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My self-summary
The young man on the sea
@all rights reserved by me the author.

I rowed out on my boat. My boat has but a few cracks in it. Worn, but beautiful with varnish. I row my boat out every day in search of that beautiful fish for supper. So many times i have pulled my hook, and line away from fish saying "no you cannot have it; Bad fishy! get away from my line".

This evening it was a bit different. The seas were cold with silence. Snow fell around me, and soft waves lapped at my boat. I didn't even bait my hook this evening. I didn't expect anything. From the waters depth's I heard a song. A song so beautiful it made my heart skip a beat. A song reverberated by my soul.

The song was many words some sexual, some playful, some hopeful, some craving, and some afraid. The mental melody and harmony made my heart jump. I fell asleep that night in the boat. I fell asleep happy and content on the sea. A dangerous predicament, and I knew no fish or man would flip my boat.

Again in the morning the music came. This time I saw the fish. Her fin came above the water’s edge, and I saw her body. She was beautiful. It was my first thought. The way her her stomach met her hips, and her body transcended into her thighs. I was taken aback at this mer-creature. This beautiful fish woman.

I baited my hook as fast as a man can try. I than paused as if caught in a spell. This was the fish-woman who had sung last night she is no ordinary fish. There were many fishes in the sea, so why simply catch her for me supper. My stomach rumbled. I threw my baited hook into the water. My hand shook. I was nervous. I thought hmms should I use a net.

A net. No not a net. She is not a fish to be caught with a bunch of other fishes. I lifted the hook above the water's edge. I held it above the water, so I could only catch the beautiful mermaid.

I felt like a fool standing before the first roman marble statue that I saw. She was as beautiful as a goddess. I am a young man on the sea. I took my hook away. I asked for just one thing as I took my hook away. I asked for a beautiful shell to remember her by. I took the shell, and put in in my left breast pocket.

I hoped to return to the water again next week. Will she sing again, will she come to my boat? I wish I was a man, whom could breathe under water, or she was a mermaid who could survive on land. For now I am a young man on the sea who has seen a beauty from the depths of the ocean. “My words will have to be heavy, and sink beneath the surface” thought the young man, while he was surrounded by the sea.

Self summary huh. Are you living in the present? Treating every moment that you get to take a drag on life. Spewing out the smoke of joy and sadness. Life is poetic. I sit and soak in the viscous essence of Colorado. The mountains, the cities, and the people.

I love to travel. Let's talk about movies, life, love, innocent thoughts and crazy thoughts. Lets go for a hike that leaves us both tired and smiling from ear to ear.

Dating 101 with Mr. Bean:
I’m really good at
Being a dork, smiling, and watching the world through blue eyes.

Wink...wink, nod...nod...exactly!

I have the personality of a conqueror. I enjoy being a tactician in life, and it makes me smile to help people and grow companies at the same time. I want to use the projects I create and help to grow; to fund several charities.
The first things people usually notice about me
My blue eyes or my hair, I guess.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Fahrenheit 451, 100 years of Solitude, Illiad, Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series, Kushiel Trillogy, Green Rider, Art of War, The Prince, The republic, and the Anita Blake Series.

Movies: Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles (Old DIC Cartoon), Inception, Focus, Transformers, Love Actually, Tommy Boy, Apres Vous, Rocket Singh, Strictly Sexual.

Tv: Torchwood, Dr who, Spy on hulu, Trinity, The following, Smash, Naruto Shippuden, Saturday Night Live.

Music: I have an eclectic taste in music. I like everything from trance to classical and country. I do not like gangster rap; except when, the lyrics are well written.
The six things I could never do without
Passion, friends, gum drops, serious and silly moments, traveling, Doritos.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
A few favorite songs:

Dj Gillies- Kiss Kiss (Trance)

Rodrigo Y Gabriela (Arpeggio)

Motzart: Adagio and Fugue for strings in C minor

If and when I find my mate, I am looking for a sensual & intelligent. woman, who love to laugh, kiss. I am looking for a Diana/Artemis to my, Orion.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It's time to end blasay conversations, and I am guilty of this as well. I have decided to share my journal with IOT, or as many know it, the Internet. In my I will use synonyms and other writing techniques to maintain a gentlemanly decorum, so for those looking for something more scandalous; there are websites like literotica to get your jollys. In my journal you will read experiences from my past and present.

October 13th, 2016

I am jaded. Cracked stone laying as rubble, which was once a mountain. Once translated as beautiful heart. I am no more.

If you are cracked beautiful stone, your mineral essence...I will wear with pride. Lodged in your Craggy exterior, there is diamond that you do not see. You are breath taking, and you do not see it.

October 5th, 2016

I awoke in bed. The bed was not mine, and it belonged to a lovely companion. We had carnal delight earlier that night. The succulent taste of her lingered on my lips, and it felt like bitting into a papaya dripping with juices. I feel her skin, and found her skin cold. I raise the soft cotton sheet, while I abscond from her bed.

I had to get back to the boat. I was acting as first mate on my father's 45ft sailboat. I

October 6th, 2016
I find intelligence to be a huge turn on.

Beware of talking rabbits! True story! I once followed a rabbit down a whole, and ended up in a psychedelic place.

I love music. Here is a funny song called "Zombie love song"
You should message me if
You wanna enjoy a bite to eat or a cold beverage. I am addicted to Mexican food, so one can always bait me. lol.

You want to share a conversation about action movies, food, or politics.

If you wanna go for a run or a hike.