33York, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I enjoy, and work in, the outdoors. I’m enthusiastic and quite nerdy at times. I'm pretty intelligent and a good, though occasionally argumentative, conversationalist. I'm a hoarder of eclectic knowledge and of copious varieties of tea. I also have a really long profile.

I used to describe my self as a "not-so-concealed geeky fan of culty science fiction and similar stuff", but I think I long since fully embraced that aspect of me. I am very geeky and so is my partner which just creates a maelstrom of geek-out feedback loops. Computer games and 90's sci-fi take up a lot of my free time, but at least it gives me something to do when I can't sleep. Or a reason for not sleeping in the first place - I'm looking at you Mass Effect.

I'm in a strong relationship with one of those people who makes you run out of superlatives when describing them. We live together in York and are currently in a polyamorous relationship(s) which is going well. We very definitely consider this the primary relationship so please be certain you're comfortable with that if you're thinking about getting involved with one (or both) of us. We're going for open and honest communication with all parties all the way.

If polyamory isn't your thing, but you still think we'd get on, we have just moved to York and I'm very keen to make new friends here. Particularly if you like doing nerdy things and/or going climbing or mountain biking etc.

I am bisexual but I tend, by inclination as well as in my relationship history, towards partners who identify as female or genderqueer (so mostly the "other" part of the "same and other" in bisexual). Please still feel free to contact me if you identify as male but I might be more tentative than my otherwise confident tone here would suggest. I personally identify as bisexual rather than pansexual for a variety of reasons. I'm happy to talk about it. (NB I don't have "looking for guys who like guys" selected as an option as I got too many messages that were frankly creepy. I guess one of the privileges of being bi is that I can make that kind of a choice). I have some very mild genderqueer leanings and self expressions but not enough that I identify as such.

I am enthusiastic, focused, and a climber
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a freelance adventure education instructor (climbing, mountain biking, canoeing, bushcraft, etc). and, though it's a cliché, I do love my job. Unfortunately at the moment I'm having to travel around the country a lot to get enough work what with the mess the economy is in. Though this does mean I'm getting to spend lots of time with all my scattered friends which is great.

We've recently moved to York and I'm looking to meet new and geeky friends and lovers here. When I'm not sleeping in my van at the bottom of a cliff.
I’m really good at
Remembering useless information
Being overly opinionated
Reading stupidly fast
The first things people usually notice about me
That I come over as quite confident.
That I'm in good shape.
My penchant for nerdy tshirts.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
This section is really long due to my magpie interests and my tendency for constantly expanding on this category - sorry.

Books: Anything by Terry Pratchett, most Neil Gaiman, anything by Ursula Vernon / T.Kingfisher (same person), Magic's Pawn by Mercedes Lackey, Druss the Legend by David Gemmell, Psychovertical by Andy Kirkpatrick, and lots of Science Fiction and Science Fantasy in general. I also read a lot of blogs on equality, atheism and technology.

Graphic novels/comics: The Sandman series, Watchmen, Digger by Ursula Vernon, Joker, Red Son. I really want to work my way though some more of the Vertigo imprints and I've got a whole bunch of other stuff on my wish list but graphic novels are somewhat more expensive than I would like. If you reveal to me that you have a large library of them then you may find me badgering to visit you!

Blogs and journalists: Laurie Penny, Popehat, Ars Technica, Captain Awkward, Charlie Brooker, That Bad Advice.

Movies: Pacific Rim (if you were put off by the trailers then don't be - it is far far better than I was expecting), Mad Max: Fury Road, Ice Age, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Avengers (the first one, not the train wreck that was AoU), Captain America: Winter Soldier, and bunch of other stuff as well as most climbing DVD's.

TV: No live TV. Amongst many other things my viewing includes: Leverage, Steven Universe, Red Dwarf, Ouran High School Host Club, FLCL, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Agent Carter (though I really struggled with the fact that all the people who should have been Carter's allies were instead working against her because of their prejudices. While I'm well aware that this is actual lived experience for many people, I've had similar problems with other media regardless of the causes or genders of the characters involved. I seem to struggle with the concept of characters who should be allies, working against each other), Elementary (vastly superior to BBC's Sherlock, which I've now allowed to fall at the wayside), Star Trek (except Enterprise), and Thundercats (original only, I tried the new stuff for a while, but it's sexist, unimaginative mush. It's almost an achievement managing to make it more sexist than something written nearly 30 years ago and that only had 2 core female characters in the first season). I was really into Doctor Who during the Russell T. Davies era, but feel it's suffered massively under Steven Moffat - both in terms of the quality of the writing and, more importantly, how under-privileged social groups are represented and treated. I have an on/off relationship with Daredevil and disliked Jessica Jones for personal reasons.

