46Laguna Niguel, United States
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My self-summary
Dynamic introvert and/or extrovert, as situation requires or mood strikes. Quick with wit and action; rarely at a loss for words. Frequently facetious; generally gregarious. Creative, intelligent, skilled with hands and not afraid to dirty them. Dedicated daydreamer. Problem solver, resourceful, driven, intense. Loyal friend to the end.

Can occasionally be oblivious, which is sometimes misinterpreted as disinterested and/or cocky. Good at reading people, but not women if they are interested; was once told "mygod, a woman could come at you with a baseball bat, and you'd have NO clue she was hitting on you."

As a younger lad, was the kid staring out the window during class, infuriating teachers with what they perceived as lack of interest (not to mention mediocre attendance). Was easily bored, but earned A-grades (and is still easily bored). Not challenged all the way through high school and even into college. Long-time restless dreamer. Developed greater education partially through studying, but mostly by 'doing.'

Facial hair comes and goes (currently very little facial hair). Looks good with shirt off, if you're into that sort of thing (finished T25, moved on to P90X). Cleans-up well and is presentable (if occasionally uncomfortable) in a suit.

Sails boats, rides bikes (the vintage beach cruiser variety with pedals), takes photographs (used to develop photos in a darkroom), collects cars, draws things by hand using pencil and paper, owns a home. Prefers fresh air and open windows instead of A/C (proximity to ocean = nice breeze). Not a fan of cold weather.

Born in Northern CA but mostly raised in SoCal by parents from New England who have Yankee values and work ethic. Father is an Engineer (a Rocket Scientist, for real) and Mother is an artist and writer, so offspring is a unique and rare combination of logical, intelligent, hard working, resourceful, and creative.

Not desperate or a serial dater.
Mostly here for the forums, until they ditched them 8/25/16
According to friends, has two modes. GO, and sleep.
Number of "bad hair days" since 1992: zero.
What I’m doing with my life
Growing a business/living the dream/working my ass off.

August 2017: sold my stucco box townhome and am now in escrow on a beautiful (and very original) 1957 Roy Russell home. Can't wait to get in there and make it my style! This is a bucket list item for me, and it has reminded me that hard work DOES pay off (eventually).

Spending as much time as possible with friends & family, or on boats with friends & family.
I’m really good at
Filtering (time is valuable)
Watching my figure. Wait... I mean YOUR figure. (Giggity)
Shaving (right?)
Devouring homemade chocolate chip cookies (without nuts)
Being a "creative winker"

The first things people usually notice about me
The hair. Definitely the hair.
And eyes. Are they blue, or grey? Depends on the sky, or even what color shirt I'm wearing.

If you witnessed me interacting with people - you would notice how I treat them.

Also, women occasionally tell me I have a superior posterior. I find it interesting that some women would actually go out of their way to tell me that, but I appreciate it. So, if you were behind me, I suppose that would be the first thing you'd notice.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music: EDM, preferrably towards progressive house-ish/downtempo/chillout stuff, but mostly stuff with a melody and not too much repetition. Old school New Wave. I have a mixing board that I mess around with when the mood strikes. I am a child of the eighties, so I also enjoy some old school New Wave and rock as well (recent concerts: AC/DC and Duran Duran. Rock on!)

Shows: I like home renovation, so HGTV. In 2014 I watched the entire Breaking Bad series beginning to end (thanks Netflix). Movies: Heat, The Professional, Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, Tombstone, Ronin, Tron Legacy, Amadeus, The Equalizer, John Wick, Animal House.

Books: I used to be a voracious reader, but can't seem to find the time these days. Just finished reading The Martian - I always try to read the book first if the subject matter is interesting - then I watched the movie. Movie was okay, loved the book. The main character was a smart-ass.

Food: dislikes most seafood and all mushrooms. No fungus, thanks. Some foods have a textural sensation I don't like.
Six things I could never do without
Blue masking tape (I put that shit on everything)
Days on the ocean
Really? I have to come up with six things? Friends and family are important - not "things"
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-The trials and tribulations of owning my own business
(my boss is...
well, he's kind of a jerk)

- All the narrow-minded people out there who believe having lots of education makes you a better or more desirable person. Many of my most successful friends are entrepreneurs who are chasing their dreams - driven by moxie, intelligence, and sheer passion - they learned by trying, sometimes failing, and - ultimately - doing. Many of them skipped college, or dropped out. Conversely, most of my friends with lots of education feel "stuck" and are miserable in their careers.
On a typical Friday night I am
Imagining your chagrin.
Fitting the word "moxie" into a sentence.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Least favorite words: "entitled" and "worship."

I maintain this profile to keep in touch with a few friends I made back in the OKC forum 'glory days.' I don't check it that frequently.

I like to wear shoes - and pants - but never both. Not really.

ENFP-A (a true free spirit), for whatever that's worth.

I don't play hard to get... I play hard to want (see above wall of text).
You should message me if
Your profile photos aren't all selfies. Am I the only one who finds that phenomenon a little odd? I have friends, and therefore I have photos of myself that I did not take.

You know the difference between your and you're.

If I visited your profile and I didn't message you, it means... absolutely nothing. I'm here for the forums (until OKC did away with them). I rarely reach-out to anybody online, but I typically DO respond to messages. Seems like the adult thing to do. Cheers!
The two of us