31Philadelphia, United States
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My self-summary
I am Indigo Morada. I tend to be cynical because people continue to bore and disappoint me. Unlike the majority of people on these websites, I will not try to sell myself like a product here with falsehoods and misrepresentation that would make a politician blush.

You get the Indigo Sage in all her glory and you get truth, honesty and unbridled contempt for the American way.

I am not going to win any popularity contests with this new writeup, but I am so very tired of the subhuman wretches it attracts. Mentally unhinged wretches who cannot stand in my glory.

I write and I play tabletop and I play video games, because people made of pixels and ink are more complex than the sorry sort that I meet from okc and other places.

But I am sure this makes me look like a misanthrope right? I am kinda a misanthrope. When the human race stops being a species of intellectually depleted, morally bankrupt, superstitious, sociopathic worms is when I will stop seeing them as such.

So enjoy the show.
What I’m doing with my life
I am living life and constantly improving myself. I call this the Advent of Excellence. I am about to take a road trip some places to see the rest of the country and meet friends who now live all over the country.

I am also working out some of the things I've been dealing with and I need a vacation.

I am also working on moving to Canada for the simple fact that there are less people in invoke my disdain there.
I’m really good at
I'm told I write pretty well, and I feel I do. Whenever I can write I mean, I usually have some manner of writer's block up.

I am also good at figuring things out and I always wanted to become a detective.

Also since my intellect is vast, I am pretty good at problem solving and other things one uses logic to work with.

I'm pretty badass in competitive gaming.

It's hard to figure out what one is truly good at unless it's tested. I am good at beating odds. I know this.

I am good at surviving. I am a legendary beast in the kitchen and it's only a matter of time before I am on Iron Chef.
The first things people usually notice about me
From what people said to me and about me............

I have a cute face. That I am quite eccentric. Aggressive, and posses a potent animalistic nature that is both rivaled and kept in check by my self awareness and intellect.

People also notice that I can be negative at times and allow the world to bring me down sometimes, that I hold people up to a high standard that I do my best to live up to.

Vengeful and yet, forgiving. Strong sense of duty and service toward improving the world and lives of those in it.

But most of you don't care about deep shit like that when this question is asked. Let me correct this and describe the things you care about.

I have boobs and a large rear.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
These are the things you can learn a great deal about someone from, the things that they partake in for pleasure.

Unfortunately, I've not read many books that are outside of my pursuit for intellectual nourishment. I read manga and some novels. But I mainly read nonfiction like encyclopedias and studies.

Movies. I love a lot of what Stallone did. Demolition Man, Judge Dreadd, Copland and some that slip the mind.

I love sci fi movies like the recent star trek movie, Dr Who movies and such.

I love a good story, no matter where it comes from. I mainly feed my hunger for stories from playing video games.

Food. I love cooking and I love eating. I can't eat most of what I used to eat due to celiac and not being able to eat gluten.
Six things I could never do without
This is a stupid question.

There is very little we as a species can do without besides the basics like food, water and air.

Oh wait, this was aimed at our most base materialistic and capitalistic urges.

I'll play along.

Video games.
Technology in general.
Comfortable shoes.
Unbroken ankles.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I think about everything, the things lesser beings do not think about. Like people suffering in other nations that are made to suffer due to the western world's lust for power and profit.

I think about how many people were harmed in the making of my electronics and other things I purchase with American currency.

I think about the sociopolitical factors that theocratic and dominionist policy has on the advancement of us as a species.

I think about all the lives I and other westerners indirectly harmed or ended due to our callous disregard for the lives of those that are not within our direct view.

I think about the rise of sociopathy becoming acceptable in western society and the potential negative effects it has on human advancement.

I think about the perfect tabletop game and what would be in it.
On a typical Friday night I am
At home playing video games and studying.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I hate to have a typical answer here, but it wouldn't be a secret if I put it here. Ask me and you shall know.

I am a open book
You should message me if
If you actually read this profile and want to communicate with me.

If you think you can provide stimulating convo.

If you have the patience to talk to people who are different and learn about them and not take the easy way out and look for a clone of yourself.

If you want to bask in my excellence and speak to one of the most amazing minds this planet has ever known.

If my nauseatingly intense arrogance isn't a turn off.

If you aren't one of those physically attractive people with a repugnant personality.

If you are logical and sane.

And please, please match the words in your fucking profiles. I've met stupid, brutish and simple minded jocks who claim to be nerds on their profile, ice queens who claim to be logical and kind, closeminded bigots who claim to be open minded, horndogs of either sex who claim to be looking for friends.

In short, people whose profiles aren't totally full of shit.

Like 99 percent of people here.
The two of us