35Toronto, Canada
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My self-summary
I am on quest to make my life as awesome as possible. I recognized a long time ago that real happiness comes from your relationships with others and as such I pour more time and energy into that than anything else.

I am very close to my family. I have awesome, loving parents. I’m lucky enough to have a brother who is also my best friend. My friends are great. We understand each other in a special way because we were together to see each other’s personalities form and develop. Finding the right teammate in life is key to my future happiness. Also while I’m a few years away from wanting kids, I really look forward to it. I have had a lot of experience working with kids from teaching tennis, baseball, and skiing, and tutoring, and being a camp counselor. I connect, and relate very well with kids and look forward to raising my own.

I just returned from living a dream of mine. I took a trip around the world. I’ve traveled a lot before but never on a trip like the one that I just took. I bought a one way plane ticket. I had no restriction of time or money. I was free to do whatever I wanted, go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted for as long as I wanted. I had no itinerary and no return date. I’m proud of myself for making a dream of mine come true.

I’m so passionate about traveling because I love getting to know and tackle life with so many amazing people. I experience such awesome, memorable things that aren’t available in day to day life. It’s also just plain fun and teaches you how to turn problems and set-backs into adventure.

Before my trip, I worked in finance acquiring and managing software companies for the last five years. The job was great in many ways but stopped challenging me and I wasn’t passionate about it. I decided to build my own business. The travel was a wonderful thing to do during the transition while I was responsibility free. I am excited for the challenge ahead of me, and I take a real pride in something I own and build.

I challenge myself outside of work with various hobbies. I train and compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, play on a baseball team with friends, ski, snowboard, play tennis, and I’m writing a book.

I’m both intense and laid back at the same time. I’m intense in that I really do try to get the most out of life and I have a lot of energy. However I’m also an easy going, light hearted guy who loves grabbing drinks with friends and can watch endless hours of TV with the best of them.

I’m looking for someone with a good head on her shoulders, with good priorities and who looks to have fun in life. Ideally I’d find someone who can be my best friends who I also happen share this intense physical chemistry with.

Don’t be shy to message me. I find it attractive when girls have the confidence to take initiative.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Breaking Bad
The League
Modern Family
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Sons of Anarchy
How I Met your Mother
Simpsons (Seasons 1-11)

Pulp Fiction
A Bronx Tale
The Shawshank Redemption
Scent of a Woman
Judd Apatow movies (Super Bad, Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshal)

7 Habits of Highly Effective People
The 80/20 Principle
The 4-Hour Work Week
A Fine Balance
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