convenient that I have simply adjusted how I live my life to better fit within those categories. It has been an eye opening experience for me. Now before I act, I think about which category I would use to describe the activity. If the activity doesn't fit easily into a category, I jettison the idea and move on to something else. It is liberating.
I’m really good at
Finding the humor in situations
I give an excellent foot massage
Playing - [After a visit to the zoo recently with friends and their little guy, they told me that no one can channel a 3 year old like I can. Nice]
Strategy - at work and in games
Remembering names and faces
Selecting desserts
Finding typos. It's an effing curse, they are everywhere.
The first things people usually notice about me
Smile, curly hair (I have all of it. Don't let my hat pictures fool you), my laugh (oh, it's loud)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Movies: It's A Wonderful Life, It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, Most Sci-Fi or Graphic novel movies (especially Christopher Nolan's Batman movies and Avengers), History of The World Part 1, Marx Brothers, the Jerk, Midgets vs. Mascots (yes it's real and yes it's tasteless and no it's not porn), The Princess Bride,

TV: Battlestar Galactica - the best show ever. Sherlock. Carol Burnett Show. Once Upon a Time. Match Game. Star Trek TNG. Fringe. Arrested Development. Six Feet Under. Magnum P.I., Quantum Leap, Anything with Jim Belushi (no, not really).

Books I love or have read lately: Hitchhikers Trilogy (all 5), Hunger Games Trilogy (the first one is much better than the other two), Ender's Game + sequels, Watchmen, Hard boiled detective novels, Sandman and everything by Neil Gaiman, 11/22/63, Awakening Joy, The Maltese Falcon. I love comics and graphic novels. Would love to get any recommendations of good sci fi from you.

Music I've been listening to a lot lately: Pink Floyd, Imogen Heap, Traffic, Islands, Scars on 45, Frank Sinatra, Florence and the Machine, Sara Baraellis, Tristan Prettyman, Norah Jones, Fiona Apple, Matt Nathanson, White Stripes, the Xx, Eric Clapton, Peter Gabriel, the Who, Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, Ben Folds Five.

Shows: The best show I have ever seen is LOVE, the Beatles cirque show in Las Vegas (twice). Roger Waters' The Wall was AH-mazing (thrice)! I love theatre and musical theatre and will gladly see almost anything.
Six things I could never do without
Not necessarily in order, but not necessarily not in order:
1) Muppets
2) Peanut Butter
C) My sister
D) Music
v) a smart phone
6) my quiet time
I spend a lot of time thinking about
songs I should sing, I'm keeping a list.
I'll follow the odd thought right down the rabbit hole
nothing - or at least trying to think about nothing...
Why so many women on here describe themselves as "sassy"
On a typical Friday night I am
Sometimes I am admittedly tired from the work week and I want something low key, like a movie or listening to music at home. Probably more frequently, I'm playing board games or hanging out with good friends.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
See full disclosure above.
You should message me if
You are part of a couple and want to pair up with me and my sweetie.

you have a great sense of humor and love to laugh. you have a positive outlook on life. you like living in the moment and you think hanging out with a goofy guy could be fun. You can appreciate Burning Man, even if you don't want to go. You are a really good kisser and like making out (a LOT). You like facial hair (on a guy). You want to meet in person after a few emails. Did I mention making out?
The two of us