54Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
Happy, relaxed, with a deeply ingrained sense of social justice. Compassionate and thoughtful, probably a bit too self-effacing. I cook for a living, but it is really more of a life (as will become abundantly apparent if you choose to read further!).

Sometimes have a tendancy to ignore the TREE for the forest. I accept that will not change to a great extent. I don't really want it to, for the most part, but I realize the need to nurture the individual as well and am working to balance that a bit.

I am an archetypical ENTP on the Myers-Briggs. I have taken the test a number of times over many years, and the results are always the same for me. I imagine I am shooting myself in the foot by agreeing to the negatives in any assessment of my personality, but the positives are certainly worth any effort it takes to uncover them.
What you read here, I will assure you, is my completely honest self-assessment. It may sound trite, but honesty is simply easier in the long run; I prefer putting my energy into something other than maintaining lies.
What I’m doing with my life
Normally, I am a cook. However, since mid-August, I have been on IR because I blew out my achilles. I can't work until I get back on both feet, obviously, but have been taking the opportunity to volunteer and read and and rouse the rabble.
I’m really good at
Cooking, skiing, memorizing minutia, gardening, balancing (only physically, though), maintaining my humility (some things are easier than others!), tasting, spatial relationships.
The first things people usually notice about me
Sense of humor, brash attitude. Tact DOES have it's place, and I can be tactful if necessary.
I AM mindful of the emotional needs of others.

Sometimes the volume control gets stuck on 11.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have very few dislikes beyond the boring and mundane. I realize this sounds a bit undiscriminating, but I rarely have an experience I truly don't like, even if the only thing I get out of it is "I won't try THAT again!"

Trying to be more specific, I tend to read far more non-fiction such as history, politics and economics (excited yet?), cook-books and food science. I am trying to get back to reading more works of fiction, including the ones I missed throughout my years of schooling because they didn't comport with my OWN reading list.
When I visit my Dad, the first couple of days are often spent reading all the Nat Geos he has received since my last visit.
Saveur magazine, cover-to-cover as soon as it arrives.

Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, Bull Durham, To Kill a Mockingbird, Marx Brothers, Buster Keaton, Charley Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, the silent Laurel & Hardy's, Brazil, Time Bandits, old soppy, weepy films. Not everything has to have a happy ending.

I like to watch my Mariners and Sounders. My life does NOT revolve around sports, and top-level, for-profit athletics in this country DO embody some dichotomies I find interesting and sometimes difficult to reconcile, but I choose to see it as merely entertainment. I try to avoid the more tribal aspects and ignore the ritualized combat and just enjoy it for the competition.
Daily Show and Colbert Report, though I usually watch them online.
Trailer Park Boys. Brilliant.

Musically, I am all over the place, and though I DO enjoy folk music, especially the more protesty stuff, I am more John Belushi than Stephen Bishop in the famous scene from Animal House.
American music, from Dixieland onward. Swing, be-bop, hard bop, fusion. Hillbillies strumming banjos and playing fiddles. Punk. 50's rock, 60's rock, 70's rock etc., etc... you get the point. I prefer my music to not be overproduced and highly packaged, the rough edges smoothed out for mass appeal.

Everything. Pork brings me pleasure. I love the big, bold flavors of tropical and subtropical cuisines. I love the hearty and earthy foods of the Northern climes. I love the complexity of Indian, Burmese, and Thai curries. The sharp and pungent flavors of Viet cuisine. The subtlety and focus of Japanese cuisines. The communal style and bold flavors of Korean and East African meals. Everywhere around the Mediterranean and throughout Europe, from East to West.
I was weaned on Mexican food, raised on solid midwestern, fed and taught by a devotee of Julia, introduced to authentic Thai before most people in this country knew the difference between Taiwan and Thailand. I revere southern foods, know my grits, love BBQ (pref. East Carolina), and am very proud of my region and our own nascent, though already quite distinct cuisine.
But don't get me started...
It really is far more than just fuel to me.
Six things I could never do without
Okay, let's just presume the usual maudlin allusions to intellect or family or loyalties and get down to the important stuff that sets us apart and truly brings joy and pleasure to my life.
In no specific order, just as they come to me.

Food, see above. I'm not talking subsistence levels, why eat crap. If something is expensive for no good reason, I make my own version (see: Jam, bacon; "gourmet" mustards; whatever). I am not a vegetarian, nor will I become one, but I DO have a kick-ass all year garden that provides me with lots of delicious, fresh, and vibrant fruits and vegetables that are indispensible to my diet. I avoid industrial meat when practical, but I suspect the $1 wimpy burger at the Alki on Tuesday night may not be organic, free-range, and grass fed.
In fact, I can practically guarantee it.
I love seafood, but unfortunately have developed an allergy to FIN fish! I dearly miss salmon and halibut (oh, halibut cheeks, I'll be back someday, even if it kills me) and all the fish with the extra doses of mercury in them, and don't get me started about eel and catfish.
The mollusks and the crustaceans are still my friends, though.
Pork is it's own, very special food group.
Cheese too.

Brown liquor, primarily Bourbon, and white liquor that didn't stop at being vodka, which is nothing more than food-grade ethanol.
Mexican Coca-Cola.

Being outdoors, doesn't matter if it is simply out in the yard doing some planting or eradicating the scourge of Western civilization, field bindweed (Convolvulaceae),
or skiing down some steep face at Alpental, Crystal, maybe Schweitzer, or hiking in the deep back country, or simply pulling over at the end of the road next to a stream and making camp.
In my backyard, the Cascades, or somewhere I've been wishing to visit again since the last time I wished I had never left,
or someplace completely new, known about only through vague descriptions from friends or strangers or just because we don't know what is around the next bend and that's good enough reason to go on.

Thinking deeply.
Being extraordinarily silly for someone of my age. Harr-umph!
Not thinking.
Usually making a good decision about the timing of each of the above.

The new, the old.
The right now.
I didn't mean to get all existential, but that IS me. I dislike sentimentality and convention, but recognize and desire the knowledge history presents us, allowing us to proceed with confidence to face our challenges, and the intellectual capacity to solve our crises.
And, you gotta stop and smell the pansies, frequently.

Actually, it's good to just stop and smell, deeply. We sometimes forget to use that thing.
Smell, and think about what you are smelling. It can be quite revealing.
And taste deeply, too.

That's only five. I'll keep working at it.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why songs I never listen to, by bands I hate, are the only ones that get stuck in my head.

Food, politics, the politics of food.
And baseball, and soccer.
But food, mostly.
On a typical Friday night I am
Enjoying life.
That applies to the rest of the week, also.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am as open a book as possible. When I "hide" something about myself, it is usually out of sensitivity for a person I care about (I.E.: I don't voice my disdain for organized religions to my Aunts).
In my opinion, I am not being dishonest if before I expound on a subject I take into consideration another persons perspective and temper my thoughts and opinions in accordance.

I will make jokes that no one could possibly understand, just to make myself laugh. I am my own straight man.
You should message me if
If you are adventurous and know who you are, but realize there is much more of you out there to discover.
The two of us