56Emmaus, United States
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My self-summary
I haven't been on this site for a while now.

I will edit this at a later date.

Please put a couple of recent (at least from the past 6 months) pictures of yourself (and not some photo just to phish responses) on your profile, and not just your sexy motorcycle, so I can see your smiling face!

Be honest about your age.... Also, if you post a photo of two (or more) men, please specify which one would be you; and, when you have a photo of what appears to possibly be an "ex" or other adult lady friend, specify if this is your sister or co-worker - or learn how to photoshop her out of the picture!!! It's just awkward!! Ask a friend (they'll do it) to take a picture for you. . We don't want to see your shower curtain, or worse, your toilet in the photo with you! C'mon, you want a date, right?

No photo - no reply.
Repeat...NO photo..NO REPLY!!
WHY would you be on here "advertising" yourself without a reasonable facsimile of your likeness? ? Are you on America's Most Wanted? ?

Also... there are two specific questions in this OKC queue of blather which are very important to me personally. So, if the OKC robot thinks we're a "match" and your answers to these particular questions are NOT compatible with mine. . we will more than likely not be having a rendezvous of any kind... just giving an advance alert. . Thank you for playing and have a nice day!
What I’m doing with my life
I am primarily working - but I have been able to catch some fun music groups locally, primarily Bethlehem and in the Philadelphia area. Trying to keep the activity going because life is short! Gotta give it the gusto it deserves and that includes YOU, maybe??? I keep the house running on an extreme budget, working in my yard - along with my free landscaper (my son).

There's definitely room for more adventure and would love to find someone to be adventurous with! My screen name means exactly what it says: It's my turn!
I’m really good at
...lots of things!!!
I am a great listener and look forward to hearing about YOUR day -- what's on your mind? I also want you to be interested in my day. . . It's a two way street !
I can cook - and it's even more fun when you have someone to cook for and share meals with!
I like to dance -- though it has been a while, it would be fun to be out there moving to the music...
I am very handy with tools and take pride in repairing things around the house instead of calling a repair service ... unless you're a plumber and want to help me with my diverter -yes, it still needs to be repaired (this may sound like a sexual innuendo, but it's not...or is it??)
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile and the ease with which I am able to meet people and carry on a conversation like we've known one another forever. I love meeting new people wherever I go. . Never be afraid to say "hello" ... surprises and adventure could be right around the next corner!

I do NOT know a stranger -- at least no one stranger than me!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love to read! Fiction or non-fiction, I enjoy BOOKS! There isn't a Nook/Kindle or other reading device in my possession -- I like to turn the pages and feel the paper! "Winter is Coming" ...and that just means I like to snuggle under a blanket and bury myself in a good book - one upstairs and one downstairs!

Movies -- no horror, no FastnFurious, no ex-SNL character actor movies (unless it's got Akroyd in it)... so I guess that's what I DON'T like... Big on foreign movies, I don't mind subtitles, and the more obscure the better!~

Music -- everything from classical to rock to country to salsa to blues -- minus R-A-P, thank you!

And food -- I love it! Variety is the spice of life and the spicier the better!
Six things I could never do without
1) Music
2) Water
3) Eyesight
4) the Sun
5) Dark chocolate (you know it's true!)
6) sex that satisfies...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
where I would like to possibly retire - or relocate - getting tired of shoveling snow in the winter!
I also think about going back to school - or finding a career that is a perfect fit for me . . .

Open a B&B? Become a flight attendant? Buy an RV and hit the road! Who knows? I'm learning new things everyday and I don't want that to ever stop!
On a typical Friday night I am
usually relaxing at home with a book or a movie...after a long week of work, I enjoy the quiet comfort of home... unless there's a band playing that you would like to introduce me to . . .or even bowling... I hear it's making a comeback!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
how much lighting can really change a photo's "results". . .
You should message me if
The dating radius is within an hour drive. . .THAT's how much I am willing to meet someone...I can certainly meet you halfway, too! And greater distances are up for possible negotiation!

Forgive me for repeating an earlier statement: "it's a two way street". . If I'm willing to come to you, I want you to reciprocate. . There's no magic highway and they're still working on the whole "Beam me up, Scotty" mode of transportation!

So keep that in mind.. I'm worth it!

Please, only message me if you are SINGLE! Not going to reply to "available". . .thank you!

Also, no photo = no reply...sorry!

After you read through the multitude of questions that I actually answered, if you find me interesting or are in the least bit curious, send me a message.

I am very independent and spontaneous, don't be surprised if we find fun in an out of the way diner or museum/gift shop.

I make friends wherever I go and I don't intend to change my ways! There is an opportunity in every meeting - it may be the cashier at Wawa or the client you speak with on the phone today...don't let those precious moments slip by!
The two of us