59Woodside, United States
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My self-summary
First, some words from my sponsors: I apologize in advance for the lack of a shirtless photo or the one taken using the bathroom mirror. Also, I'm proud (?) to say that I've now reached 300(!) likes. And I can't see ANY of them. Nor the faces of women hidden by stylish, oversized sunglasses. Get the hints? Enough disclaimers.

Things I like: Integrity, Originality (I'd rather get hit with a speeding bullet than a slow-moving cliche), good food, the perfect (unfrozen) margarita, shameless flattery (giving and receiving as long as it's genuine) Shameful, but genuine flattery ain't bad either. KINDNESS. Anything with effort done well. Skiing. How I feel after a run. Good banter.

Women I like: those who have extremely well developed...senses of humor. If you can consistently make me laugh, I'm pretty much yours. Beyond that, hey, I'm a guy. Just enough of one to at least consider the photos, and being in shape is vital. By the way, if you already know (and liked) the movie in which my screen name was featured, it's a good indication of compatibility. But there are probably others of greater importance. Challenge me, charm me, tell me something. Above all, have strong ethics.

I like sports (playing and watching), but don't need a twelve step program. I cook reasonably well (people have really debased themselves begging for cheesecake- I kind of liked it a few times).

I'm liberal on most issues, conservative on a few, moderate on the ones about which I'm not particularly informed, and absolutely certain that Trump will sell the country out to the highest bidder if he can. I'm a big fan of the underdog. I've been lucky enough in my career to be able to occasionally right a horrendous wrong. I like classic rock and folk-rock music, with a a little country blended in if it's done right.

Incredibly nice-almost always, and proud of it; Caveat: I simply have no patience for B.S. or rudeness, but I'm always good to nice people. I'm in good shape and work to stay that way. I should be able to keep you laughing (or giggling, if you go that way).

People have described me as intelligent and warm. None of these people owe me money or have been paid for their endorsement. But I approve this message.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, I'm the genuine article, with the emphasis on genuine. Be real, be sincere, and you've got yourself one damned good boyfriend. That's what you want, isn't it?
What I’m doing with my life
Black ops. O.K., not really. Actually, living a very good one. Chasing fun and happiness. It's good to catch them; Raising my teenagers to be gentlemen and wiseasses. Doing good deeds in the legal system; a lawyer without the ambulances. Also, on an admittedly bizarre quest for the best slice of pizza in the boroughs and NYC metro area.
I’m really good at
Getting crying babies to coo (I know-you're all rushing to message me now); Otherwise, I'm just good.
The first things people usually notice about me
A touch of flair, a bit of humor, a modicum of style and immeasurable modesty (see I'm really good at, above).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The Godfather, Sophie's Choice, Fargo, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, In the Heat of the Night, Slumdog Millionaire, and finally, the movie from which my screen name is derived. About Time is probably the best rom-com no one ever heard of. Love Joe's Pub, Rockwood, and other small music venues; miss The Far Side terribly; Books: Catch 22, The 11th Commandment, Teeth of the Tiger; TV: Scorpion, Designated Survivor, original MacGyver (the new one is only so-so), This is Us is painfully riveting; I'm also a bit of a Jeopardy nerd; Music: Two guys you've never heard of named Gabe Dixon and James Maddock, Tom Waits music (as long as he's not singing it) then start with Springsteen, and put I-tunes on shuffle. Food: favorites are the things that are really bad for you, but I know better now. I still indulge occasionally, though. Please note: If you watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette, that's fine, really, not any kind of dealbreaker, but please, PLEASE, keep it to yourself. I'm begging you.
Six things I could never do without
Touch, giving and receiving; emotional warmth; Frank Lloyd Wright (supposedly) said: Give me all the luxuries of life, and I will willingly do without the necessities." Hmm. Wondering if he lived his life without touch and warmth. Still, I have huge respect for the thought.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why isn't Jackie Robinson more widely considered the greatest American hero of all time?
On a typical Friday night I am
With my kids, with a date, with friends. I'm hoping to find a terrific woman to join me regularly in this one.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
1) I collect cartoon character golf shirts; 2) Sadly, one day I had nothing better to do than answer OKCupid questions. Isn't that embarrassing enough? Remember, I'm trusting you with these secrets.
You should message me if
You have a good joke (clean or somewhat less so),
You have something to say beyond Hello, Hi, or How are you (I'm fine, thanks for asking),
You drank too much redbull and can't sleep,
You think it's possible that I haven't written to you only because, while you're within my age range, I'm not within yours,
If you believe, really believe we could find that ever-elusive, gotta-have-it, scream from the rooftops chemistry,
Or more simply if you're in shape, have substance, and you want to share time with a guy who's very good company and gives great snuggle.

You should not message me if you live in NJ. Jersey ladies, many of you who've written are downright gorgeous and as a huge Springsteen fan, I am often attracted to the down-to-earth Jersey girl type (in song and story-as opposed to the hang out at the mall type), but history has shown that I'm just not going there long term. Unless you own a premium brand tequila distillery or high end golf course. Then, let's talk.
The two of us