28 Indiana, United States
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My self-summary
Hi! I'm Eliza Thornberry...
David actually, but I bet I had you going for a second. I am a Curryholic, Hufflepuff, INFP, and Nerd/Geek.

I love a good story whether its told in paint, print, or plowed fields.
Perspective is important to me, possibly the most important thing; I like to think, to play devil's advocate, to 'walk two moons', laugh, and engage in thoughtful conversation. I find that actively cultivating perspective allows me to be a more resourceful and empathetic person, which makes up a lot of who I am. I've worked hard to become who I am and have had the privilege of great friendships, love, and understanding as my reward. I don't know why these connections fuel me but I am happy to live life heart first.
What I’m doing with my life
*Under Construction*
Learning about everything that I can develop an interest in and hoping that eventually some of that can be of use to someone other than me.

My ultimate goal in life is to give something back to the world in whatever way that I can, to connect with and understand as many people as possible, and to be able to teach my children these understandings so that they might grow to become better people and contribute to the healthy success of humanity as well as the rest of the inhabitants of earth(and maybe someday other planets). In the pursuit of all of this I intend to learn the 10 most spoken languages of the world and to pursue interpretation as a career.
I’m really good at
Adapting, Cooking, Learning, and Adventuring. My senses of smell and taste are quite sensitive.

Things I'm bad at to keep me humble:
Seeing, Backgammon, Dancing, Roller-Blading, swimming, small talk, & Ice Carving.
The first things people usually notice about me
Physically: Glasses, smile, something geeky that I happen to be wearing.

I am always friendly, but I don't conform to social norms mostly out of habit.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My tastes in music are fairly broad, but selective. I prefer music with technique in its playing and/or substance in its lyrics. My favourite genres are: Electro-Swing, Gamelan, Classical, Blues, Metal, and Folk. Much like my tastes in music, my tastes in film and writing is fairly broad and, again, selective. As I said above: I love a good story, provided that it is delivered well. My favourite written genres are: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Non-fiction, and Comedy. I list my media preferences in this order: Book, Film, Animation, Video Game, Audio/Oral, Graphic Novel.

This isn't close to fully updated but

Fairy Tail
One Piece
A Certain Scientific Railgun
A Certain Magical Index

Sci-fi, Kung Fu Movies, Anime(over 140, just ask if i like one), Hook, Big Fish, Kung Fu Hustle, Doctor Who, Adventure Time, Summer Wars, Gundam, Stargate, Neverwas, The Fifth Element, Dragonball, Supernatural, I'm A Cyborg But That's Okay, Going By The Book, Castaway on the Moon, Trollhunter, Anything Studio Ghibli, Parks & Recreation, & more.

Videogames: I don't play as much as I used to but I am usually down to do so.
Mostly Fighting games and RPG's, with the odd Adventure game sprinkled in here or there.
Breath of Fire I-V, Ookami, Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3, Street Fighter, Shadow of the Colossus, Pokemon, Classic Gaming(NES, SNES, etc.), PC & many many others.

11 Acorn Lane, Electro-Swing, Classical, Classic Rock, Metal, Therion, Muse, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, The Doors, Alt/Indie, Shakey Graves, Caravan Palace, Goldfish.

I listen to pretty much anything except country, but it still takes a special song or artist to really catch my attention.

Seafood, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German.
"Food, my love. Your eyes, like marinated brisket, fill me with anticipation of each bite. Your heart, slow roasted over a medium flame with assorted stewing vegetables, so tender and warm. Some days you're saucy, some you come plain or with noodles, but every day you remain my one and only, my true love."

TEA. I Likely could not live a happy life without tea.
Preferably Loose Leaf, but I'm not too picky.
The six things I could never do without
Realistically, only the essentials; Food, Water, Oxygen, Shelter, and Knowledge. But here's a list of things I'd rather not:

-Good People
-The Stars
-Great Conversation.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Tiny Houses and simple living.
Outer Space.
The future of Humanity & its place in the universe.

Others: Gardening, Food & Beverage, Friends, Love, Finding/making things that i want that aren't on the internet, dungeons and dragons.

How much it sucks to have developed a chicken allergy. T.T
On a typical Friday night I am
Reading a book, playing with Curry the Cat(who i named after some local curry), or up to some kind of shenanigans.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I can't think of anything I wouldn't admit to, given that it was the truth and my place to share.
You should message me if
-You aren't a Slytherin apologist.
-You'd enjoy a good conversation.
-You drink tea without sugar, or at least with honey;
-You read books for leisure and can suggest ones for me to read;
-You want to share experiences or go on an adventure;
-Some other reason trivial or of great Import.

1. I'm pretty open-minded and even excited when it comes to religions, cultures, and philosophies, however I am not open-minded to any sort of oppressive acts or dogmatic attitudes, especially those that encourage ignorance towards evidenced reality.
2. I am 100% for equality among all beings, earthbound or otherwise, especially those of the Homo Sapien variety. Life is rare in the universe and they are all important. If you are in extreme support or extreme opposition of any culture, gender, sex, way of life, species, religion, or colouring, I am probably not for you.