Computer games: Bastion, Halo, big fan of late 90's/early 00's Final Fantasy, SSX, Oblivion, Prototype (it's nothing special but the game play is great fun), Super Mario World (SNES), just finished the Mass Effect trilogy again (and I'm looking for recommendations for something else to consume my life with), Borderlands, Dungeon Keeper, The Discworld Games. Between me and my girlfriend we have a 360, a PS2 a SNES, a Megadrive and are awaiting receipt of an N64. We're also both running DOS emulators and play various Steam games on our Macs. Would love a Steam box. I suspect my partner may cave and get a PS4 soon.

Board games and table top RPG's: I haven't yet played as many of these as I would like, but I'm well steeped in the lore surrounding many of them. Played and liked: Paranoia, Thud, Carcassonne, Risk and it's variants, and I used to play WH and WH40k. I'm also keen to play D&D sometime. If you play games like these and would like another player then I would love to get in touch.

Music: I like a wide range of music but it's not a passion for me. Favourite artists (in no particular order) include: Rammstein, Natalia Kills, Ocean Colour Scene, Dessa, Kaizers Orchestra, Death in Vegas, Glitch Mob, My Ruin, Jessie J, Emily Autumn, Nobuo Uematsu, Queen, and Sophie Solomon. Quite a lot of orchestral stuff from movie trailers and so forth and there's a decent smattering of classical composers in my collection as well.

Podcasts: The Infinite Monkey Cage, Welcome to Night Vale, The News Quiz, The Why Factor, More or Less, Radio 360, Discovery.

YouTube Crash Course, Vlog Brothers, The Brain Scoop, Glove and Boots, FeministFrequency, The One Janitor, Tom Scott, Charlieissocoollike, Extra Credits, and many more.

Food: I've spent much of my working life getting full catering so I'm used to eating what ever is put in front of me! I do intensely dislike spaghetti bolognese. Tea however is a different matter, I am very picky about tea! My day to day tea is good quality Assam (bagged when on the road or loose leaf when I'm at home) and then a number of others depending on my mood.
Six things I could never do without
Climbing and the outdoors - it's easy to get tempted into being lazy when I'm not working (particularly by the presence of duvets) but I get very edgy if I don't get out at all.
My friends - having people you can talk to (or at) or even just be silent with is awesome and I love being able to be enthusiastically nerdy with the people who matter to me.
Books and reading in general - in the words of someone else on here "I'll read anything that sits still for long enough." I wish I could say I came up with that one.
Tea - I really like tea.
Fighting for equality - I still think that we're living in a time where things are generally improving in terms of equality for all marginalised groups, but the rise of the populist far right, the ideology of austerity, and the loss of the centre ground to the tories, shows that there is hard work to be done. In my employment I try and seek natural opportunities to foster debate around gender, race, LGBTQ rights, and so forth along side an increasing involvement in activism.
Physical contact - I'm a naturally affectionate person and like to indulge that where I can :)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Social activism - particularly economic inequality, gender and sexual equality issues, feminism, and digital rights and digital privacy. I am bisexual and none-neurotypical but I'm also a white, middle class, educated, western male, and was ascribed the gender I predominately identify with at birth so I'm still clocking a lot of privilege and I try to keep on top of that as best I can. Inevitably I'm going to get it wrong sometimes and I try to keep in mind that, while I have every right to my opinions, there are certain spheres where my silent assent or respectful listening is more constructive than my comments. Though in other contexts directing educational or angry comments at my fellow white men can be very constructive.

Books that I'm reading.

Films that I've watched recently - honestly I will spend days semi-uncosciously analysing their plots for internal consistency and critiquing their physics and characterisation; I have no idea why. Fortunately I'm not consumed with a need to force my poorly formed knowledge of film criticism on anybody else so you are all spared that.

Computer games that I'm playing.

How to do complex rope rigging for rescue situations.

Furniture I'm planning on making for our house.

How to find more people to play board games with.

The oxford comma.
On a typical Friday night I am
Reading, working, playing computer games with my partner, or climbing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've never grown out of imagining childish fantasy worlds with swords and dragons and magic armour. I occasionally attempt to draw these because I enjoy doing so - just don't expect me to make a fortune as an internationally acclaimed artist.

I have none-specific anxiety.

And I'm a bit of a floozy :D

There's some other things I'll happily admit to in conversation - just ask.
You should message me if
For any of the following reasons:

•I seem to have visited your profile a lot without actually messaging you; it means I'm planning on contacting you and so have you open in my browser tabs. This means that every time I turn my computer off and on again the page reloads! Sorry!

•You like having odd, and slightly argumentative, friends; if friends is what you're looking for.

•You're comfortable entering a polyamorous relationship. Assuming some form of relationship, or friends with benefits situation, is what you're looking for.

•You want to nerd out over one, or all, of the geeky things listed in my profile.

•You want to introduce me to new things to nerd out over that I can add to my profile.

•You want to go climbing with me or otherwise go out into the countryside to play.

•You want to engage me in spirited political or religious debate (this is not mandatory, just a possible topic of conversation).
The two of us