38Rochester, United States
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My self-summary
Update Dec '16: Single, Non-monogamous, Poly.

I do not have a Primary or secondary partner at this time...

If you're looking for something serious, it's a possibility but the idea of being poly or swinging once in awhile should be something you are are least open to discussing.

I currently seem to be interested in dating outside my comfort zone. I've always dated women that are different than me but lately I feel a pull towards women that don't fit molds I'm familiar with.


I identify myself in a few different ways…

Poly, Poly Friendly...
I’m a Kinkster…
I’m a Business Owner…
I’m a Gamer (Mostly PC)…

I've been poly friendly for some time now but am now venturing into actually being poly myself. I’m interested in meeting other poly people, be it socially or something more involved.

I’m a Kinkster. I enjoy other people’s kinks, often the kinks of the person I’m playing with will also become mine. Play does not necessarily mean sex. I’m interested in finding play partners for a variety of things. It’s probably best to just ask what they are.

I can pretty much guarantee my business is not what you'd expect. I work every day, not all day but there are things I have to periodically check and I’m effectively always on call, but it allows me flexibility as well. In a perfect world I’d find a partner that would also be a partner in business.

Yes, I play video games! I have been a gamer for almost as long as there have been games to play. If this isn't something you can accept then please don't bother. My platforms are PC, Xbox One and WiiU.

I'm a firm believer in feminism, maybe not your version of feminism, but the version where a woman can choose her own path. Regardless of what that path might be high powered job, stay at home mom, or sexual deviant. Feminism means a lot of different things to a lot of different people but if we can't agree that it’s about being able to make your own choices then we don't need to talk.

I can be stubborn and hard to get through to. Yet I am also a great listener and pretty good at giving real relevant advice, by real I mean truthful and not necessarily what you wanted to hear.

I'm a loyal person. I'm the guy you can call and will help you move. I'm the friend that will help you talk it out. Need some honest perspective I'm your guy. Need the truth/reality of a situation rather than being told what you want to hear, yup I'm that friend. I think outside the box and can usually help you avoid dumb decisions if you can actually accept and follow good sage like advice.

My dream girl is smart, she's adventurous, motivated, independent, sex positive... And she's kinky as fuck.

My needs from a partner... support in staying fit, is at the top of that list. I need someone that if she isn't going to the gym or working out or running or biking or hiking with me she's at least encouraging me and pushing me to do those things. She's also aware of what I eat and tries to encourage better habits especially if I've gotten complacent with my own efforts.

PS - If I rate you highly it doesn't necessarily mean I want to date you, fuck you or marry you. It may just be as simple as I respect what your profile represents or says. Maybe something in it moved me or I appreciated your outlook on something. Try not to read into it too much or just ask.

Also I am not in Rochester, I’m in Geneva, that’s east and roughly 40 minutes away as long as you don’t drive like an old lady.
What I’m doing with my life
Losing Weight
Hitting the Gym
Getting Kinkier

Gaming... is a part of who I am, if that's something you can't abide then you need to move along. I'm mainly a PC gamer but I'm currently giving Xbox One a try and I have a WiiU because I grew up playing Nintendo so I need my classics fix now and again too.

GTA V on Xbox One
Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One
Dragon Age Inquisition on PC
Assassin's Creed Syndicate
Elder Scrolls Online on PC when I have time.
Watch Dogs 2

Forget about those... now it's...
Planet Coaster,
Skyrim SE
Mass Effect Andromeda

Right Now, editing my profile...?!?!

Eating Tacos!
I’m really good at
Offending People... (Unintentionally)
Making People Feel Awkward... (Unintentionally)
Not Being Offended...

Cooking... good+ but not a Master Chef either.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Shows: There's so much good TV out there... I'm just going to list a few.
BSG. Firefly. Stargate. Breaking Bad. Game of Thrones. Walking Dead. Better Call Saul. Band of Brothers.

Books: I'm not a big reader, I was growing up. I read most of Tolkien's published works long before they were made into epic movies, multiple times at that. Harry Potter... I read these when I wasn't much of a reader so I could compare them to the movies... and the Choose Your Own Adventure series... you would make a decision at then have to go to a certain page and continue reading... I wouldn't call it quality but they were great when I was 10.

I'm actually reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series now after watching all 5 seasons of Game of Thrones.

Movies: I can't even begin to choose a favorite. I love the current Marvel Franchise I just hope they can maintain the entertainment level, and I hope they don't water down sequels (cough ironman3) just to put something out there. I have a love hate relationship with really bad/cheesy movies. LOTR/Hobbit definitely a huge fan. Star Wars... Love the original trilogy and I'm very excited to see the new movies that are being worked on and planned. That other trilogy I have mixed feelings. Star Trek I like both new and old... RIP Spock. And of course comedy everyone needs a laugh. And I have a habit of watching movies people say are a waste of time and sometimes they're right and sometimes I love them and sometimes I love them because they were soo bad.

Music: I can listen to just about anything. I do lean towards Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal and its variations. Sometimes I crave classical music. I'm a fan of 2Cellos largely because of their covers but I listen to their classical stuff as well. I don't listen to much R&B I do get my dose through other people, movies, shows, I don't hate it but I'm not drawn to it either.

Food: TACOS ARE LIFE! Americana, BBQ, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, etc... I'm willing to try new things. I'm a pretty good cook. I can't chop and dice like they do on TV but enjoy cooking, I have a few recipes that I call my own... and I enjoy cooking something for the first time and then cooking it again and changing it up to be more me. I'm a firm believer that people should cook together way more than they do, it should not require the alignment of the planets or a solar eclipse or a blue moon to get it to happen, or some silly holiday that's been over commercialized so the man can sell more crap.
Six things I could never do without
sex toys
buffalo wing based foods
like minded individuals
oh and those things that keep me alive (water air videos games tv emissions etc)

Tacos... I tried to live without them.... it wasn't pretty!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why people take pictures with their hoarder pile in the background?

How Awesome Would it be if Purple Hair made a person taste like grape?!?!

How Blanket Forts Are Awesome! (until someone farts in it)

Why would you clean a blanket fort? Aren't you supposed to demolish the blanket fort, tidy up, then build an entirely new blanket fort!

Why the IRS insists my inner child doesn't count as an exemption!?!?

BDSM, LOI, DV, DP, DA... stuff like that!
On a typical Friday night I am
Lately... you'll have to ask.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Have you read my profile... seriously you want more than that...

If you ask nicely I'll do weird things to/with you!

I don't judge... very little you can say will shock me...

I was crushed when I learned OKC suggests that you add Tacos to profiles... and here I thought you were all just really cool!!!!!!!
You should message me if
If our match percentage is low but you see a few things you like in my profile! I don't trust algorithms and I already have someone just like me in my life.

If you can figure out which parts of my profile are humorous and which are serious...

You think dominating a girl together is a good couples activity, or you want to be that girl.

If you eat beef, chicken, turkey, pork and all their cousins and their tasty variations or at least won't piss and moan when I do. I'm working hard to eat more veggies but eating them more is as far as that will go... and try to take away my cheese and I'll cut you.

You have a fetlife account and know how to use it or don't but you try.

You know how to tell someone what you want.

You've been secretly stalking me and I haven't noticed!

You answered your questions truthfully and not how you expect your ideal man would want you to.

You're sweet and innocent and would like to change that. <- Is that too creepy?
The two of us