42Atlanta, United States
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My self-summary
If youe looking for a nice guy, don't bother. We all know nice guys just end up being friends.
That being said, thank you for making the time to read my post, I am a single, white male just getting back into the dating scene here in Atlanta.

I would definitely tell you I am more on the outgoing side but secretly shy on the inside - my true nature is to bond with one person on a meaningful level but I can definitely handle myself in a group. I'm the guy at the party that has all the great life stories but would be happy to leave early to kick off my shoes, stretch out on the couch, and watch a movie with you for the rest of the night. When I come to really care for you I am likely to become your biggest supporter. I'm a total romantic in a bad-ass Terminator like shell. I'm intensely creative, very passionate, and can be a bit too logical sometimes.

My life has been as surreal and unusual as a work by Dali. Breathlessly, drunkenly, and beautifully flawed. But it's never been boring! I'm a little bit like a wild angel - I'm deeply sensitive, caring, and faithful but I'm also very guarded until I feel like it's safe to really let my hair down and shine.
I'm an in shape, tall,swm. I own my own business, and I have more (and complete) photos if yours catch my eye. I am hesitant about sending full photos until I know you are really interested in getting to know me. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Describing me is hard enough as well. I am independent and strong willed and it is important for someone to understand that about me. I am kind, fun, compassionate, and very passionate. I am very intelligent, I don't like ordinary, normal or mundane...I don't want a woman or a relationship that fits into a pre-defined box. I am intellectually and creatively edgy...yet emotionally sound and stable. I have a clever mind and a wicked sense of humor! If you want to hold my hand and walk with me, you may be surprised where you'll end up. Most likely we would end up driving. I am a mischievous angel who will get under your skin and find a spot in your heart no matter how small it is. I am very soft and sweet on the inside even though I come with a hard shell of the outside. You will remember my eyes as they gaze into yours!

I'm the type of great guy to have some fun with that can also make you laugh, and teach you a thing or two or three.... which is what I am all about. I'm a firm believer that can you only learn by doing and we all have had unique experiences. That is the best way to learn. Looks are only skin deep, and intelligence is so much more important to me. Nothing turns me off more than unintelligent women. Are you as intelligent as you are sexy?

Now to be fair, I'll confess, I am far from perfect (gasp! but pretty close if I do say so myself). I am easy to be with but can be hard to get close to and I am very much the kind of guy who puts his safety first, which can make me seem like a drag for those who are fearless. I'm the kind of guy whose instinct is to make smart-alec comments at movies, about other people and about you. I definitely have a bit of a dark-side, and I tend to move slow when forming new social relationships and will push you away if I feel pushed or pressured.

So I can be a bit of a challenge!

Of course sexual chemistry must exist for anything to happen beyond 'friends.' My interests do vary from dinner to a dive bar with an awesome live band, checking out the game, hiking, the occational snowboarding trip, and mind-blowing sex. I'm not into drugs, do not smoke, never had a VD in my life, no kids, never been married and I avoid playing games.

Since you want to get to know a confident, secure male that is mature enough to add excitement to your life, here I am. Heck, I'm a gentle man and consider a cerebral connection just as if not more important than the physical connection. However, I know more than most on how to please. Tantric sex and all the pleasure that comes from it has been a long time interest for exploration for me as well, but finding a true and trusted partner with a deep connection with to share such delights has been the catch to date. I am all about taking care of business, complete and total satisfaction are what I want and give. I am an ass and tummy guy, so if you got a nice butt and a nice belly I most likely will be attracted to you. Let's explore together, but be a woman who is not offended that I would want to get to know you first over a drink/dinner and not jump right into the sac the second we meet. However I should want to. A simple concept, but very hard to find on POF.

In my perfect match, I hope to find someone that is trustworthy and brave enough to get to know the real me. Words that describe my match, in no particular order: honesty, integrity, witty, intelligent, sarcastic, loyal, fair, committed, educated, secure in herself, fun, patient, gentle, protective, firm in her beliefs, committed to her work, passionate about life, good at giving back rubs, proud, meaningful, good communicator, sensitive. I think that in a relationship love should be mental and emotional...then physical...I want to be mentally stimulated and intrigued by a woman.

As far as what I tend to be drawn to in women, consistently I have found myself having the best relationships with caucasian women who are creative, but I can be varied as to what I find attractive in a woman's physical appearance. A (sarcastic) sense of humor is a must have for all of my relationships. The few close relationships I have are with those who value loyalty, respect, and unconditional positive regard-in that they expect it AND they give it.

All in all I really believe in happily ever after even though I know there are a lot of bumps along that road. Just make sure the saddle is tight and then hold on - I'm all about working through the challenges along the way. In the end what I am hoping to find is a best friend who can be a lover - someone who wants to ride off into the sunset and take this wild angel with her - not because she's sure I'm 'the one' she wants to be with but because she IS sure I'm the one guy she knows she doesn't ever want to be without.
It's great that you are single, thin, fit, clean and legal!! If your into the arts, film -all the better! But I am really open minded so any profession or area interest is all right as I love learning and exploring new life avenues!!

Obviously I pass your pickiness and most of your requirements because you read this far, right? And if you actually read this far, this prewritten email was so you got an idea about who I am and what I am about, without wasting my time writting individual messages to fony posts. Obviously I am also a sarcastic **stard. Maybe I also have washboard abs. Then again does it matter? I swear I am one of the few real guys on POF that is not fat and old, and perverted...
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to figure out a way to early retirement, so i can travel the world...
I’m really good at
Problem solving.
The first things people usually notice about me
My height and my eyes
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Taking over the world
You should message me if
i peak your interest
The two of us