28Las Vegas, United States
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My self-summary
Between people, sometimes knowing what to do and when to act can be difficult :) Codes should fashioned to signal attraction across rooms. A simple hand signal between parties would aptly streamline the process when seeking approvals or denials. "Hi, I like you." Raised hand, two fingers. "Hi, I would like you but I have a relationship status with another person." Raised hand, two fingers which then fold. It would be fun if it was well-known so that men no longer tread where unwanted and women don't have to wait to be approached. The rejection probability becomes far more estimable. Online dating is the technological version of this; the patois across distances of variable size. We have the exposure of personality, the easy answer, and the unimpeded approach. The possibility for friends is also why I'm here. But I may just be drawn to the awesomeness of being caught in the wake of the 70+ men that are probably storming the gates of your inbox right now.

On me and others typical in Vegas. I am a bit different. I neither issue apathy from my every pore nor style myself according to the fashion maladies of other decades. I do actually care whether you like or hate me. Yes, this means I believe that other people matter. I don't sugar-coat. If I'm attracted, I do say it. If you smell, I'll probably throw a mint at your head. Honesty should include bluntness.

I'm kind of funny. I do impressions; my regular voice sounds like Brian from Family Guy--this means I do have the vocal range of Seth MacFarlane. I can be found rapid-firing dry, cutting remarks in any situation. But not all of my humor is created without mental processing; I also write comedy. You may have read my "10 Things You'd Notice if the World Was A Computer", "Why The Sims 3 Was Created By Asexual Yellow-Skinned Monkeys", or other internet floaties of mine which will most certainly fling me into immortality.

Being in possession of a sense of humor and also slinging cutting truth leads me to a negative personality trait: I feel that romance is contrived, and I'm not all about it. (Many girls tend to think along the lines of 'oh hes trying to be romantic, how cute.' I don't want to be seen as someone 'trying' to do something. No one that does romantic stuff ever looks natural--even in movies.) When the girl is romantic I try to limit judgmental thoughts of my own, however invariably I feel guilty that her actions aren't sending butterflies through me. Basically, if you want someone honest, funny as hell, that won't hit you, is going somewhere in life, and bright, you should hang out with me. If you gravitate towards someone [male] that says they're romantic, they are probably lying, or it will probably be a fail (maybe a cute fail). But that's not me. Candles aren't important. Curtains aren't important. Making someone dizzy in a kiss, is. This is not to say I have no ability to be romantic. I do. But if it disappears two months down the line, you shouldn't be surprised. I will remember anniversaries and birthdays for years. But birthdays with me are fun activities not candlelit dinners. New Years is usually a giant party rather than a rooftop dance. And on anniversaries, though I do remember them, you will not have to clean up a row of candy hearts leading to a bed. That's just how I am. Romantic upon request, but not as a fake, playerish way of life.

I may be "kind" of young, but as it stands: I'm a current med student--former rave promoter. I'm a published humor and science writer. I was a child actor. There's a lot of unusual vagaries to my history, so any judgment is considered, welcome, but not relevant.

Disorganized Miscellany:

I love piano. But I can play guitar/violin/flute/drums too.
I like pie. I hate cake.
I have written pieces of lit. which would prevent me from becoming President.
I can do accents and voices.
I speak English/French/Spanish/Russian
I think drama is interesting, but being dramatic is not.
So, I'm a big personal problem-solver.
I think cool is in the biochemistry. So some people need to calm the fuck down.
Math is my strongest innate area, and my weakest subject.
I've won several meaningless awards for the Sims 2 on architectural designs, and for mods created for Grand Theft Auto and Oblivion
I don't believe in the equality of all people; stupid people should pay to breed, and it should cost around $1 million each time.
Coke > Pepsi
NOT a drug/herb user.
HAS a job/car/etc

On Women and Attraction:

Love should not be the default conclusion of time. Have faith in the other person, not
the length of your investment in them.
If you can't pull a conversation out of thin air, you need to learn how, or you'll be dealing with associating with people you "thought you knew" all your life.
I can usually tell what a person is in about 5 minutes, unless they're insanely complicated.
Model types aren't hot, and someone that standard looking will never draw my attention.
Cute is hotter than beautiful. Ex: Rachael Leigh Cook > Cindy Crawford
6 packs on women aren't hot. They're not disgusting either, but seriously--why bother?
Nail polish is a turn off.
Skin color is not important.
Almost any body type can be attractive, on the right person.
I do not care about eye color. I care about eye proportions.
Noses can make or break a face. Don't be surprised if I compliment your nose.
Teeth are not important to me unless they're bad. Then they're importantly bad.
I love to hear about people's lives.
Musical/Literary/Artistic talent is extraordinarily hot.
I do NOT care what someone else does for a living. I care what I do for a living.

I am bright, humorous, and nice
The two of us